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Comparing Catrice foundations

Hello lovelies :)
I like to use foundation every day, even when I do not have time to do make up I still slap a bit of foundation, mascara and brow gel on my face. Since my skin is quite iffy about the foundations I use, I found only a few that my skin could handle so far. Surprizingly all of them come from Catrice. I usually have a problem with foundations, because they do not stick to my skin (rubb off while I am applying them... I am looking at you Bourjois), oxidise like crazy (every Essence foundation ever) or slip off my face after two hours of wear. I am happy that I found something that suits me and is also wallet friendly :)

All of the foundations come in glass bottles, each 30 ml. All Matt plus has a square bottle, which I find is the easyest to store. Velvet Finish foundation has a smaller but wider bottle and Nude Illusion has a round bottle. All the bottles are sturdy and do not break easily even when falling on the floor. All of the foundations have a black plastic pump that disposes just enough product. I like the packaging of All Matt plus the best, because it is square, but I like the pump from Velvet Finish and Nude Illusion is much better.

Both All Matt plus and Nude Illusion come in 5 shades total, ranging from pale to a medium colour. Velvet Finish comes in four colours. I personally like the colour selection, aldough I think that nobody can deny that more colours in different undertones would be awesome (something like Revlon Colorstay... they have an awesome range). I personally feel that the Velvet Finish line lacks a really fair colour, because their lightest colour is to dark even for me in the winter  (I think it is also because of the undertone). As far as colour matching goes for me I like to use All Matt plus 010 light beige in winter, Velvet Finish 010 Light Velvet in summer (mixed with a bit of All Matt plus 030 Warm Beige if I get a tan for some reason) and Nude Illusion 010 Nude Ivory or 020 Rose Vanilla in between.

These three lines have quite a different formula. All Matt plus is really matt and is also the most thick out of all three foundations. I do set it with powder, because I need to do that with every foundation, but somebody with normal or dry skin probablly would not have to set it, because it sets matt. Nude Illusion is the most liquidy of the three and leaves a nice dewy finish, if it is not set with powder. Velvet Finish is somewhere in between. It sets, but does not appear completely matt. If you can get away with not setting your foundation I think Nude Illusion or Velvet Finish would look the most skin like and the prettyest on the face.

This really depends on my skin. I found that All Matt plus usually lasts the longest, while Nude Illusion lasts just a few hours, if I do not prep my skin accordingly. If I want Nude Illusion to last longer I NEED to apply a mattifying primer and sett it with powder, if I don't the foundation just slips from my skin. Velvet Finish also lasts quite long.

Both All Matt plus and Velvet Finish have nice pigmentation to it and can cover redness quite nicely. Nude Illusion is more sheer, but it is also the most buildable from the three. All Matt plus is the least buildable and can look cakey if applied too much, especially on dry skin.

I personally like All Matt plus the best, because it suits my oily acne prone skin the most, but I do wish that it would contain some SPF, because I am all about SPF :P
Did you try any of the Catrice foundations? Which one is your favourite?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Joj, moram že enkrat končno probat All matte plus puder, mislim, da bi bil fajn za mojo mastno kožo. :)
    Meni žal Nude Illusion ne odgovarja, se mi zdi, da mi še bolj izpostavi vsako nepravilnost, velike pore. :S Ampak itak težko najdem primeren puder zase, če ne drugo, že zaradi pretemnih odtenkov. :(
    Edini, ki me ne razočara in zaradi katerega še nisem obupala pri pudrih, je Revlon Colorstay. <3

    1. Meni je nude illusion tko tko... ali izgleda bozansko ali pa kot da bi se po blatu valala... ma ja odtenki so prevec temni... se jay imam probleme pa sploh nisem tako svetla. Colorstaya pa ne upam preiykusiti ker sem slisala mesane ocene in se bojim da bom imela slabe izkusnje