sobota, 31. maj 2014

Face of the Day: Rainy day make up

Hello lovelies :) 
A new face of the day / tutorial! Yay, let's all celebrate :) This time I decided to go all out with colour. I am in love with Sleek ultra mattes v1 brights palette since the day I got it and it felt only natural for me to do a look based on this palette for this blog :) Hope you will enjoy reading :)

*Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow primer
*Essence longlasting eye pencil (17-tu-tu-touquoise)
*MUA Extreme Curl mascara (Black)
*Chill, Sugarlite, Bamm!, Bolt, Strike and Pow! (Sleek ultra mattes v1 brights palette)
* Mythical (MUA Smokin Palette)

*Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder
*Catrice all matt plus (010 light beige and 030 warm beige)
*Makeup revolution cream blush (Caramel Shake)
*MUA Bronzer (shade 2)

*Catrice Eyebrow filler

*Essence longlasting lipstick (07 natural beauty)

First I primed my eyes using Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow primer and lightly dusted Pow! all over my lid and on my brow bone. After that I used Sugarlite and a fluffy brush. I applied the shade in my crease and outer third of my upper lid. I used Bamm! to blend out Sugarlite and add some more colour.

I packed Strike on the rest of my lid and started to intensify Sugarlite in my crease untill I got the colour I was happy with. I used Essence longlasting eye pencil on the outer two thirds of my lower lash line and extended it into a wing in the outer corner. 

I used Chill in the inner third of my lower lash line (where  I did not apply Essence longlasting eye pencil) and after that applied Bold all along my lower lash line and blended it a bit. I also used Essence longlasting eye pencil in my water line. For liner I used Mythical  eyeshadow from MUA Smokin palette and I applied mascara on upper and bottom lashes.

And here is how my face looks with all the products used :) I swear I used enough blush and bronzor, but my camera just ate all the colour from my face, so it looks like I have nothing on.

How do you like the look? I really love how the bottom lash line turned out. I need to use this liner more often because it is really nice :) Also I think this is the first time you see me with a new shorter haircut (except if you alredy saw it on instagram), how do you like it?
Have a nice day ;)

četrtek, 29. maj 2014


Hello lovelies :)
A new month has almost passed and I was doing quite some shopping :)  I decided to share the newest products I got this month. For some I have already written a review and for some I will write it in the future :)
Please enjoy reading :)

torek, 27. maj 2014

REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Cream Blush

Hello lovelies :)
Ajda already did a review on this product, which you can find here. I got myself two of these gems and decided to share my two cents about them and also show you some swatches.
Please enjoy this post ;)

from left to right: Peach Cream, Caramel Shake

These blushes have a really nice cream texture and can be applied with fingers, a spondge or a brush. I tried applying them with my fingers, and they blended like a dream, I also tried to apply them with a fluffy blush brush and I really liked the result. These blushes go on creamy but their finish is powder. After they set they do not move or smear and are not pachy.

These blushes lasted on me for more than 4 hours (and I have extremly oily skin). They are small and travel friendly, so you can always take it with you and retouch with fingers if needed.

 Slovenian readers can find these blushes on and international readers can find them on makeup revolution store. This is a product that I highly recommend you check out. I am wery pleased with it.

Do you have these blushes? What is your experience with them?
Have a nice day ;)

nedelja, 25. maj 2014

Blog Your Heart Out Tag

Hello lovelies :)Today we have for you a tag (haven't done one of these in a while :)
Please enjoy reading :)

Who/what encouraged you to start blogging? 

At first I started blogging because I wanted to share my stories and poems with the webs :) I also participated in a writing competition, where I was one of the winners. I got three books as a gift, where all the wining poems and short stories were :) After that I started another blog, where I shared my crochet creations. Sadly nowdays I do not have much time for hand crafting so the blog is kinda lonely right now. This blog started one day out of the blue :) Me and Ajda decided one day that we want to share our humble oppinions with the beauty blogger world amd here we are now :)
First i started my ''random'' blog in the middle of highschool i think it was in 2007 or 2008...i wrote everything that came into my head and i still sometimes read it because now is just funny. Then in 2010 i think, i started a beauty blog, but didn't post that much. And then a little bit before new year 2014 i was having coffee with Tjaša and because we are both beauty addicts we decided to start this blog together! :D

How did you choose what topics to blog about? 
We both love make up so we both thought it would be fitting to write about our passion.
It was the easiest task ever :D We both love makeup and nails so yeah...

What is something most people don’t know about you?  
I am more evil than I look ;P 
I guess the same thing as Tjaša said :D I guess that's why we get a long so well...muahahah :D
What three words describe your style?  
"Put on whatever". I was never good at mixing and matching different styles, to be honest, I am too lazy to think about what looks good with what. I usualy wear some jeans and a shirt. As long as it is cozy, I am happy with it :) 
I don't have a style, i pick the first thing in a closet on a pile of cloths and that's it. I don't have a supermodel figure and i don't really like to show of my body, so it's mostly black and casual cloths.
What do you love to do when you are not blogging?
Reading, watching Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory, being lazy, reading other blogs, listening to music, drinking coffee... basicaly enjoying life as much as I can ;) 
I really enjoy driving, watching series (Gray's anatomy, Battlestar galactica, Awkward, Silicon valley,...), geeking, drinking coffee, spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends, doing nails, readying blogs, watching YT and cooking.
I hope you all enjoy reading this tag :) Please fell free to do this tag and post your links in the comments, we would love to read your tags :)
Have a nice day
Tjaša & Ajda

petek, 23. maj 2014

REVIEW: Terra Naturi mono eyeshadows

 Hello lovelies :)
the blush I reviewed in the previous post was not the only product I bought from Terra Naturi. I saw these two mono eyeshadows and they seemed interesting to me. I like Terra Naturi stands, because you can swatch everything right then and there and decide wether or not you want to buy it. I was quite plesantly surprized when I swatched these in the store, so I decided to buy them.
And here is what I think about these shadows:


Mulberry is a nice matte brown with a hint of purple. It is not chalky at all (as it is a standard with matte eyeshadows), instead it is quite buttery, it swatches nicely and it appears very pigmented on the lid. The shade blends nicely and there is minimal fallout. It faded a bit troughout the day, but it was still visible at the end of the day.


Blue lagoon is a nice blue shade with sparkle. It is creamy and appears very intense on lids. I had no problem blending it. There was a bit of fallout when I used it (mostly sparkle) and it did not crease troughout the whole day. It faded a bit troughout the day, but it was still visible at the end of the day.

Both eyeshadows come in a smal brown square packaging with round edges that is made out of plastic. The packaging is quite sturdy and easy to carry around.

I am happy with both colours. There are more colours in their collection, but only those two seemed interesting to me :) 
Did you try any of Terra Naturi eyeshadows? 
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

sreda, 21. maj 2014

REVIEW: Terra Naturi Blush 04- royal apricot

Hello lovelies :)
I am quite short on blushes. I have one blush, which is pink. One day I was just kinda snooping around my local drugstore and I found this beauty. I knew I need to have it, aldough I was a bit sceptical about it's quality. I tried it as soon as I came home and I became hooked (I am wearing it for 2 weeks straight...)

Royal apricot is a very nice pinky peach colour (more of a peach than pink). The product comes in a small, sturdy brown plastic packaging with a transparent lid. The packaging is quite sturdy and because this blush is quite small it is perfect for carrying around. I do not know how many grams of product there is, because it is not written anywhere on the packaging.

At first it goes on the skin quite sheer, but the colour is buildable. It is not patchy and it lasted on me more than 5 hours without reapplying. It is a very nice shade that would, in my oppinion, suit every skin tone. 

I am very happy with this purchase and I will definetly check out other colours :)
What do you think about Terra Naturi make up or skin care? Is it a yay or a nay?
Have a nice day ;)

torek, 20. maj 2014

REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Matte Brights

Hello lovelies :)
I recently started to experiment with some more bright colours, but since my make up collection is more neutral oriented with dark colours, I needed some bright palettes. I layed my eyes on this baby. It looks bright as hell and I was interested in the quality of the Makeup Revolution palettes since they came to Slovenia

The packaging is quite big, black with a see trough lid. It is quite similar to MUA packaging, except much bigger. It contains 12 different colours, all matte and looking very bright in the pan. All together there is 14 g of product. You also get a double sided spondge applicator with the palette (I take them out as soon as I get the palette).

The pans are narrow and long. I had no problem with picking product, because my eyeshadow brushes are quite small, but using big brushes with this palette can be hard and problematic. Picking up product generates quite a bit of dust in the pans, and because pans are so narrow you soon have one shade mixing with another.

Sadly the quality of s shadows is quite poor. They mostly go on the lids nicely, with the exception of white, light blue, yellow and light pink, these colours need a bit more packing on to show. There was no fallout while using any of the shadows. They also blend nicely. The main problem is that they do not last a long time on the lids. No matter what I tried they did not last more than 3 hours on me and than they just melted off my lids. I have very oily lids, but most of my other eyeshadows stay intact for at least 7 hours (MUA, Sleek and even Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadows).

Here are the swatches. I had to scratch the light blue shadow from the pan to get some pigmentation out of it, now I have a big canyon in my shadow. Orange,the two pinks, purple, both greens and a darker blue all swatch very nicely and also perform very well on the lids. 

I really did not want to write a negative review, but that is how I see this palette. I will keep it for playing around, but it is not wearable, because it does not last long enough for me (I love the colours. I already have some of the Makeup Revolution products and I really like them. I heard other palettes are better so I would advise you to try those, but I do not see any reason to buy this palette. 

Do you have any of Makeup Revolution products? What Is your experience with them?
I love their mono eyeshadows an lipsticks and I just got two of their cream blushes (I heard they are great).
Have a nice day ;)

nedelja, 18. maj 2014

Weekly Adventures of a Physics Student - so much to do and so little time

Hello lovelies :)
I feel like I have not been writing posts for quite a while. I have sooooo many ideas about posts and I also have time, but lately weather has been a bit crazy in Slovenia, especially during weekends. I already have 12 posts written (I am doing a series), but I have no pictures because of the weather. I usually only have time to take pictures during the weekend when I am at my boyfriends house, but he does not have good lights, so I need to rely on sun light... and there was none for the past two weeks :( Hopefully I will have some time to take some pictures during this week, so that I can start the series, because half done posts are bugging me to no end...

Enough of my babbling, here is a lovely Debbie Harry, please axcept this eye candy as an apology for not enough posts lately :) (at least not enough for me)

Now to the regular weekly adventures program :)

petek, 16. maj 2014

Ajda's Makeup Collection - Part 3

Hey lovelies, how are you today?
I am going to show you my las part of my makeup collection. 
In my everyday basket you won't see that much makeup, but there are stuf that i use on a daily basics.


sreda, 14. maj 2014

REVIEW: MUA Matte Lipsticks

Hello lovelies :)

I will be honest with you, I was not big on lipsticks for quite a long time. My love for lipsticks started when I got these babies :) These are not perfect by any means, but strangely I love them the most out of my whole lipstick "mini collection".

From left to right: peachy keen, totally nude and wild berry

Say hello to MUA Matte lipsticks J
If you like matte lipstick I think you will like these. They are cheap and quite long lasting for the price (around 2 – 3 hours).  The only downside is that you need to use a lip balm first before you apply them, otherwise they can appear a bit chalky (especially totally nude and peachy keen, wild berry has a more creamy texture, I do not know about the preformance of other colours however). They are also a bit more dry than normal lipstick, but again using lip balm can eliminate the dry feeling. I would not recommend these lipsticks to people that have a lot of problems with chalped lips, because these lipsticks tend to cling an emphasize any dry parts on the lips (matte lipsticks usually do that...). They all smell very sweet and fruity. The smell disappeares once you put it on your lips.

The packaging is white with a silver MUA logo print on it. It is not the sturdiest packaging out there, but it can definetly survive a drop or two. There is some extra lipstick on the bottom. I usually do not use these, but they are still a nice edition, because you can see all the colours without opening the lipstick. 

They come in seven very nice colours:
Totally Nude
Peachy Keen
Pouty Pink
Scarlet Siren
Wild Berry
Lilac Belle
Fawn Fancy

I personally bought Peachy Keen, Totally Nude and Wild Berry. At the time I bought these lipsticks Lilac Belle and Fawn Fancy were not out yet and I was not interested in Pouty Pink (I do not like pink lipstick) or Scarlet Siren (At the time I thought I will never wear red lipstick... I was wrong... there is never enough red lipsticks, so I am probably going to buy it some day in the future´)

swatches (left to right): wild berry, totally nude and peachy keen

TOTALLY NUDE: this might be my least favourite colour. It apeary to be the most chalky and dry, but with a bit of balm you can make it work. Overall it is a nice nude colour for everyday use. However it will definetly not suite everybody. It is a true nude, which means it suits only a handfull of people (it does not fit me very well eather, but if I just pat it on my lips with it, to sheer out the natural colour of my lips, I can make it work)

PEACHY KEEN: A lovely pinky peach colour. Appears very nice and  natural on the lips and is also not as chalky as totally nude. I would still recomend putting a lip balm before wearing this lipstick. 

WILD BERRY: My personal favourite. A beautifull dark cherry colour that you can build up into a dark shade or Wear as a sheer berry wash of colour. If you are too shy to wear dark colours, but you would like to try them I definetly recommend this colour.

From down to bottom: totally nude, peachy keen, wild berry

I must say I was really plesantly surprized when I got them and tried them out. In my oppinion they are worth the price especialy if you like matte lipsticks or just want to try them out. I had no problem using them (however I do not have problems with dry lips). You can find them at  MUA store.
Do you have any of these lipsticks? What do you think about them?

Have a lovely day ;)

sobota, 10. maj 2014

Nails of the Week

Hello lovelies :)
I did not post pictures of my nails for quite some time, so I decided to share with you what I wore this week on my nails :)

Catrice - C04 Plum Me Up Scotty
Essence special effect topper - 22 black dress and white tie

Essence - 129 the boy next door
Essence - 148 prom-berry
Konad - silver glitter top coat
Essence special effect topper - 15 glitter on me

Essence - 182 hello rosy
Catrice - C04 The Big Bling Theory

Catrice - C04 Plum Me Up Scotty
Catrice - C04 The Big Bling Theory

Hope you enjoyed the post :)
Whitch manni do you like the most?
Have a nice day ;)

sreda, 7. maj 2014

Face of the Day: Bright blue and purple

Hello lovelies :)
I already posted this look on instagram quite some time ago, but I did not have time to edit the pictures and write a post. I decided to share this look because I just love how bright te blue looks. It is such a pretty combination in my oppinion :)

*Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow primer
*Catrice made to stay highlighter pen ( 030 eye need!)
*Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance palette shadows: Marry in Monte Carlo, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Forever in Florence and Meet in Madrid
*MUA eyeshadow palette Dusk til Dawn: torquise blue shade (second row, third from left)
*MUA Smokin Palette: Glory
*MUA Smokin eye pencil (black smoke)
* Essence I <3 Extreme volume mascara

* Catrice all matt plus ( 010 Light Beige and 030 Warm Beige)
* Essence all about matt fixing loose powder

* Catrice Eyebrow Filler

* Essence longlasting lipstick (09 wear berries)

First I used Essence I <3 Stage primer all over my lid, after that I applied Glory from the MUA Smoked palette under my brow and Honeymoon in Hollywood in my crease. I blended the crease colour with Marry in Monte Carlo.

I used Forever in Florence in the outer third of the crease, to deepen the colour and applied Catrice made to stay highlighter pen on my lid. After thet I applied the light blue colour from the MUA Dusk til Dawn palette all over my lid. I packed it on as much as I could to intensify the colour.

I used the same colour under my lower lash line and applied Meet in Madrid on the inner third of my lover lash line. I tightlined my eyes with MUA Smokin eye pencil and applied mascara.

Hope you liked this look :) What is your favourite colour to wear on your lids? Mine are purple, green and orange.
Have a nice day ;)