četrtek, 13. februar 2014

20$ Makeup Challenge

Hello lovelies 

Today I have for you a 16 € makeup challenge (or as it is known, a 20$ makeup challenge). 20$ is roughly around 16 € (give or take a few cents) and let me tell you, it was quite hard to get enough products for so little money. Now let's see what I used, and how I used it.

Here is what I used:   (The price of the products might wary, depending on witch store you buy them. )
- NIVEA BB Cream (light) 7,5 €
- Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow base 2,69 €
- Essence I <3 Extreme Volume mascara 2,49€
- Essence gel liner Brush 1,89 €
- Essence lipliner (10 femme fatal) 0,99 €
All together costed: 15,56 €

Now I know that I could go and buy a cheaper foundation/BB cream (essence for example), but I already have so many that I did not want one more in my drawer so I used Nivea BB cream mainly because I need to use it up and because it is the only BB cream I took with me when I went to my boyfriend for the week (I know… silly me).

Please do not mind those cute designer bags I am rocking under my eyes right now. :P

I first applied Essence eyeshadow base all over  my lid, to cancel out any violet wierdness, that is lately going on around my eyes and I also used it as a concealer under my eyes and on the rest of the face where I needed it. After that I applied BB cream all over my face and blended it down to my neck with my fingers.

Now here comes the fun part. I used my mascara for three different pourpuses. I filled in my brows, did a winged liner and applied it to my lashes. I used the gel liner brush to lightly define my brows and just fill in the gaps. Since my brows are naturally black and my hair is dark brown, I do not think It looked that out of place. After that I lined my whole upper lash line and a half of my lower lash line. I wanted to do a thiner line, but as usual I ended up with a quite thick wing. After that I coated my upper and lower lashes with a coat of mascara.

For my lips  I lined them and filled them in with Essence lip liner. I also used it a bit on my cheeks, as a blush, but I do not feel line it did anything.

Also rocking an xxxl batman hoodie. So cozy :)

I know this look is based on the same concept than my face of the day look, but I did not really think of another way to use these products. I suppose I could do a different line with them but my moto is: No wing, no fun. And I also think that a winged liner paired with a red lip is a really timeless look that can suit anybody. (Winged liner in general is in my oppinion just something that is sutable for every occassion) I just wish I would have steadier hands to make a thinner line…

And a nice duck face for a finish... because no selfie session is complete without it :P

I Hope you all enjoyed this post. What do you think about my look? Did you do the 20$ makeup challenge? If you did please post a link to it in the comments, I would love to see it :)

Have a nice day ;)

P.S.: I really enjoyed doing this, so I am thinking about doing it again, maybe making it a regular thing (like once a week or two weeks). Would you like me to do this challenge multiple times or is just this one post enough for you? ;) Please tell me what you think :)

2 komentarja:

  1. Ti je res super uspel look. :) Z Essence izdelki se res da narediti tale tag, mogoče ga tudi jaz kdaj v prihodnosti naredim. :D

  2. Hvala za komentar :) Essence se tudi meni zdi najboljši za take vrste challenge :) Pomoje da bom naredila še kakšen tak look, s kakšno njihovo paletko in BB kremo :) Komaj čakam da vidim kaj boš urtvarila :)
    lp, Tjaša