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Haul #1 - Tjaša

Hello lovelies :)
Today I have for you a little haul. I bought these products today, before I meet up with Ajda, and I was really eager to write this post :) So let's see what I got :)

The first thing that cought my eye was a nail polish from the new Catrice Crushed Crystals line. Since purple is always my colour of choice I decided to get  02 PLUMdogMillionare (loving the name :) ). This is my first polish with this kind of texture. 

After that I got three Essence lippies, because there is never enough. I bought 07 Natural Beauty because I wanted since it came out (and it is finally mine... muahahahaha), it is a nice colour for an everyday look, so I will probably use it quite a lot. Next two lipsticks I got in a heat of the moment, first one is 09 Wear Berries! and the second one is 01 Coral Calling. They are both very nice colours and I can not wait to wear them in the future :)

After that I got two Essence lip pencils in 10 Femme Fatale. I already have two of those, and since I like this product very much I bought two more as a back up (this product is being discontinued... sad face).

from left to right: Femme Fatale, Wear Berries, Natural Beauty and Coral Calling.

And here are the swatches of the lip products. These swatches do no justice to the products, since the lip pencil is not that pink and the lipsticks are not shimmery. I will hopefully have better pictures in a few days, when I will write a bit more about the lipsticks (I will probably do a review).

I hope you enjoyed this haul post :) 
Do you have any of these products? Are they a yay or nay for you?
Have a nice day :)

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