nedelja, 29. junij 2014

REVIEW: Jordana 12hr made to last eyeshadow pencil (01 eternal white)

Hello lovelies :) 
Do you like eyeshadow pencils? I do :) They are usually easy to use and longlasting. I was looking for a white eyeshadow pencil to use as an eyeshadow base, but NYX jumbo pencil in milk did not really float my boat (I do not have anything about this product, it just never appealed to me), so I was searching for some nice alternatives. I think I found my holy grail of eyeshadow pencils in this product :)

This product comes in a nice black packaging with a transparent lid and white end. It is basically one of those fat pencils :) It is quite sturdy and travel friendly, I had it in my purse for over a week and it stayed intact, nothing rubbed off and the lid did not come off or break eather. This is sadly not one of those propelling pencils, so it needs to be sharpened, but if you own a pencil sharpener it should not be a problem :)

Now to the actual formula, in which I was interested the most. This pencil feels really creamy when applied to the lid and it gives you some time to work with it and blend before it sets. When it sets it stays in place, does not rubb off or crease. I used it as an eye shadow base and it worked beautifully. It really made eye shadows pop and it lenghtened the longevity of eye shadows. I tied it with and without a primer underneath and it did not make any difference, so this is not only an eye shadow pencil, but it can also work as an eye primer. It lasted on me for more than 12 hours  which is extreme, considering my lids get really oily troughout the day. I also tried it on the waterline and it really stayed there a long time, but it did irritate my eyes a bit.

Overall I REALLLLLLLLLLLY like this product :) There is really nothing bad I can say about it. I will definetly repurchase this item once I run out of it. I got this product from Destination Pretty online store, that is run by Slovenian blogger Sandra. She also ships internationally :)

Do you like using eyeshadow pencils? What are your favourites?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

petek, 27. junij 2014

New in: June

Hello lovelies :)
I did not realize that I have purchased soo much stuff in the past month, but once I started taking pictures of products I realized that I need to picture them in groups, instead of individualy, because there are soo many products :P. Please enjoy this picture and word heavy post :)

torek, 24. junij 2014

REVIEW: Eco Tools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush

Hello lovelies  :)
I really love Eco Tools brushes and I was really hyped when I got this brush, because I was really interested in it and because I had no such brushes in my brush collection. Sadly this brush leaved a bitter sweet taste, since ti has one major weakness :/

This brush has a really nice short wooden handle and it feels really nicely in hands. It is a fluffy flat top brush that is really dense and feels nice and soft on the skin.
I used it for foundation, powder blush and cream blush, just because I wanted to see how versitile it is. It did a really god job applying and blending the three different products. I especially like to use it for liquid foundation, because it really buffs it into the skin nicely, leaving a very natural and not streaky skin.

This would definetly be my favourite Eco Tools brush, but it has one major weakness. It sheds like crazy :/ I never had any problems with sheding when it comes to Eco Tools brushes, so this really surprized me. It sheds so badly that I end up with a full face of brush hair after I apply my foundation with it. This means the brush will loose it's softness and usefullness in the future and that really saddens me, since all the other things about this brush are awesome.

Do you have this brush? Does it shed? I really want to know if anybody else encoutered this problem with the brush or if I just got a bad brush.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post :)
Have a nice day ;)

sobota, 21. junij 2014

My purple nail polishes

Hello lovelies :) 
I am a big purple fan, especially when it comes to nail polishes. Now 9 purple polishes might not seem much to some, but you need to keep in mind that this is around a third of mine nailpolish collection (if not even more). So here are my purple beauties :)

četrtek, 19. junij 2014

REVIEW: Catrice Le Grand bleu Matt Lip Cream - C01 Never Leave Coral Reef

Hello lovelies :) 
Today I have for you another review of a product from the new Catrice limited edition called Le Grand Bleu. This time it is a matt lip cream and let me tell you, I am a huge fan of matt lip products, if they are done correctly. Sadly I have some mixed feelings about this product. There are some really good things about this product and a few quite bad ones.

You get 6 ml / 0.12 fl.oz. in a nice, square plastic packaging with a silver imprint, the lid is silver and there is a lable with the product name on the lid. The whole presentation looks really nice, but because I had the product in a bag for a few days, the imprint is starting to rub off. 

It has a nice doefoot aplicator that is easy to work with and picks up product in the tube nicely. 

On the packaging it states: 

Lip cream intense colour for matt and velvet finish. Without drying out the lips.

It really does not dry out  my lips (the product is not dry, but it is also not hydrating). The formula is really good and creamy and it glides on the lips nicely. I had no problems with patchyness, it does not cling to any dry spots and it is really opaque, lasts quite long on the lips (it does survive a bit of drinking, but it does not survive eating) HOWEVER (there is always a catch, isn't it?) it is not matt by any means. No matter how thin I apply it, it does not dry matt. It does dry a bit but it does not dry completly, so it looks more like a lipstick than a matt cream. 

*nice formula
*not dry
*a beautifull red colour

*not matt
*imprint rubbing of the packaging

Have you tried this product or any of other products from this collection?
I hope you all enjoyed this review :) 
Have a nice day ;)

torek, 17. junij 2014

REVIEW: Essence all about candies & all about nudes

Hello lovelies :)
I never intended to buy these two palettes, because my experience with these kind of Essence is kinda meh... I bought one of the older essence palettes (02 long beach; sun club glamour to go eyeshadow palette) quite some tima ago and I was not really a fan of it. Hovewer, after I saw some swatches of these palettes I imediately knew that I needed them in my life :) and so I got them last month ;)

Both palettes come in a transparent plastic packaging containing 6 eyeshadows, all together there is 8,5g / 0.29 oz. of product. You do not get a double ended applicator with these palettes as you did with the older essence palettes.

 All the shades contain shimmer, the texture is really nice and buttery and the shades are really nicely pigmented. The shades can be used with a damp brush also, which makes them even more opaque on the lids. There is a bit of fallout on the face, but it is mostly glitter. All the shades blend nicely, but pastel colours tend to overblend a bit.

Shades start to crease on me after eround 7 hours and start to fade around 5 hours. Pastel colours are more prone to fading than shade from the all about nude palette.

* Pigmentation
*low price
* nice texture

*only shimmery shades (I prefer a mix of matt and shimmer)
*cheap packaging
*pastel shades fade

Do you have any of these palettes? What do you think about them?
I hope you all enjoyed the review :)
Have a nice day ;)

petek, 13. junij 2014

REVIEW: Green Line Clear Active 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion

Hello lovelies :) 
This time I am reviewing something different. This is my first face clensing product review and I decided to write it because it is quite different from what I usually use to remove my makeup. I hope you will all enjoy reading this post :)

This product comes in a nice, big white tube that contains 150ml of product. On the back of the tube it states that the product is supposed to remove eye and face make up, cleanse the skin and tone it.
This cleansinh emulsion is very easy to use, I just squeezed it out of the tube and massaged it all over my face until I felt like it removed all my make up and after that I washed my face with water. Another way is just to remove the emulsion with a cotton pad. It removed everything nicely, from foundation to mascara I had no problem. For me it is perfect to use around the delicate eye area, because it does not require any pulling of the skin, but it stings very badly if it comes into the eye.

If only removed with a cotton pad it leaves a nice light creamy filter on the face. Since my skin is very oily, I do not like that, but it might be good for somebody with very dry skin. The emulsion did not break me out or disrupt my skin in any other way.

*removes all make up
*easy to use
*quick removal
*not agressive 

*stings if it comes in contact with eyes

What do you use to remove your make up? Any recommendations for an extremly oily skin?
Have a nice day ;)

nedelja, 8. junij 2014

Product smackdown: Sleek i-Divine ultra mattes v1 brights palette vs. Makeup Revolution redemption palette matte brights

Hello lovelies :)

Wooh, this title is a mouthfull :) I finally got around to writing the comparison between these two palettes :) I was actually quite hesitant at first about doing that comparison, because I already rewieved Makeup Revolution palette (here). But heck, why not! I hope you will all enjoy this post :)

Top: Sleek
 Bottom: Makeup Revolution

sobota, 7. junij 2014

REVIEW: Eco Tools 5 pcs. brush set

Hello lovelies :)
Time for another review again :) this time I am reviewing a brush set that I got a month ago. I randomly decided that I do not have enough brushes and that I need a new set. I usually buy in sets and look for sets that come in a bag, because I like to take my brushes with me for the weekends, when I am at my boyfriends house. I also realized that these travel sets are the best size for me to use. Well, enough of bibble babble, let's get to the review :) I hope you will enjoy this post.

This brush set comes in a nice pouch that has a transparent side and a pocket on the back side, where you can put some make up. Brushes do not have very long handles (but still long enough!), whitch I really like, because I need to sit extremly close to the mirror when I do my make up (I am blind without glasses). They are easy to wash and did not shed a bristle since I got them. They are also still holding shape.

Lash & brow grooming brush: I thought I will never use this brush, because I never did, but it turned out to be amazing. I use the bristles to groom my brows, after I fill them in with eyeshadow, and it really makes my brows look more soft and natural. I use the plastic end to comb my eyelashes after I apply mascara, to get rid of any clumps. It just makes my lashes soo much fuller, but at the same time natural looking, because there are no clumps, just black long lashes. In short, I love this brush and I have used it since I got it :)

Angeled eyeliner brush: Sadly this is the most disappointing brush from this set. Do not get me wrong, it is really soft, but I had a hard time doing a winged liner with this brush, because it is more on a fluffy side and it is quite big (I like smaller, thinner brushes for doing liner). It is however really nice for putting eyeshadow under the eye, because it creates a nicely smudged line. This brush just has bristles that are slightly too long for my taste and I can not make a nice line with it when applying eyeliner.

 Eye shadow brush: A really nice flat, dense brush that feels really nice on the skin. It packs product nicely on the lid. I also tried using this brush in the crease and it works, but it is not ideal for that.

Concealer brush: I have not used this brush for concealer, because I do not like this type of brushes to apply or blend the concealer, it is however really nice for packing colour on the lid. It picks and deposits colour nicely onto the lid.

Blush brush: A really beautiful fluffy brush. It feels really light and soft on the skin. I have used it for bronzing/contouring, powder blush and setting my foundation with a pressed powder and it worked beautifully.

All and all, I really like this brush set, it is really nice for traveling and easy to use. It costs around 19 euros and I think it is worth the money. The only thing that it is laking in my oppinion is a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush I would totally switch out the concealer brush for a fluffy blending brush.

Do you have any Eco Tools brushes? What do you think about them?
Have a nice day ;)

četrtek, 5. junij 2014

REVIEW: Catrice eyeliner pen - C01 Entering Atlantis (LE Grand Bleu)

 Hello lovelies :)
This week was quite hectic (and it still is), so I sadly was not able to keep up with my imaginary posting scedule (I was hoping to post every other day... I have so much to write, but so little time). I also completly forgot that Catrice Grand Bleu limited edition came out this month, so I was quite surprized when I saw this new collection at my local drugstore. When I first saw the preview of this collection, nothing really grabbed my attention, but after seeing products in person I decided to try out the eyeliner pen I am reviewing today and the matte lip cream (I will hopefully review in the near future). 

This pen comes in a nice blue plastic packaging with a silver imprint, the lid is silver with a nice blue inprint. lIt contains 1ml/ 0.03fl.oz of product. It has a very nice felt tip, that is not too big. I was able to create a really thin line with it.

I really did not know what to expect from this liner and after I used it I was extremly happy I got it. It is simply awesome. The pigmentation is spot on, it applies nicely and is extremly longlasting. The next picture showes the liner after a whole day (from 6a.m. to 10 p.m.), there was no fading, no smudging, no transfering on the lid, it stayed the same all day :)

Because it is so longlasting and pigmented it is quite hard to remove. I used a cream remover and a micellar water to completly remove it (I think it would remove nicer with oil based removers).

I really have nothing bad to say about this liner, it is one of the best pen liners I used. 
What do you think about it? Will you get anything from this limited edition?
Have a nice day :)