četrtek, 26. oktober 2017

WYCON Calaveras Eye Palette

Hi, lovelies!

Remember me? Today I am back with a review of an eye palette from an Italian brand called Wycon.
I discovered a brand in early spring when a friend got me an eyeshadow stick in Trieste. 
I feel in love with the prices and quality. After exploring their website I was hooked. 
In April we went to Trieste together and first stop was Wycon store. 
It's slightly smaller than Kiko in the city center but so similar in design.

I believe that the prices are 1 or 2€ higher than Kiko, but also I prefer Wycon for quality.
They have a great selection of products, mostly makeup and also some skincare, hair products, nail stuff and so on. 

They do special collections and some of them are so eye-catching that it is hard to resist.

So I got, well my dear friend got this palette for me as a birthday gift.
It was from a special collection called Calaveras, that was Skullcandy themed.

''An essential palette in six bold and ultra-pigmented colors. Trendy colors ranging from natural to super strong with an effective and modular texture, which allows the creation of a bold look and color block styles. Anti-crease and fade resistant,''

The box is beautiful and also the palette. The gorgeous indigo blue packaging caught my eye right away. 
Palette itself contains 6 eyeshadows and each weights 1,8g plus a mirror.
5 matt and one shimmer.
Pigmented as hell, they blend like dreams and stay on all day. 

I think the price was originally 19.90€ but at that time it was on sale for 12,90€ since it was an older collection.

I would definitely recommend you to check Wycon on their website or visit one of their stores in Italy.

Have you ever heard of this brand before? Have you tried anything from them?

Have a lovely day!

P.S.: At the end of the week i will post a huge L'Occitane haul ;)

ponedeljek, 29. maj 2017

Turning 25

Hi lovelies,

I came back from the dead. Haha jokes aside.
The reasons for the lack of posts since January are that my personal life went from happiest girl ever to a miserable overly emotional bitch.
My relationship ended after 7 years, but looking it back, I am grateful for every moment we spent together and we stayed good friends. But now it is time to write some new pages in my love book.

When I finally picked up myself and wanted to start writing posts, my phone died. 
So if you know me, you probably know that I use my phone for blog pictures. It was in repair for more than a month. But hey, now it is back and I have a lot of posts coming. 

Anyways, today I turned 25. I am not particularly in love with that number haha.
But hey lets hope it will be a great year.

I will try to make the most out of it, that's why I decided to write down this 25 this I would like to accomplish in my 25th year on Earth.

1. Be happy, even when everything is not going as planned.
2. Go to the Nürburgring!
3. Go shopping in London.
4. Visit the most car shows/meets as possible.
5. Take more time for family and friends.
6. Try to eat more healthy...less junk food!
7. Exercise more.
8. Post every week at least once,
9. Drink less coffee!
10. Keep the handbag clean for a change.
11. Go to the ZOO after 5 years.
12. A road trip to a place I haven't visited yet,
13. Spend less money on things I don't really need.
14. Find a job!
15. Try to learn German again.
16. Go somewhere for few days, since I haven't been on vacation for a few years.
17. Write more comments on other blogs.
18. Stop being lazy!
19. Watch less TLC haha.
20. Clean out the closet.
21. Spend 5 more minutes each day for my skincare.
22. Get a new piercing.
23. Get a first tattoo.
24. Be a better person.
25. Go with the flow! :)

Hope you haven't given up on me yet. 
If you are still following my blog, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I promise I will make it up to you.

Keep smiling! :)


petek, 6. januar 2017

New Name, New Start

Hello lovlies!

As you can probably see, I changed my blog a bit. I changed the name, finally.
Today I would like to share with you my new links to my social media, since I had to change those as well. So if you are not following me there, please do. :)

Where can you find me?

Facebook Page:  Ajda's Beauty Corner

Instagram : aydiix

Snapchat: aydiix

Bloglovin : Ajda's Beauty Corner

Twitter: @aydiix

I will try to post on Tueasdays and Fridays from now on.

Have a great day!


nedelja, 16. oktober 2016

Obdarovanje z L'Occitane Arlesienne

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Bliža se december, mesec obdarovanj, že veste s čim boste razveseljevale svoje najbližje?

Seveda, se obdarujemo skozi celo leto na različne praznike, naj bodo to rojstni dnevi, obletnice, prazniki ali pa kar tako, da osrečimo naše bližnje. 

S čim bom jaz letos razveseljevala svoje najdražje?
Z L'Occitane izdelki!
Natančneje z novo prenovljeno linijo Alesienne.

Linija Arlesienne diši božansko, močno a hkrati nežno, čudovito cvetlično.

Kdo pa pravzaprav je Arlesienne?
Arlesienne je ženska, ki je lahko točno to, kar si želi biti - brezčasna, zapeljiva, drugačna.
Arlesienne obožuje okrasne trakove, ki si jih vpne v lase, jaz sem pa L'Occitanov trak uporabila drugače, da se ujema s temo mojega pisanja - darila.

Svoje najbližje bom letos obdarovala z kremami za roke, ker pa nekateri ravno ne marajo istih vonjev, bom izbrala še druge vonje kremic, ki jih tudi sama obožujem,
to so:
-in klasična karite.

S čim pa boste ve letos obdarovale svoje najdražje?

Bodite svobodne, kot Arlesienne!


sobota, 3. september 2016

50 Facts About Me

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      Hi lovelies!
      I saw Valentina's video on Youtube on 50 Facts about her and I decided to write the post about me. Hope you will get to know me a bit better.

  1. My name is Ajda, but my mom wanted me to be Zala, Neža or Katarina.
  2. I was born on 29. May 1992 
  3. I've been living in our lovely house since the day I was born, I never moved.
  4. I have a 17 year old brother Gal.
  5. My parents are the best and I can't thank them enough for everything they did for me.
  6. My hair is naturally brown, but I dye them red.
  7. I always wanted green eyes.
  8. I have 178 cm.
  9. I have PCOS and I hate it.
  10. I believe in ghosts and the afterlife.
  11. I am not religious.
  12. I am a car enthusiast.
  13. I usually drive 4 different cars every week.
  14. I own a turqoise Kia Pride and her name is Rozi.
  15. My dream is to go race on a Nürburgring.
  16. I would love to own a supercar.
  17. I am a coffee addict.
  18. I love spicy food.
  19. I love rain and storms, but I don't like sun.
  20. I sing in my car, but only if I am alone.
  21. I became a very good friend with few of Slovenian bloggers and I can't imagine my life without them anymore.
  22. In October, me and my boyfriend will celebrate our 7th anniversary.
  23. I love my bunny Smoothie, I would do anything for her.
  24. I love old rock music, but I listen to some other genres also.
  25. I am a geek, love playing games, World of tanks is the best!!
  26. My favorite movies are SCI-FI.
  27. Series that I love ot watch over and over again are Battlestar Galactica, Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, Univers), Greys Anatomy and Band of Brothers.
  28. I am into BDSM and I am not shy to share that.
  29. I used to be a ballet and belly dancer.
  30. I love going to Corsica for summer vacation, but i haven't been there in 5 years.
  31. I am afraid of swimming in the sea if I can't see the bottom.
  32. I get a panic attack if I otuch the grass in the sea.
  33. My makeup collection would last so long before using it up, even my grandchildren would be able to use it haha.
  34. I hate maths.
  35. Scented candles and waxes are my thing.
  36. I am 24 and still can't walk in high heals, only wedges sometimes.
  37. I am thinking about starting a car blog.
  38. I am obsessed with planning in my Magic Planner.
  39. We have a wooden house in the mountains.
  40. I can remember all of the car registration plates of my family, friends and people i meet on car shows.
  41. I am lactose intolerant, but I can't live without cheese and cream sauces. Thank you Finish people for Lactanon pills :P
  42. I love wine, but I drink it only like once a month.
  43. I HATE TEA!
  44. When I am driving I forget about all the problems.
  45. I own 85 blushes!
  46. I love animated movies.
  47. I hate shopping for clothes.
  48. I use up one eyebrow pencil in two weeks.
  49. My phone is HTC ONE M9.
  50. I could play Sims for the whole day, till the house is a pure perfection.
Do we have anything in common? 
Hope you found out anything interesting about me.

Have a great day!


ponedeljek, 29. avgust 2016

MILANI Amore Matte Lip Cream

Hi lovelies!

If you haven't heard about matte liquid lipsticks until now, I must say you are living under a rock!
There is a huge hype around liquid lipsticks for more then a year. Almost every brand has it's own line of liquid lipsticks. Kat Von D, Jeffere Star, Colorpop, Kylie Jenner, Mac, Makeup Revolution, etc.

And I became a huge fan of Milani Amore Matte Lip Creams.
I know they came out a few years ago as a limited edition and everyone raved about them. And then a few months back, I found out they just changed the names of the limited colors and added some new one and that they are in permanent line now.  Also about half of the shades are vegan!
When I saw them on Click2chic I flipped.  
They are avalible in 18 different shades in nudes, pinks, reds, orange, purples...everything you would need.
The packaging is squared ''lip gloss container'', with gold lid and gold writings. You can se the shade trough and also have the name of the shade on the side and on the bottom. There is a doe foot applicator which is yute narrow and it huggs my lips perfectly.
There is 6g of product inside.
The scent is sweet like vanilla buttercream, but not owerpowering and it does not stay on the lips.
Darker shades are a bit more tricky to apply but it gets pretty easy when you get used to it.

They dry in a minute to a complete matte finish. On my lips all of the 5 shades I own all survive drinking and eating unless I eat something greasy...I suggest removing it when going to McDonalds haha. And reapplying it after.
It is also kiss proof and waterproof.
I did some swatches on my arm and after 3 minutes I put my arm under running watter and dragged over with fingers for quite a while and the did not budge.

Removing of darker shades is not that easy, I suggest using makeup removing oils to break down the lipstick.
I own 5 shades.
And please exuse messy applycation on some swatches ;)

10 Adorable (pink nude beige)
This one is a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit.
11 Precious (cool toned rose)
 This one is a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics Poisie K Lip Kit.
14 Devotion (deep true red)
15 Georgeous (raspberry wine)
27 Fascination (royal purple)

I really would recomend these to every matte lipstick lover.
I still have few shades on my whishlist: Fling, Cherish, Sugar, Obsession, Sweethear and Babe.

You can get them on Milani website for 8,99$ .
In Slovenia they are avalible on:
Click2chic for 9,96€
Moja Drogerija 12,35€


torek, 5. julij 2016

Empties #4

Hi lovelies!

It's been more than a month since my last post and I promise you at least one post a week from now on.
I haven't done an Empties post in a while so it's about time for a new one.
There are some products missing, since I threw them away, those are: 3 Essence Gel Waterproof Pencils in black, some face masks and some hair stuff.
Iseree Facial Wipes for normal skin
I get them every month in Lidl and for the price they are great, they remove my makeup nicely if I'm lazy, but I mostly use them for swatches.
Repurchase: Already did!

Balea Micellar water face wipes
They came out at the beginning of this year and I wanted to try them, they were really nice and also one wipe had a lot of moisture which I like.
Repurchase: Yes, in the future.
 Loreal Prodigy hair dye in 6.60
I've been using Loreal Feria range for over 6 years, but I found the Prodigy line on Click2chic for 3€ and I had to try it, I kind of like it more than Feria line, since it smells nicer and it's a little bit nicer red color.  
Repurchase: Already have a backup!

Balea Trend It Up Dry Shampoo
My go to dry shampoo, it's cheap, does not leave white marks and it does the job! 
Repurchase: Yes, after I use my Lee Stafford one.
Garnier Mineral Action Control Deodorant
This is the only deodorant that works for me, it never left any marks on my clothes, I was not sweating like a pig when I used it and it smelled nice. But unfortunately I can not find it anywhere...I am literary dying.
Repurchase: I would right away, but I can't find it anywhere.
La Roche Posay Hydreane Riche
This is the perfect cream for colder months for me. I used it in the morning before I did my makeup and it was wonderful. No dry patches were visible after I finished my makeup.
Repurchase: Yes, for fall and winter months.
Afrodita Raspberry Cream, Orange Cream, Pistachio Cream shower creams
Oh the shower creams you want to eat...really they smell so good. They contain small particles of cocoa for exfoliating and are super creamy and moisturizing. I didn't need any lotion after those.
Repurchase: Yes, after I use up my 18438482045 shower gels.
Balea Blueberry Love shaving gel
I always buy Balea shaving gels, they are cheap, they do their job and always have great scents.
Repurchase: Yes, but in a different scent.
I go through one of those a month. I clean my brushes after every use with it and I also sanitize my makeup products.
Repurchase: I have few backups.
 Cien Facial Toner
This was the only toner I was using in the past 3 years and it was great, but now I have some new ones and I think they are better. But I loved the pump! 
Repurchase: No.

Balea Clear-Up Strips
I wrote about those in probably every empties post. They work wonders with getting my blackheads out. They are the best I've tried. 
Repurchase: Yes!
 Garnier Perfect Blur primer
My favorite drugstore primer, I really love it, but I tried Balea version and it's the same, just 3€ cheaper and with better packaging. 
Repurchase: No, since Balea has a same thing for cheaper.

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer
I had this one for a long time and I finally used it up. It worked ok, but it was a bit too silicony for me. 
Repurchase: No.
Catrice Nude Illusion in 020
This is one of my favorite foundations. It's not heavy on the skin, but provides  great coverage. I use it in the colder months if I am not too pale.
Repurchase: Already did!
Essence Pure Nude in 10 Pure Beige
Also a great foundation with a heavy yellow undertone if oxideses. But if I use a primer underneath it's perfect for winter.
Repurchase: Already did!
Avon Eye primer
I wrote a full review about my favorite eyeshadow primer, you can read it here.
Repurchase: Already did!
Essence The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat
It's a great, fast drying and in combination with base coat.
Repurchase: Already did!

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Base Coat
Same as top coat it works great in combination with it. It dries matte.
Repurchase: Already did!
Essence color & go Free Hugs
One of my favorite pink polishes.
Repurchase: It was discontinued.
Catrice Ultimate Stay & Gel Shine base coat
It's the same as the Essence version, but the brush was funky and it got thick really fast.
Repurchase: No.
Melvita Rose Water
I used this spray as a toner, refreshing spray and setting spray. It worked great, the scent is very calming and it is great for keeping in your bag.

Catrice Velvet Finish Concealer in 010
Very light shade of concealer, it really is velvety, does not set in lines and it smells wonderful floral.
Repurchase: Already did.
Essence Lash Princess Mascara
My favorite Essence mascara, separates lashes, it's not clumpy, very black and the wand really helps with reaching  every single lash.
Repurchase: Yes!
Sleek Flick It!" eyeliner in black
 This is the only Sleek product that disappointed me. I love Sleek products, but this one came dry already...I was maybe able to draw 3 or 4 light gray lines but then it was dead. Maybe only I got an old one, but I'm not getting another for sure.
Repurchase: No way
Catrice Color Correctiong Mattifying Powder
My #1 setting powder, so velvety, mattifies my face like no other, but it's discontinued.
Repurchase: I have a backup.

Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Powder in 20
An OK powder, has a bit of color, but it's not providing coverage. It did its job.
Repurchase: No.
Essence Make Me Brow
It's supPosed to be a dupe for Benefit's Give me Brow and it is my favorite brow product, it is probably my 5th tube.
Repurchase: Already did!
Catrice Eyebrow Stylist
Another favorite brow product, I use it in combination with Make Me Brow and it is just perfect ashy color, wHich suits many people.
Repurchase: Already did!
Essence Longlkasting Lipliner in 07 Plum Cake
I can't beliEve I used up a lipliner, that never happened to me before. But the shade and formula of this one is just perfect.
Repurchase: Already did!
Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipliner
This one dried out in about 2 months after purchasing, but i loved the deep red plum color.
Repurchase: Already did!
Nanshy Marvel 4in1 Blending Sponge
I've been using this sponge for over a year. Washed it every day before use with a bar soap and it always came out as new. After a year and 2 months it started to give up on life and cracked everywhere. I ordered a new one, but it is not even close to the old one...material and shape on the top are totally different.
Repurchase: Already did!
Vichy Dermablend
I loved the coverage and the
 smell of this foundation, the shade was to dark, but I am planing to buy a full size in lightest shade.
Repurchase: Yes, a full size in a future.
Vichy Normaderm
This one was not for me, didn't like the texture that much and also the coverage was no where near what I expected.
Repurchase:  No.
Vichy Normaderm BB cream
I was really impressed with the coverage of a BB cream, it covers like a foundation, but feels like a BB cream, so light.
Repurchase: Already did!
Bourjois City Radience
I grabbed a bunch of samples in DM, but when I came home I saw, they were all in a shade 03, which is way too dark for me, but I loved the formula and coverage, since usually all Bourjois foundations are flaking on me.
Repurchase: No.
Vichy Idealia BB Cream
The smell was great, but everything else did not impress me.
Repurchase: No.
Afrodita Pearl Prestige Deluxe Nourishing Cream
 It was really hydrating but very light on the skin. 
Repurchase: Maybe.
Green Line Matifying Moisturizer
 I was not really impressed with it. It did not moisturize or mattify my face. 
Repurchase: No.
7th Heaven Tea Tree Paper Mask
 This burnt like hell. So I had it on for 5 minutes, 5 minutes of and again 5 minutes on. I would not be able to have it on for like 20 minutes in a row.
Repurchase: Yes!

Lidl Cien
All Cien masks disappointed me, since you have to just wipe it off, but it doesn't do anything. I love mask that you wash off after they dry, peel off masks, paper masks...The only ''wipe off'' mask that I love is Balea Lavander Mousse Mask.
Repurchase: No.
Bath & Body Works PocketBac Antibacterial Hand Gel
Chifon & Sunflower Citrus
I love these, they all smell amazing, they are small for your purse and they do their job. I wish BBW would open a store in Slovenia.
Repurchase: Yes in a future!

Have you tried any of those products I used up? 
Any recommendations for me, what to try next?

Have an awesome sunny day!