nedelja, 31. avgust 2014

NEW IN: August

Hello lovelies :)
Ah yes, August is over and it is time for my favourite month, September! Wooooooo ;P But before september, a new in post is in order, don't ya think? Se here is how good (or bad) I have been with spending my money this month :P

petek, 29. avgust 2014

My nail polish collection - other brands

Hello lovelies :)
Today we look at my third and finall part of my nail polish collection. These are just some random nail polishes, that I got and I wear some times, but not a lot.

sreda, 27. avgust 2014

NOTD: Short and blue

Hello lovelies :)
This time a shorter post, I have not done a NOTD post in quite some time :) My nails are short again! They were quite long but started breaking, so it was time for me to go on the shorter side. I like them short dough, they are more practical and hopefully will not break as much. I have on my nails Denim Moore by Catrice, it is one of the colours that is leaving store shelves at the end of this month. It is a beautifull blue with tiny tiny tiny sparkles :)

What do you think? Do you like longer nails or shorter? Why? :)
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

ponedeljek, 25. avgust 2014

My nail polish collection #2 - Essence

Hello lovelies :)
Today's part 2 of my nailpolish collection feautures all of my essence nail polishes. Some are quite old (at leats 6 years if not more) and some are recently bought. Hope you will enjoy :)

sobota, 23. avgust 2014

REVIEW: Everyday Minerals semi matte base - golden light 2W

Hello lovelies :)
Long time no see, who would have thought summer can be so hectic... so much stuff to do, so little time. I actually planed to do some posts in advance but I just did not have time to do it... And when I had a few spare minutes I was too lazy :P oh well, here I am today. I got for you a review of a mineral foundation I was eyeing for quite some time and I finally decided to get it, more acuratelly I got it by accident, because my order was mixed up, but people at were kind enough to let me keep it :) Here is what I think about it :)

Everyday minerals base comes in a nice plastic packaging with a white lid. Packaging is nice and sturdy and the bottom is transparent, so you can see how much product is left. On the bottom is a sticker with the name of the colour and ingredients. You get 4,8g / 0.17 oz of product which will last you for quite some time.

This mineral base is in a loose powder form, but it is not as messy as I expected. I just put a bit of product in the lid, swirl my brush in it ( I use RT expert face brush) and applied it to the face. It feels like you have nothing on your skin while providing sheer covaridge. It is buildable to medium covaridge but it must be done in thin layers, othervise it can look powdery. It has a matt finish, but it looks natural. Because it has more of a sheer covaridge it might not be ideal for people batteling acne and severe redness, but it does a great job at evening out your skin tone. I usually use it first and than use concealer over some spots or on the areas where I think I need more covaridge. It does require a bit more work than liquid foundation, to apply it, but I think the finish is well worth it.

Foundation lasts nicely all day, It did become a bit oily troughout the day, but it did not budge or slide off my face. It also did not cause any break outs. Also if you apply too much product it is easily fixed, just spray a bit of setting spray all over your face and that takes care of the powdery look, leaving you with a nice natural dewy finish.
I personally think this foundation is really nice for people with oily or normal skin and to wear in summer because it is so light. It comes in many shades and finishes which is a big plus.

All in all if you are looking for a mineral powder foundation go with this one, you can not miss :) and if you are not sure if you would like it or not, or which colour is the best for you, you can find testers. You can find this product on or on Everyday Minerals online store.

What is your favourite foundation to use during the hot summer months?
Hope you enjoyed reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

sobota, 16. avgust 2014

My nail polish collection #1 - Catrice

Hello lovelies :)
I recently posted my top 10 summer nail polishes post and now I finally have some time to show you my whole nail polish collection (so far). I will show my collection in three diferent posts, divided by brands and try to write something about every nail polish :)

četrtek, 14. avgust 2014

REVIEW: Wet'n'Wild Cool As A Cucumber palette

Hello lovelies :)
I got this palette at the same time as my Petal Pusher palette by Wet'n'Wild but I forgot to talk about it before. Does it ever happen to you that you use one product constantly but forget to review it aldough you plan to :P that happens to me all the time :D Well the review is finally here :)

This palette comes in a slim plastic packaging with a transparent lid so you can see all the colours that are in there. Packaging is thin, but feels a bit cheap and weak, aldough it did survive some traveling. there are three eyeshadows in this palette and it comes with a spondge tip applicator and a little sintetic brush. I do not like to use those but they might come in handy if you need to retuch your make up on the go :)

At the back of the palette are some instructions on how to use different colours (aldough you can use them however you want) and a list of ingredients, both in english and french.

Now to the actuall shadows. I am a green and purple addict, so you can only imagine how much I love this colour scheme :) Colours go together really nicely. I miss a real brow bone shade (not a fan of light green shimmery brow bone), but overall I like the colours. Browbone and eyelid colours are nicely pigmented and both shimmery, crease colour (purple) requires a bit more work to be opaque, but it is not crappy by any means. All colours blend nicely, without any patchyness, there is a bit of fallout with the eyelid shade, but nothing mayor. None of the shades creased on me, they did fade out a bit after around 6 hours, but were still nicely visible at the end of the day.

All and all I really like this palette, and if these colours do not appeal to you there are many more combinations to choose from on Destination Pretty :). For the price, colour payof and overall quality of these shadows I do not think you can go wrong :)

Do you own any of Colour Icon Trios by Wet'n'Wild? Which one is your favourite?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša ;)

torek, 12. avgust 2014

My top 10 Summer nail polishes

Hello lovelies :)
I was going trough my nailpolish collection recently, because I am planning to do a nail polish collection post and I realized there are some polishes I just love to wear in summer time :) Aldough I am wearing a lot of gellack recently (it just makes it easyer for me, because I do not have time to do my nails every other day), those are still my go to polishes for the summer.

nedelja, 10. avgust 2014

FOTD: Give me some colour :)

Hey lovelies :)
How long has it been since I posted some make up looks here?
Too long, I say! :) Well here is one I did recently, just the eyes, because I was testing out a new skin product and it broke me out badly :/  Hopefully I will be able to post more make up looks like this, since I am wearing make up almost every day, but because I do my make up at around 5:30 am there is never good enough lighting to picture it. Ok, I stalled it long enough :) here is the look.

* Bamm!, Pow! Dragon Fly, Cricket & Sugarlite (Sleek i-Divine ultra mattes V1 Brights palette)
*Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow primer
*Essence I <3 Extreme mascara
* Catrice Eyeliner pen - C01 Entering Atlantis

* Fantasy & Mythical (MUA Smokin Palette)
*Catrice Lash//Brow Designer

1. Primed my lids with Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow primer and defined the crease with Dragon Fly and Cricket.
2. Used Bamm! all over the lid and Pow! dusted Pow! lightly under my browbone.
3. Made a thick line with a flick with Catrice Eyeliner pen.
4. Used Sugarlite under my lover lash line and applied Essence I <3 Volume mascara.

Well it is quite a simple look isn't it? I basically just played with colours when I was coming up with this look, but I like it :)

What do you think? Do you like to wear colorfull make up or more neutral shades? Which colours do you like to combine?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

sobota, 9. avgust 2014

REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Medium Matte Bronzor

Hello lovelies :)
I hope your summer is as good as it can get, mine is kinda hectic at the moment. I am working everyday and I need to study for a few exams that will probably be around the end of the month... Well between all that and my gaming habit I almost never see the sun so I an quite pale this summer (pale for my standards at least :P). I thought a bronzer might help me with this "problem" so I bought this bad boy some time ago :) and here is what I think about it :)

Makeup Revolution Medium Matte bronzor comes in a round plastic packaging that is quite sturdy. it has a transparent lid with a gold imprint on it. At the back of the packaging there is also a mirror that is a bit covered with a sticker where it states all the ingredients. You get 6,8g of product. When you open the packaging there is also a round flat spondge at the back of it, I took it out, since I do not like using spondges for applying bronzor, but it is nice for touch ups on the go :)

The shade is a medium brown with a bit of an orange undertone, it is not at all as orange as it shows on the pictures, but sadly my phone camera likes to pick up any orange colour and make it more orange that it actually is :/ It is a nice colour for anybody with a warmer skin tone and I think it will work for fair an medium skin tones. It is not insanely pigmented, which is actually good, but it can be build up without any patchyness. It lasts on my super oily skin for around 4 hours and than it starts to fade a bit, but there was still a bit colour visible at the end of the day. 

All in all I really like this product, especially the packaging, which is really convenient if you want to do any touch ups on the go :) Slovenian readers can get this bronzor on, along with some other shades, International readers can get it in Makeup Revolution store :)

Do you use bronzer? If you do, which one is your favourite?
I hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

sreda, 6. avgust 2014

40 Beauty Questions TAG

Hey lovelies,
we just love doing tags, they are so fun aren't they? :D 
So we found this one and decide it to do it. 
Purple= Tjaša
Blue= Ajda


How many times do you wash your face daily?

At least two times (in the morning and before I go to bed), 
But If I get too oily troughout the day I wash it more that two times.
Most of the days twice, but sometimes i am just too lazy 
in the evening if i come home really late. Then i just use a makeup wipes.

What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)

Extremly oily with two dry patches that 
do not want to leave my face.
I have really oily skin most of the time.
 But in the winter and fall it gets really really dry.

What is your current facial wash?

I use Afrodita cosmetics when it comes to my skin care 
because it works for me best. Currently I am using their 
Young & Pure Purifying Foam.
I am using Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit 
daily scrub and washgel.

Do you exfoliate?

I usually do a home made face scrub when I think I need it.
 I just mix lemon juce with shugar and exfoliate
 (I do not recommend this mixture for dry skin,
 lemon might be to agressive). 
It leaves my skin nice and smooth. Lately I have been also thinking about getting a chemical exfoliant from Paula's Choice.
Yep, i exfoliate twice a week with Balea Aloe Vera 
creme scrub. But i use the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit 
daily scrub every morning and it's really gentle.
What brand do you use?

For my face only Afrodita cosmetics, because their products 
are the only one that do not break me out (for now). 
Neutrogena, Balea, Garnier, Green Line at the moment.
What moisturizer do you use?

In the morning I use Afrodita Oil Control Mattifying Serum, 
it is not a mosturizer but it is hydrating and in the evening 
I use Afrodita Oil Control 24h moisturizing cream.
 All the other mosturizers are too oily for my skin.

I use Green Line HydroMineral moisturizer for mixed and oily skin.
 I really like it :D

Do you have freckles?

I get a few freckles on my nose during the summer months,
 but those are not very visible. I must be one of a
 few people that wants freckles but does not have them :)
I think they look really cute on some people, but i dont have them.
Do you use eye cream?

Currently not, but I am thinking about getting one.
In the morning i am using Balea Aqua eye roll-on 
and in the evening Balea Vital+ eye creme :)
Do you or did you have acne prone skin?

I had acne since the day I entered puberty. 
I still have some but it is not as bad as it one was.
I had quite bad break outs when i was younger,
 but now i only have hormonal break outs sometimes 
in that part of the month :D
Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?




What foundation do you use?

I switch between foundations acording to weather or activity. 
I currently like Catrice BB foundation 
and Everyday Minerals Semi Matte base. 
In the winter I used Catrice Matt Foundation.

At the moment i am wearing Loreal NuDE Magique BB cream, 
I wear Alverde mineral foundation 
and in the winter
 I love to wear Revlon PhotoReady.
 I am also using Maxfactor Pan Stick 
all year around when 
I want really good coverage.

How about concealer?

Since the day I started using make up 
I used Essence Stay All Day concealer. 
It works for me :)
Essence Stay all day concealer...ALWAYS! 

Do you know your undertone color?

I think my undertone is yellow, 
but I am extremly bad with determening undertone 
colours so I am not 100% sure.
My undertone is definatelly yellow.
What do you think of fake eyelashes?

I always liked how they look on other people,
 but I do not use them since
 I always wear glasses 
and there is just no point in
 having long lashes if you wear
 glasses (at least that is what I think).

I really like the effect of fake lashes, but i
 never could put them on properly 
if they are full lenght lashes.
 I love the the individual fake lashes,
 because they look so much more
 natural and are easier to apply.

Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?

Yes, I think everybody knows that. 
I do not change it every 3 months, but I do change it
 when I think something is wrong with it.
Yes, but i change them when they started to 
smell funny or they get really dry.
What brand of mascara do you use?

Essence I <3 Extreme volume and
 MUA Extreme Curl mascara
Right now i've been loving Catrice 
Ultimate Lash Multimizer (Ultra black)
 and Essence I <3 Extreme mascara.
Sephora or MAC?

None. I do not like Sephora and I do not like MAC.
 I do not understand what all the hype and love with MAC is all about.
Sephora would be amazing, i love theirs value sets, 
but unfortunatelly we don't hvae Sephora in Slovenia. 
The nearest one is in Italy but i've heard it's really small.
And i would love to have Mac store near me,
 because i would love to have few lipsticks and blushes.
 But mostly for their limited collections.

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

No. There is no MAC store in Slovenia and even if it were, 
as I said I do not like MAC.
What makeup tools do you use in make up application?

I use Real Tehniques Expert Face Brush or fingers
 for my foundation and
 Bh Cosmetics, Essense and Eco tools brushes 
for eye make up, blush and setting powder.

Brushes and a Baby blender sponge.
 I have a lot of diferent brands, wich you can see
 in my makeup collection post.

Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?

I use Essence I <3 Stage eyeprimer or 
Jordana 12h eyeshadow pencil.
I am using Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix 
original shade of primer.
For the face?

I never used a face primer.
Always Garnier Perfect Blur primer.
What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?

I love neutral colours and purples, 
preferably matte shades.
I prefer nude, brown, gold shades, 
but sometimes i love some colour.
Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

I used liquid liners but they irritated my eyes. 
Now I use eyeshadows insted of liners, I have some pencils tho.
Gel pencil on my tightline, and gel liner in 
a pot for my uper lash line or sometimes liquid one (rearlly).
How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

Thankfully that never happened to me,
 but I did poke my eyes with a mascara wand a few times.
Never, but i poke my eye sometimes 
with mascara wand if i snezze haha.
What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?

I like the idea and I would definetly use them
 if they were not so messy to work with.
I love the effect that they give but i hate the mess.
Do you use mineral makeup?

I use Everyday Minerals base, I think that is only mineral make up 
I have for now.
Yes i am using Alverde mineral foundations and concealers,
 but not everyday.
What is your favorite lipstick?

Oh cmon, how can you ask a thing like that, 
you know there is no woman
 on earth that has only one favourite lipstick :P 
I think I will go with Essence
 longlasting lipstick in natural beauty,
 but I love all of my lipstick babies equaly :)
I am really sorry but...I LOVE ALL MY LIPSTICKS.
 I don't have a stone instead of a heart you know?
 I just can't pick one.
How about lipgloss?

I am not a lipgloss girl, but I am currently obsessed
 with NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu.
Not a fan of lip glosses, but i sometimes love to use 
Essence Blossoms etc... in Flowerkissed and Laura Paige 
gloss in Pink Sand.
What is your favorite blush to use?

Sleek blush by 3 in Lace,
 I especially like the Crochet shade.
Sleek RoseGold and 
 Coral shade from I <3 Makeup Go to the city pallete.
Do you buy your makeup on ebay?

I do not like buying make up on Ebay, 
you are never 100% sure what you will get.
Never, and never will.
Do you like drugstore makeup?

Ofcourse I do :) Most of my make up is drugstore.
Love it.
Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)


Unfortunatlly we dont have them.

Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?

I did, but I am not good when it comes 
to working with people
 or applying make up on other people.
Yes i did, but just for myself, before 
i discoverd a magic place caled YouTube.
 I don't really liek to work on other people.
 Well i do the nails, but not the face :D
Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

Only with mascara and sometimes with liner.
Almost everyday with eyeliner :(
Name a makeup crime that you hate?

Too much blush.
Shades that don't go with the skintone, frost blushes
 and black draw-on eyebrows...yuck 
Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?

Depending on the occasion and how 
I am feeling at the moment. I use 
neutral colours more than colorfull shades tho.
Same as Tjaša, depends on the occasion and feelings. 
Which celebrity always has great make up?


Katy Perry and Emma Stone - love her red lips.

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?
Same, mascara.
Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?

I do it all the time. I am usually too lazy
 to put on make up or I am in a hurry :P
I do it almost every day if i am going to
 the store or just help at my grandmas house.

Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?

I look presentable :P
Nah, avoid contact with me if you see me without makeup xD
In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?

Hm, In my oppinion there is a rotten apple in every bunch. 
I did not find a line that would have only good products.
I will stick with Essence for now,
 i have the most products in all categories from them.
What do you think of Makeup?

I like it but it does not play a big role in my life. 
It's my sunshine, my only sunshine, it makes me happy....
hahah i can't imagine my life without makeup :)
That's it for today, we think it was a fun tag and hopefully you know now
 some new thing about us. If you do this tag,
 please leave the link in the comments, we would love to read it.
Have a nice sunny evening :)
Ajda & Tjaša