ponedeljek, 27. julij 2015

REVIEW: Alpstories 100% Pure Organic Hazelnut Oil

Hello lovelies :)
Taya from Taya my little beauty world recently hosted a giveaway called 'Blogger for a day'. To participate, each participant wrote a review (in Slovene) about one of the products they chose and all of the reviews were featured on her blog :). One of the reviews was about an Avocado oil by Alpstories. It really made me look more into the brand and shortly after some reaserch I bit the bullet and bought the Hazelnut oil, which is supposed to be good for oily skin. 

The packaging is a sturdy glass bottle with a milky matte finish. It feels quite heavy in the hands, as glass packaging should. It has a gold plastic pump. The pump looks nice, but I think that it sometimes fails to dispense the product properly. Instead of nicely pumping the product out it sometimes squirts it all over the place. The pump is protected by a thin plastic transparent lid that already cracked a bit, since it is not really sturdy(the packaging fell on the floor a few times). I feel like the pump and the lid could use some work, but the glass bottle is really nice. There is 50 ml of product.

The oil itself is really nice quality. One pump is more than enough to cover the whole face. I usually use half a pump in the morning and a pump in the evening. The oil itself seems quite oily at first, but I found that it soaks into the skin fairly quickly and does not leave a greasy film behind. I can apply make up on top of it without any problems. After almost a month of constant use I can already tell that my skin feels really nurished. SO far it did not break me out, which was my biggest concern, since my skin is oily and really prone to acne.

To recap, I feel like this oil is perfect for my skin. It does need some time to soak into the skin, but it leaves the skin feel nurished and healthy. You can find the Hazelnut oil on the Alpstories website for 11,50 eur.

Did you try out any Alpstories products?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

četrtek, 23. julij 2015

Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

Hello lovelies :)
I wanted to continuoue with the theme of Top 5 Summer X, So there will be 2 more posts in this category. Today I am presenting to you my top 5 summer nail polishes that I will be rocking all summer long and in the next few days I will also write about my Top 5 Lippies for summer time. 

the pink card is from magic journal. If you are interested in it you can click here or here.

One of my favourite nudes since it has a slight purple undertone and is a bit darker than some other nudes. Some light nudes that are popular right now really do not suit me, because of my warm undertone, but this one is just made for me. 

One of the favourite nail polishes I got in the past few months. It is a light dusty lavender colour that is right up my alley. I fell in love with it the forst time I saw it and I love it still. I have been wearing it quite a lot in the past months.

I love to use this glitter topper over serendipidy or other purple nailpolishes, since it has a nice purple hue to it. It contains silver little hexagons and circles mixed with purple micro glitter. It looks really pretty and shiny on the nails.

At first I did not think that I will get anything from the Essence nauti girl collection, but this nail polish cought my eye, which is quite strange, since I do not wear blue often on my nails or eyes. It is a really pretty blue shade, perfect for summer, with a superb formula. You can read the full review here.

I own three white nail polishes at the moment and this one is my favourite. I think that it dryes the fastest and looks nice and glossy on the nails. I also love how opaque it is and the fact that it lasts on my nails for quite a few days :) 

What are your top 5 summer nailpolishes?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

ponedeljek, 20. julij 2015

Essence Fun Fair TE Products Review

Hi lovelies!
Essence came out with new Trend Edition collection, called Fun Fair. It's a fair themed in fun pastel colours, candy looking and also smelling products.
I got the opportunity to test 2 products about a month before the collection was released and since i loved them both i bought some stuff myself also :)
On the top you can see the whole collection, I didn't get any eyeshadows since i don't really use that kind of colours, i have enough of pearls and the lipsticks are too similar to the ones i already own. :)

Here's my catch :D

*01 Ring Around The Rosy & 02 Sweetheart's Sweet Tooth
 The packaging is clear plastic, but it's very hard, so it's good for traveling. Blushes are baked wich means they are pigmented as hell :D  The price for a blush is 3,29€ and i must say if you like blushes, they are a must :D
 Ring Around The Rosy is a cool toned hot bubble gum pink. The Sweetheart's Sweet Tooth is a cool toned peachy color. They both have a sheen,
The peachy one is more like a highlighter or a blush topper, on it's own it will give just a sheen on yout cheeks, but the pink one...oh boy it's awesome :D They are not dusty at all but just smooth, they blend nicly and lasts about 8 hours on my cheeks.

NAIL POLISH (left to right)
01 You're Mint-blowing 
02 Be My Marshfellow!
03 Ring Around The Rosy
04 Sweetheart's Sweet Tooth
 They are in such fun colors! The bottle is standard Essence for TE and Effect nail polishes, the brush is nice and flat. The finish is satin matt. In the bottle you can see tiny glitters but they are not vissible once the polish is dry.  They have a candy scent when they are dry and it lasts for around two days and then you can't notice it anymore. Each color has a diferent scent.  The price for tha polishes is 2,19€,

*01 Candylicious

 This is just a fine fibers/dust with glitters. I sprinkled it over wet nail polish, tap of waht was left and wait for it too dry. The finish is very soft and it looks really pretty. I had mine on of 4 days and it didn't move, but it did loose the color after 2 days, so it was jsut white/gray at the end...but still because of the colored polish under, it wasn't that noticable.
The price is 2,79€.

This TE will be avalible in stores in July and August!

I would like to thank Essence Slovenia for opportunity to test some products before the TE was avalible! Thank you!! :)
And great job on this collection it was the best one since Hidden Stories!! :D

Did you get anything from this collection? Did your eye cathed anything you need?

Have a lovely day!


*Some products were PR samples!

četrtek, 16. julij 2015

Summer glow make up look

Hello babes :)
I recently heard about a make up technique called strobing. It is basically highlighting your face to the max. I decided to try it out, since I did not feel like contouring or wearing stark make up. Here are some pictures and the list of products I used :)

 Products used:
Jordana 12 hr made to last eyeshadow pencil (04 continuous almond)
I <3 Makeup I <3 obsession palette West End Girl (Shades 7,8,9 & 10)
Catrice gel eye liner (010 Black Jack With Jack Black)
Essence I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
Catrice Prime and Fine Healthy Look Primer
Bencos Natural Mineral Powder (Light Sand)
Essence Soo Glow! Cream To Powder Highlighter (10 look on the bright side)
Sleek make up blush - 846 Mirrored Pink (Aqua Collection)
Catrice Nude Illusion make up (020 rose vanilla)
Kaviar Gauche for Catrice Bluring Powder Pearls - C01 Sweet Secret
Catrce Velvet Finish Concealer - 010 Velvet Ivory
Catrice Camouflage Cream - 010 Ivory
Catrice Prime and Fine mattifying powder - 010 Translucent
alverde augenbrauengel
catrice eye brow stylist (030 brow-n-eyed peas)


 I feel like I am really glowy and dewy. While I really like the look it can quickly look too oily during summer and my super oily skin does not help the problem.

What do you think about this look. I quite like it. It is natural and simple :)
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :D

ponedeljek, 13. julij 2015

First Impresionss: Catrice Multi Matt Blush (020 La-Lavender) & Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow (030 Rose Vintouch)

Hello lovelies :)
It feels like Christmas in the middle of summer. Some of the new Catrice products came in drugstores and ofcourse I imediately grabbed the bits that were on my wishlist. I do not consider this post as review, since I did not have time to test all the products properly (I had them for 2 days, not nearly enought time to finalize my oppinion on them), but I did try them out and I wanted to talk about them, in case somebody out there is wondering about them. So here is my first impression of both products.


The blush comes in a square transparent plastic packaging. There is 8g/0.28 0z.of product in it. The blush is matt and consists of 4 thin stripes that range from light pink to brownish plum. Mixed together they look like a pinkish lavender colour. You can look on the swatches below that the blush swaches really really poorly in fact the blush feels quite dry especialy when compared with the defining blushes from Catrice. Aldough the swatches look quite blah, applied to the cheeks the blush looks really pretty. It is not the most pigmented blush out there but it shows on the cheeks pigmented enough and can be build up a little, to achieve bigger intensity. It blends nicely and does not look patchy. I personally am happy with it so far. 

All of the different colours in the blush

all the blush colours mixed together


The shades come in a nice plastic packaging that is black with a transparent lid. There is 'Deluxe trio eyeshadow' written on the lid with the silver lettering. There are three shimmery baked shades in the palette. The first shade is a champagne with a bit of pinkish undertone, the second one is a cool toned dusty purple with golden glitter and the last one is a dark plum with some sheen. I used this palette once and so far I can tell that the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and do not have much fallout (I always tapp off my brush, before applying eyeshadow on my lids), they also blend nicely. My biggest concern was that the two purple eyeshadows would look quite similar on the lids. When packed on you can clearly distinct between the shades, but when blended out they really start to look a like, aldough you can still distinct between them because of the undertone.

I also swatched the brown trio in the store and it appeared much more shimmery to me than this palette.

and this is how both products look on my face. Aldough the blush does not swatch half decent it actually looks really prety on the cheeks. 

Did you pick up any of the new products?
What do you think about them?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

nedelja, 12. julij 2015

Makeup Revoltion Iconic Pro Lipstick in Duel

Hi lovelies,
about a month ago Makeup Revolution came out with new line of lipsticks, called Iconic Pro.
There is a mix of creamy and matte shades, some shades are avalible in both finishes, wich i think is genius.
 Each lipstick comes in a black box, with rose gold writing and a sticker with the colour and name of the shade on top. 
 The packaging is a copy of MAC lipsticks, wich i really like, since i've been in love with MACs packaging. It glossy black, with rose gold ring in the middle and rose gold writing. The tube is really nice and it stays closed when it's in my bag.
 On the bottom you can see the shade, name and number of lipstick.
 Mine is in the shade Duel, a creamy formual of cool toned red with blue undertones.  It is really creamy after you break trough the top layer, The smell is heavy vanillia but you can't smell it while you're wearing it. Since it's a creamy finish it won't last as long as i would like, it will leave a stain, but you would have to reapply it every 2 hours, more if you're eating and drinking.
I think they are really good, for the price and the shade range is quite big, also i like the selection of finishes. I have my eye on few more shades :D

You can get Iconc Pro lipstick on Makeup Revolution site for 3,46€ and on Ličila.si for 4,95€.

Did you try Iconic Pro lipsicks? 
Let me know ;)
Have a grat day!


*Lipstick was set to me.