sreda, 25. marec 2015

My Skincare Basket/ Routine

Hey lovelies,
i love reading posts about other people skincare products and finding some new products for me that way. Today i will go trough my skincare basket, that i keep in my bathroom. There are also 3 diferent kinds of cotton (round pads, big pads and cotton balls), but i forgot to take a picture. I also use lots of lip balms, and sometimes makeup wipes, but i keep those in my nightstand drawer, if you would like to see what i keep in there, please let me know :D

 I got the basket in JYSK for around 7€ and i just the perfect size to fit all the products and it fits perfectly on my space on the washing machine.
My skin is sometimes oily, sometimes dry, but most of the time is just both...oily with dry patches around my nose and on cheeks.
 Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I don't even know many bottles i've used up till now. I use it every single day, it removes all the makeup and it my skin is not tight and dry after i use it. I will probably use this one till the rest of my life :D
Comfort Zone Everyday make-up remover
I got this make-up remover for my birthday, from my mother-in-law. I'm not a huge fan of it as it's an oil based remover. It's one of those 2-phase one that you need to shake. I use it sometimes if my mascara and eyeliner are realy hard to remove with micellar water.
 Krasna Cleansing Foam
Let me just start with the fact that this foam smells like lavander, it's perfect for evenings! 
I use it every other day after i remove my makeup.
Cien Gentle Cleansing Milk
I got this milk few months ago in Lidl, and yes i am a sucker for products with pumps :P
It's a nice white cream, the scent reminds em of Nivea original scent. You just massage it on your face and then remove it with a clean cotton pad or with water. I use this one on the days, when i am not using the Krasna foam :)
 Cien Refreashing Facial Toner (normal & combination skin version)
Got this at the same time as the cleansing milk in Lidl. They also have pink version (dry and sensitive skin i think?). It's really refreshing and i use it after i cleanse my face. It has a pump like some nail polish removers and it's awesome :D
Balea Clear-up strips
I've been using this since my teenage years. It's really amazing with removing blackheads on my nose. And my boyfriend also discoverd that this things are awesome :D I use it once a week, mostly on the days when i also use a mask.
 Johnny Orgazmus Cacao Glow facial scrub & mask
This smells like chocolate cake :D You can use it as a scrub or a mask. I like it for both. Usualy i will use it once a week. I mix one teaspoon with the same amount of water, so i get a creamy paste. Apply it on my face and then i leave it for 20 minutes. After that time i put some water on my face and masage the mask at the same time i exfoliate my face. 
Krasna Dry Face Scrub
This scrub contains avena flour, cannabis flour, green clay, lavander oil, juniper oil and some other goodies. It smells wonderfull. I mix one teaspoon with water and masage it on my face once a week. It makes my skin really soft and not dry at all. 
 Green Line HydroMineral light moisturizing day cream (for mixed and oily skin)
My holly grail moisturizer, i've been searching for a good moisturizer for a looong long time. And after i saw some reviews about HydroMineral line i was sold. The scent is' lovely, refreshing and not overpowering. It's a light cream and soaks quickly. I use it every morning after cleanser and before i put my makeup on.
 Green Line HydroMineral regenerating moisturizing night cream 
Since i love the day cream i was super excited when i found out that they started selling the night cream. It's for all skin tipes, the scent is almost the same as the day cream, but it's thicker. I love it, use it every night.
 Balea  Aqua eye roll-on with mineral water
This is my morning eye cream. It has a roll-on wich helps with puffines on my under eye area. It's light but still moisturizing.
Balea Vital eye & lip cream
It's thicker, then the Aqua one. I use it at night on my eye area and around my lips. 
Catrice Lash Plus Intensive  lash growth serum
I still have 2 backups since some time ago when Catrice discontinued this product. It's a lash serum, wich helps you to grow longer and healthier lashes.I apply it like an eyeliner before i go to bed. And yes the results are there ;)
Lush Bubblegum lip scrub
I think almost all beauty bloggers rave about Lush lip scrubs. Mine is almost empty and i am planning to get a new one but maybe in a diferent scent, or why not 2 :D I use it every other day in the morning, before makeup.
CV S.O.S. Anti-pickel gel
I haven't use this gel in a while. But it's just a gel with zink and salicy acid, that i use if i get any brakeuts to dry them out.
Face cleansing sponge
I got a pack of 3 sponges in Mueller a while ago,. so i don't know what brend they are, but i know Eco Tools makes them to. I use it wet for removing cleansers and scrubs from my face.
Silk'n Dual Clean face brush
There is no secret that i wanted the Clairsonic or Magnitone for a while, but the prices of those two are to hig for my pocket. So i got really excited when i saw this brush in Hofer for only 17€. I love the brush it's nto too soft or too hard, it has a cap to protect it, 2 speeds and is waterproof, oh and ofcourse pink :D I use it every morning and night with cleansers or just with water.
You also get a bag to store your brush in ( great for traveling) and a ''handlee'' instead of a brush, where you can place a cotton pad on.
Ebelin Face peeling + massage pad
I use this pad for cleaning my brushes, but i keep it in my basket, so i will talk abot more in a How i clean my brushes post, if you would like to see that :)

That's it for today, hope you liked this post! :)
Let me know if you tried any of those products and if you have any recomedations for me to try, just put it down in comments :D

Have a lovely day!


P.S.: Pictures were taken with my old camera, because my phone was charging and the it was raining outside, so excuse the quality of them :)

petek, 13. marec 2015

REVIEW: Catrice - (S)wimbledon nail polish

Hello lovelies :)
I have a new nail polish review for you today. This time we will take a look at one of the new catrice nail polishes called (S)wimbledon. I am a big fan of turquise nail polishes, so ofcourse I had to have this colour when it came out :)
Here is what I think about it.

The nail polish comes in a round glass packaging with a black lid, which is a standard packaging for Catrice nail polishes. The packaging itself is quite sturdy and can survive a fall without cracking or breaking, aldough I do not recommend you to throw it on the floor xD. There is 10ml/0.33 fl. oz. of product.

This nail polish is another one that has a new brush. You can see the comparison between the older and the newer brush on the picture. The new brush has more of a flat square cut, instead of the older pointy cut, which enables better application.

Now to the colour itself :) (S)wimbledon is a gorgeous turquise colour, that has a small amount of micro shimmer in it, but the shimmer is not visible on the nail. It is opaque in one coat, but for me it does require two coats, since it does not apply smoothly, because of the thicker formula. The second coat makes the nail polish appear much nicer and even on the nail. It lasts for about 2 days on my nails. 

I wanted to compare (S)wimbledon to another colour I own, Essence - Grab This Hype (from the yes we pop! LE), because they appeared to be quite similar in the bottle. When applied on the nail wheel you can see that Grab This Hype has more blue in it, which makes it appear a bit more cool and not as bright as (S)wimbledon. Other than that these two colours are quite similar.

Did you try any of the new Catrice nail polishes?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

sobota, 7. marec 2015

REVIEW: Catrice Luxury Nudes

Hello lovelies :)
I am very sorry for not posting anything for so long, but I have soo much college stuff to do that I have no time for anything else :/ I will try to post as much as possible, but sadly I can not make any promises. In two months I will hopefully be done with college, but untill then please bare with me ;D
Well enough chit chat, today I have for you a review of some nail polishes I got back in February. Catrice came out with a new nude nail polish line and I had to have some :) here is what I think about them :)

Nailpolishes come in a standard round glass bottle with a white lid. I personally am glad that Catrice is sticking with this packaging, because it is robust and easy to store. The thing they did change is the brushes. They are much more nicely cut and really help with nice and even application. They are quite big, but not too big for my smallest nail and are also nicely flat. Finally, after all those years of terror, they have done it right in my oppinion :)

I picked up two shades from this line (there is total of eight colours). the first one is called 07 Delight In Pure Light and it is a beige brownish nude colour, it has some sparkle in it, but it is not visible on the nail. The second colour I got is my absolute favourite and it is called 06 Magical Nude. This colour is truly magical :) It is a darker brown colour with a strong purple undertone. It has some beautifull purple duocrome micro shimmer in it, and looks different depending on the light. It can look quite purple in one instance and more brown in another. Both nail polishes have a nice formula, not too thick or too thin and dry in a reasonable time. Delight In Pure Light does make any ridges in my nails more visible, but if I use 2 coats of base coat there is no problem. 2 coats of nail polish is needed (3 if you are doing really thin layers) to reach the full opacity. Aldough These nail polishes are really nice I found their staying power is not the best. They do not really chip on me, but they wear off at my tips in a day. I personally do not mind that, since I am usually having a different manicure every day, but if you are used to wearing your nail polish for a few days this could be a problem.

All in all if you do not mind the bad staying power and like nude nail polishes you should definetly look into these nail polishes. The range has some really pretty colours :)

Did you try out any of the new Catrice nailpolishes? What do you think?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)