sobota, 26. september 2015

REVIEW: Catrice Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation - 030 even sand

Hello lovelies :D
Long time no see. I am finally finished with all the exams, so I have more time for blogging :D Today I want to talk about a new foundation, that Catrice recently put out. At first I did not plan to try it out, since I have more than enough foundations, but deep into the summer months I realized that none of the shades I have at home suit me, since they are all too light. Since I needed a new foundation why not try this one, right? Well after more than a month of testing I can tell you that I am more than happy with it and I am glad that I got it :D

The foundation comes in a matte glass bottle with a black pump. I really love this style of packaging, because I can use the product easily and it is also really sturdy (can survive a fall). It is quite a heavy packaging, but I think this gives the product a more 'expensive' feel. Everything you need to know about the foundation is written on the bottle.

So what does Catrice say about this foundation?
The longlasting and caring foundation creates evidentially a visibly more even skin tone. It instantly covers dark spots, imperfections and redness and reveals a radiant matt finish. After 8 weeks already, it visibly brightens dark spots - clinically proven*. For a more beautiful and healthy looking radiant skin. SPF 25.

Before I start to talk about the formula I would just like to comment on the claim that the foundation brightens dark spots. It simply does not. Brightening dark spots is a long process and only after long months of  religious use of the right skin care you can almost get rid of them. If you do have darks pots on your face this foundation will probably cover them, but it will not brighten them.

I picked up the darkest colour they have, called 030 even sand (as stated before, I got some colour). The colour is a nice match for me right now and it looks like it adapts a bit to my own skin tone. The foundation has more of a silicone gelly formula and coverage is medium, but it can be build up quite a bit, since the foundation layers really nicely. It sadly will not cover some hardcore dark circles or imperfections, but I found that I do not need much concealer, if I use this foundation. I usually apply it with fingers, since I like that the most, but if you prefer sponges or brushes it works too. I found that one pump of the product is more than enough to apply on my face and achieve medium coverage, in case I need more I usually just apply a bit more foundation where I need it. The result is an even , natural looking skin with a semi matte finish. When I wear this foundation I usually only powder my T zone, because it wears beautifully without powder on top (if you do not have oily skin you can easily wear it with no powder). I also found that when I wear this foundation under my glasses it does not rubb off my nose as much as other foundations do. It looks a bit oily, but still nice at the end of the day. Although the formula is on the thicker side, it is not heavy when applied, in fact it feels really light, I sometimes forget that I am even wearing it :D

So to recap: thicker gelly formula that feels light once applied to the face, semi matte finish, can be layered, medium to full coverage.

In case you are wondering how it compares to some other Catrice foundations. I feel like it mimics Velvet Finish the most, when it comes to consistency and finish, although it has more of a silicone feel. It is definitely thicker than Nude Illusion and it has more coverage.

left side with foundation, right one without.

This is how foundation looks up close.

All in all I must say that I did not expect this foundation to suite me as much as it does. It has perfect texture, finish and everything. At least for my super oily skin, I am happy to say this is my current favorite foundation, closely followed by Catrice Velvet Finish. The only complaint I have is the shade range (as always). We want more shades!
 You can get this foundation in drugstores for 7,69€.
In case you want more information you can red a blog post from Taya, where she reviewed this foundation and compared it with the Catrice Nude Illusion foundation :D.

Did you try this foundation? What do you think about it?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :D
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ponedeljek, 21. september 2015

Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm Review

Hi lovelies,
i wanted to review this product at the beginning of summer, but i just wanted to really tested out troughout the summer since we had many terrible heatwaves.

So to begin with i've been eyeing this BB cream for about 2 years, but the price was just to high for me. But then Click2chic had a 30 or 40% off all Sleek products, so i had no more excuse not to get it. I got mine in the lightest shade Fair.
It comes in a a box (not on a picture) and inside is this sleek  black tube. I really like the shape of it an also the size is not too big for my makeup bag.  It contains 50ml of cream and it also has SPF 15, wich is always a plus.

What it says on a tube: Conceals, repairs, protects. Full Coverage Blemish Balm Cream with SPF 15.

Conceals: Yes, it concealed my small breakouts on my chin quite well. I was really impressed, since none of other BB creams did that.
Repairs: Haven't seen any difference after few months of using it.
Protects: SPF 15 is ok, but i would still suggest using other sunscreen under the BB.
Full Coverage: Not really, but the coverage is a lot better than other BB creams that i've tried (Garnier, Nivea, Loreal, Essence)
Here on top is some reading material for you :D
The opening for despensing product is the perfect size, so you can get as much product as u need. At first use i got way too much, but a pea size would do for each side of the face.
I must say that i am really happy with the shade. I didn't expect it to be that light but it's perfect.
It has quite thick consistancy in comparison to other BB creams, it's even thicker than Catrice Nude Illusion fonudation.

For me it was a challenge to find the way to apply it. Usually i used my fingers for BB cream since blending sponges and brushes would do anything. Well fingers didn't work with this one. 
I find that it was looking the best when i blended it with my Nanshy Flawlles Foundation brush (flat top kabuki brush like Sigma F80).
It concealed little imperfections, evened out my skin tone and it lasted on me for about 8 hours and after that i needed to reapply my setting powder, which is a must with this cream for me.

The only thing that really bothered me was in the heatwave when i start to sweat like everywhere, my forehead and the area on top of my lips got white drops, because of the sunscreen in the cream. So this can be a bit annoying. 

I really like the coverage, shade, finish, SPF, the packaging. But it really annoys me when i get white drops on my face, so i would not recomend it for really really hot days, but other times you should be okay.

Have you tried this BB cream? What do you think about it?

Have a lovely day!


petek, 18. september 2015

REVIEW: Sleek Blush By 3 - 363 Pumpkin

Hello lovelies :)
Do I ever have enough blushes? The ansiwer is no xD I am being obsessed with blush more and more each passing day. Applying blush on my cheeks became one of my favourite make up rituals by far. Today I want to share with you one of the Blush By 3 Sleek palettes that is dear to my heart and really pretty to use troughout summer :D

Blush By 3 is a blush palette that contains (you guessed it!) three blushes. The packaging is standard sleek, sturdy black plastic packaging that would probably survive an earthquake. I am serious. I am pretty clumsy and my make up lands on the floor sooner or later. With packaging like this I do not need to worry, because nothing ever breaks :D It is perfect for traveling and it also has a handy mirror. There is 20g / 0.68 oz. of product in it (one blush in the pallete is aprox. 6,7g / 0.22 oz.).

The three blushes that come in this perticular palette are called Lantern, Squash and P Pie. While many Blush By 3 palettes have three pretty similar blushes in it (blushes fall in the same colour family), I found that this one has the most different shades and is the most versitile. For instance Blush By 3 in Pink Sprint has all pinky/purple tones, while Blush By 3 in Pumpkin contains a red, pink and an orange shade. The shades range from shimmer to sheen and mate. All of the blushes are nicely pigmented and you can really build the colour, if you want some really bright cheeks. On the other hand they can also be sheered out beautifully for a more natural look. They blend nicely and do not fade or become patchy.

Out of the three shades P Pie might be my least favourite. Do not get me wrong, it is a really pretty shade (I love orange/apricot blushes more than any) and the quality is on point, but it is matte. I found that I like a bit of sheen/shimmer in my blushes, so that they give some glow to the skin. Matte blush can look too matte on my skin, because I use a lot of mattifying products to keep my oily skin in check. Just apersonall preference though :) I can still mix it with a highlighter to achieve the desired effect :)


Lantern: warm red with golden glitter
Squash: warm pink with a bit of sheen
P Pie: Matte orange, very vibrant.

Here is how products look on the face

Lantern                                                       Squash

P Pie

I must say that I really like this Blush By 3 palette by Sleek. As always pigmentation, longevity and packaging on point for a reasonable price. You can get this palette on the Sleek online store for 13,49  and on and Click2Chic for 16,95€.
Did you try out the Sleek Blush By 3 blush palettes? Do you have any on your wishlists?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

nedelja, 13. september 2015

REVIEW: Essence Liquid Lipstick - 03 almost real

Hello lovelies :)
Catrice and Essence recently came out with liquid lipsticks. Although Catrice liquid lipsticks preform more like a high shine gloss, I surprizingly like them a lot. I mean I like them more than Essence liquid lipsticks (*gasp*). While a lot of people seem to like Essence liquid lipsticks, especially the shade that I am going to review today, something about them just does not suit me. Let me tell you why.

The lipstick comes in a square plastic packaging with a lid, that mimics the colour of the product. It is a nice, small packaging, that is easy to store. It is quite sturdy and it can survive a fall. There is 4ml/0.13fl.oz. of product in the packaging. The applicator is flat and has some flexibility to it. It is not too big, nor too small. The only complaint I have a bout this applicator is that there is too much product on it when you pull it out of the packaging. but that is not such a big deal.

This particular shade is a light nude with a slight peach undertone. The shade does not suit me particulary well, but that is not the reason for my disappointment with the product.The formula is hydrating and feels comportable on the lips and the pigmentation is medium to full, depending on how much you build it. I like to wear it more sheer, since it can look too much on me, if fully opaque. The product overall is not really longwearing, but I think that is to be expected from a slightly glossy lip product. I got good 2 hours of wear with them (no drinking or eating), after that the shine and the colour started to disappear.

The problem I have with this product is that it applies really patchy and streaky. It also settles into the fine lip lines. Not only does it apply streaky, but it also migrates around my lips, making them an even more patchy mess as the time goes on. No rubbing lips around! If you do, you might as well reapply your lipstick every 10 minutes. 
I also found that the product starts to separate slightly, if I let it sit for about a week. It might be that I have a faulty product, or maybe that is just the deal with this shade, since the other shade I have does not do that.

All in all this is not a perfect lip product for me. I think a lot comes down to the colour and a streaky application. It does not suit me like most nudes do and the patchy application just kills it for me. I have another colour from the same range that I will review later. For now, let's just say that I like that colour much more than this one :D

Did you try out any of the Essence liquid lipsticks? Which colour is your favourite?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :D
Tjaša :)

četrtek, 10. september 2015

REVIEW: I love Makeup, I love obsession palette - West End Girls

Hello lovelies :)
I already reviewed one of the obsession palettes called Pure Cult (review here), and since I liked that one quite a lot I decided to get another one. This time I wanted a palette with darker tones and I <3 Obsession palette in West End Girls looked like it could be right for the job. The first row is full of dark smokey colours and the second row has a few matte colours and neutrals. It looked like a really good palette for colourfull smokey eye. After more than a month of testing I finally have a finalized oppinion about this palette and I feel ready to share it :)

The palette comes in a bulky square, polastic packaging that is mostly black with a transparent lid. The packaging looks a bit cheep, but it did not break so far, so as far as I am concerned it is doing it's job just fine. There is 17g of product (10 eyeshadows of 1,7g).

The quality of the eyeshadows varies a bit troughout the palette the first row of eyeshadows is quite good, with the exception of the greyish green shade, which sadly lacks pigmentation. All of the other eyeshadows in the first row are nicely opaque. They blend nicely and do not appear patchy on the lid. There is quite a bit of fallout with all the shades, but it is more obvious with the darker shades.
The second row is a bit of a disappointment sadly. The first two shades are matt and do not show at all on my lids. The only way I can make them work is, if I use them as a light highlight inder my brow, otherwise they are useless. The light brown shade looks like a nice transition shade, but it is also not the most pigmented and in my experience it does not blend really well. The last shade needs to be packed on the lids like crazy, if I want to get any pigmentation out of it and it also does not blend well. 
That makes half of the palette hardly usable, at least for me, which is a big shame, since these colours look really pretty. 

Pigmentation is not the only problem though. I found that theye eyeshadows crease on me within 3 hours. They just can not last on my lids. I am sure that somebody with not oily lids could get more wear out of them, but on me they look patchy, greasy and creasy after 3 hours. I actually tested this palette for longer than any palette so far, just so I could get the eyeshadows to stay on my lids for more than 3 hours, nothing works. It is true, that most eyeshadows will crease on me sooner or later, it all comes down to my oily lids and hooded eyes, but most eyeshadows stay on my lids for at least 6 hours, many even more!

Shade 1: a strong golden yellow shade with gold shimmer
Shade 2: warm dark brown with slight shimmer
Shade 3: warm plum with a mix of purple and blue micro glitter

Shade 4: dark blue with blue and silver micro glitter
Shade 5: greenish gray with slight micro shimmer
Shade 6: dark forest green with green micro shimmer

Shade 7: matte white with a bit of yellow undertone
Shade 8: mate light pink

Shade 9: satin light brown
Shade 10: satin light yellow

I really really wished this palette would be better, but some colours are just not the best and the longevity of eyeshadows is quite bad on my eyelids. I am sure these would last longer on somebody else, but on me they just do not work. In case you are interested in this palette you can get it on for  4,59 € and Slovenian Makeup Revolution store for  4,59€.

Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)

ponedeljek, 7. september 2015

REVIEW: Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palette - Sunset

Hello lovelies :)
I am a self proclaimed eyeshadow addict, and although I have quite a lot of shades in my collection already, there is a distinkt shortage of oranges and warm bronzes when it comes to my collection. Well I should say that It was, since I have the Sleek Sunset palette now, which saves that problem. Today I would like to tell you what I think about the palette :)

The packaging is a matt black sturdy plastic that feels really sturdy and safe. Sleek makeup ir written on the lid of the palette with a shiny dark lettering. Inside is a big mirror that is really handy. There are 12 shades total inside the palette, each is 1g/0.03oz.

Although the palette looks like warm orange/bronzy fest I think that overall there is a big shade range and a lot of possibilities to create different eye looks. I especially like that they included a blue, since I think that it works lovely with a lot of colours in this palette and adds a nice twist to the whole array of colours.

The eyeshadows are as always really pigmented. There was a bit of fallout with the darker shades, but nothing major. The shades all feel buttery (except the black), apply nicely and blend like a dream. I had no problems with patchyness or fading and they were on my lids for 10 hours before they started creasing.  


shade 1 - black. The only matte shade in the whole palette. It is not as pigmented as some other blacks in other Sleek palettes, but it is a welcome addition in an otherwise very colourful palette. It does feel a bit dry, compared to other shades, but it is workable and buildable.

shade 2 - a darker berry with a hint of red. It contains shimmer.

shade 3 - reddish medium brown with a metallic finish


shade 4 - Bright orange. Really metallic and pigmented.

shade 5 - bright yellow with a tinge of gold. Appears really metallic on the lid.

shade 6 - bold sky blue. Less metallic than other shades but still shimmery.


shade 7 - appears like dark shimmery brown in the pan, but looks like medium brown with a warm undertone on the lid. Has a metallic finish.

shade 8 - brown with a tinge of red. Has a metallic finish.

shade 9 - light brownish bronze with a warm undertone. Has a metallic finish.


shade 10 - A brownish gold in the pan that appears more golden on the lid. More of a glitter than a metallic finish.

shade 11 - Light dusty pink with a metallic finish.

shade 12 - Light cooltoned pink with a metallic finish

Here are some looks I created using this palette


All in all I think this is a really nice palette for summer. There is a bit of shortage of matte shades, but the shimmer is not overpowering or too chunky in any of the shades.

Do you own any of the Sleek palettes? Which one is your favourite?
Thank you for reading :)
have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)