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Essence "Collection sets" - The perfect gift!

Hello lovelies :)
I have for you another post about new essence stuff. Something totally new that was not released by them before (at least as far as I know it). I really hope this will make it's way in their permanent line. Let's see what they have to say :)

Spring is in the air! Here’s a special fragrant and at the same time beautifying highlight for the start of the spring season! With the limited “collection sets”, essence is presenting two of the most popular fragrances as exclusive miniature sets as of March 2014. “like a first day in spring” and “like a day in a candy shop” – each extended to include the fragrance versions “fruity”, “sweet” and “floral”. Certain ingredients have been taken from the original and new ones have been added to give the scent either a fruity, sweet or floral note. On top, there’s a limited XXXL shine special scented lipgloss with the scent of each respective classic – for lips with intensive color, a beautiful shimmer and your favorite essence fragrance! This cool set is ideal for fragrance fans – to collect or give away!

The Eau de Toilettes were developed in collaboration with internationally renowned perfumers and are presented in a fresh design in stylish flacons. The limited trendy gift box contains 4 x 7 ml Eau de Toilettes and an exclusive XXXL shine special scented lipgloss.
essence collection set – like a first day in spring Spring fever! The scent of white blossoms and the first warm rays of sunshine – that’s what spring feels like!  The fruity-floral miniature set “like a first day in spring” contains the original fragrance as well as three new fragrance compositions that are sure to spread a feeling of pure happiness! Blackcurrant gives the fruity fragrance an exciting, light sparkle. Strawberries sweeten the scent sensation while a sea of blossoms creates a dreamy, floral fragrance. To go with your spring look, the set also contains a limited XXXL shine special scented lipgloss in pink-peach with a fantastic shimmer and the irresistible original scent.            
essence collection set – like a day in a candy shop Let’s go on a fragrant date! “like a day in a candy shop” is floral and fresh as well as sensual and sweet. In addition to the popular original fragrance, the exclusive collection set offers three versions derived from it. Green apple refreshes and provides a boost of energy. For all sweethearts, the fragrance has been complemented with an extra portion of caramel, while rose and violet create a magical, flowery version. And to make your fragrant date absolutely perfect, there’s also a limited XXXL shine special scented lipgloss in pink with a gorgeous shimmer and the irresistible scent of the original.              
essence “collection sets” will be available in stores from March 2014**.

This set will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Bolivia, Chile and in Venezuela.  

Did you enjoy the post? What are you thinking about these collection sets?
Have a nice day :)

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