sreda, 10. februar 2016

AVON Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks

Hi there my lovelies!

I am a lipstick junkie and I love trying new brands and finishes.
In the past I owned a few lipstick samples from Avon and I was really using them a lot. All samples were from the normal line Ultra Color. In the summer I orderEd samples of all Ultra Color Bold lipsticks and a full size of a limited edition shade Blush Brights.
In October I got a chance to test some products from Avon and I asked for some other shades from the Bold line, that I've been eyeing.

Now I own 5 Ultra Color Bold lipsticks, on the pictures there are only 4, the 5th one I got after I took pictures, but I included a swatch. 

Packaging is classic Avon lipstick tube. Glossy finish with silver detail with the name of the brand. The tube on the right is a Limited Edition shade and it had a metallic pink detail.
The cap has a clear top, so you can see the shade if you store them upwards.
On the bottom you can see a sticker in the color of the shade and the name. It's also perfect for storing this way, as you can still see the shade. 

You get 3,6 grams of product. 
They have a light fruity scent, but it's just baerly there.

The formula is really creamy, easy to apply, hydrates your lips, mine are never feeling dry if I wear the Bold lipsticks. 

I only need one coat for full opacity.

The finish is creamy, but not glossy.

It can last a good couple of hours on my lips, it fades away nicely and it leaves a stain. 

It won't survive drinking and eating, you will have to reapply it then.

But I usually mattify it by putting some translucent powder over it and I almost always wear it with a lipliner and than it can stay on me all day!

LE Blush Brights
Extreme Mauve
Power Plum

Bold Bordeaux
(No flash) Starting on top: Blush Brights, Extreme Mauve, PowerPlum, Bold Bordeaux
( With flash) Starting on top: Blush Brights, Extreme Mauve, PowerPlum, Bold Bordeaux

I won't be describing colors, since I am not good at it, but you can see the shades for yourself!
Blush Brights (Limited Edition shade)
Ruby Shock
Extreme Mauve
Power Plum
Bold Bordeaux

I would really recommend the lipsticks from the Bold line to everyone. I am planning to get all of the other shades.

Let me know if  you tried any lipstics from this line. 
What is your favorite shade?

Have a good day!