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REVIEW: MUA Ever After - Matte Palette

Hello lovelies :)

I am a big sucker for matte shadows. So ofcourse I bought MUA Ever After palette that is full of matte shades. In this post I am going to review this pallete and try to justify it taking my heart imediatelly.

The palette comes with ten lovely shadows (10 g each) that go as follows:
upper row from left to right:
Unwrap, Butter, Bare, Taffeta, Fade
lower row from left to right:
Penny, Chino, Truffle, Fog, Smoke

Unwrap, Butter, Bare and Taffeta are your usual natural sheer shades that look practicaly the same on me. The first two are light yellow and the second two are light pink. They appear to be the most dusty and sheer on my eyelids witch is to be expected since they are really light shades. I sadly could not swatch those, they just would not show on my skin, but they are great for blending out harsh edges.

Fade, Penny, Chino and Truffle are the brown shades of the pallete. The first two appear to be more yellow based (warm toned) and the second two appear to be more cool toned. I personaly love every one of them. they are great for an everyday look or for a nice brown smoky eye. I also use Penny oor truffle for my brows.

Fog is the blue colour of the palette. I first thought of this colour as an outsider. I mean, what is this stupid blue doing in my palette! But I used it anyway and I must say I was really pleasantly surprized. The pigmentation is amazing and the colour looks nice on the eyelids.

For me no palette is perfect if it does not have a nice matte black shadow in it. Smoke is just that. Aldough it is not the most pigmented black shadow I own (it is more of a brown black than a black), I do like to use it not only on my eyelids but also as a liner.

This palette is something I reach for every day since I got it, since it is really versitile. I use Taffeta or Butter on my eyelid and Fade in the crease (It is a nice "I have something on my eyelids, but not too much" kind of look) and I can easily transform the look into something more smokey for the night. The colours work well together and they blend rather nice. They are on the more dusty side but I can not hold that against them since they are wonderfully pigmented and last all day on me (I use essence I love stage primer).

Do you have this palette? What do you think of it?

Have a lovely day ;)

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