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20$ makeup #2 - Tjaša

Hello lovelies :)
Today I have for you another 20$ / 16 makeup :). I am using all essence products today, since this is the cheapest brand here in Slovenia and some of the products are quite nice for the money you pay. So let's se what I used in this look :)

- Essence  BB Cream (01 Universal) 4,39 €
- Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow base 2,69 €
- Essence I <3 Extreme Volume mascara 2,49€
- Essence gel liner Brush 1,89 €
- Essence Sun Club Palette (02 long beach) 3,79 €
All together costed: 15,25 €

Some of these are oldies, but goodies for me (like the mascara, eyeshadow base and liner brush), others I am not really fond of (BB cream and the palette).

I used the eyeliner brush and a dark brown shade from the palette to fill in my eyebrows (this is the only shadow in the palette that is matt, all the others are shimery... and I do not really apprechiate shimmery eyeshadows...).

After that I used Essence eyeshadow base and used the handy mini applicator (ugh how I hate these...) and applied the brown in my crease. After that I blended the shadow with the fluffy end of the applicator.

I dug into the orange shade with my finger an packed it on my lid and used the darker shimmery brown to darken up the look.

I used the golden colour in my inner eye and on the inner third of the lower lash line and the brown colour next to it on the rest of the lower lash line. I applied both with the gel liner brush.

After that I used my trusty old gal (yes, I am talking about the mascara), to line my upper lash line and coat my upper and lower lashes.

I applied the BB cream all over my face with my fingers. I also mixed it a bit with the eyeshadow base and applied it as a concealer.

And this is the finished look:

Final thoughts: I do like the overall look, but there are a few things that drove me crazy while I was doing it. Firstly, the shadows in the palette are really (and I mean really) powdery. Now do not get me wrong, powdery shadows are not a bad thing by default (Sleek and MUA are both powdery, but they are also very pigmented), but since those shadows are also shimmery I looked like a disco ball after I finished with the eyes (that is also the reason why I did my eyes before the foundation). The second thing that really drowe me crazy whas the BB cream. I mean, it is not that bad if I set it up with a powder, but on its own it just appeared to shiny on me (in person, not so much on photos). 

Now enough of my jibber jabber, please, enjoy the pictures :)

Yay for the glasses :)

I really hope you enjoyed yet another look in my 20$ challenge series :)
Did you try out any of the products? What are your thoughts on them?
Have a nice day ;)

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