sobota, 5. december 2015

Blogmas Day 4: Would You Rather Christmas Edition Tag

Hi lovelies!

In December I am having a hard time catching up on all Blogmas posts and Vlogmas videos on YouTube, but I am trying my best ;)
Yesterday I was cathcing up with Lucys (The London Girl) Vlogmas videos and I loved the Would You Rather Christmas Edition Tag. 
The questions were really funny, so I decided to do it.

 Coal for makeup or pine needles for hair.
Coal for makeup. Smudged eyeliner, smoky eye, black's manageable :D

 Nose like Rudolph or ears like an elf.
Gosh I hate elf ears and I mean it! So, nose like Rudolph ;) I would put some concealer over it or highlighter to make it pop.

 Meet the ghosts of christmas past or the ghost of christmas future. 

 Give or only receive presents for the rest of your life. 
I love giving and receiving presents, but if I could choose just one would be giving. 

Eat turkey without gravy or sprouts everyday for the rest of your life.
I LOVE brussles sprouts!! So I would choose it over the turkey and I would add some crispy bacon :D

 Carrot like nose or breath like the Grinch.
Breath like Grinch, I would always keep gum and mouthwash in my bag :D

 Declare love for your boss at the Xmas party or receive the most embarrassing secret Santa gift.
Embarrasing secret Santa gift! Would choose that over and over again :D

 Be allowed no decorations or have to have them up all year round.
Until this year I didn't really care that much about decorations, but something clicked in me and I would love to have them up all year round :D

 Sneeze egg nog or fart mistletoe.
Haha i have no idea with this one sorry :D

 Wear elf shoes for a year or have Santa's beard. 
Elf shoes! Why? Because they could be a fun addition to your outfit :P

Hope you enjoyed my answers, I think the questions are pretty hilarious!
Fell free to do this tag and send me a link if you do :D


četrtek, 3. december 2015

Blogmas Day 3: Brownie in a mug

Hi lovelies!

If you know me, you know I love sweets. In the winter time, sometimes the craving for cake or something is really strong. And since I don't always have time to bake I usually make a brownie in a mug.
I want to share this recipe with you, but you probably know it already. Still, I'm a nice person and I like to share ;)

2 tbsp of melted butter
1-2 tbsp of water
2-4 tbsp of sugar (depends on how sweet you want it)
3-4 tbsp of cocoa powder
3-4 tbsp of flour

First, you want to melt your butter. I just put it in a mug and melt it in a microwave. Then you add water and all the dry ingredients and mix it well. 

After that you can add some Nutella, peanut butter (I usually do that), cinnamon, almond flakes, nuts,...

Put it in a microwave for 1-2 minutes depends on your microwave settings.

And voila the brownie is ready!

You can add some cream on top, but I like to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on right away so it melts.


Let me know if you'll try to make this and how did you like it!

I hope you are having a cozy evening!


sreda, 2. december 2015

Blogmas Day 2: NOTD Catrice It's A Very Berry Bash

Hello lovelies!

Today I will be short, but i wanted to shear this beautiful Catrice nail polish  in It's A Very Berry Bash. This beauty was in a Catrice goodie bag at a bloggers conference in October. When I saw it, we clicked instantly. 

The shade is a dark berry/red, with cream finish and 2 coats are enough. It dries faster than other Catrice polishes I've tried in the past.
For this manicure I've also added China Glaze in Golden Enchantment on my ring and middle finger. China Glaze polish was given to me by Tamara in summer and I just love it. Thanks again! ;)

So if you like berry shades perfect for fall, I highly recommend this shade, you won't be sorry ;)

Have a wonderful evening!


torek, 1. december 2015

Blogmas Day 1: E-kozmetika & DM Haul

 Hi lovelies!

December is finally here and this year I decided to do Blogmas :D Don't know what Blogmas is? It means I will be posting every day till Christmas, but also till the end of the year ;)

For day 1 I would like to share with you what I got last week, when I and Gejba from Parokeets blog visited BIS/ E-kozmetika warehouse. They had a sale and everything was 20-70% off!
E-kozmetika is carrying brands like Matis, Payot, Depend, Zuii, some others and of course Alessandro.

They were super nice, they took our coats, brought us  cute purple shopping baskets and explained where everything is, how much it costs, answered all of our questions.
At the end we even got champagne, cookies and juice. It was really nice chatting with all of them. Thanks again!
So here it is the bag I filled up. I spent less than 20€ for everything.
 The first thing that caught my eye was Depend Miracle Kit, a kit for cuticle care. It contains: nail & cuticle cleaner, Myrrh oil, cuticle cream, hand cream, nail brush, orange stick and mini file. The oil smells amazing and the whole set is very useful. 
Originally the kit was 8,50€, but it was 70% off and I got it for 2,55€ 
 When I saw the price of this little pink guy I couldn't resist, since the price in drugstores is just too high for dry shampoo. Lee Staffort Dry Shampoo in dark is better for my hair than any others, since being dark and it won't let white dust on my hair.
The original price was 8,70€ and I got it for less than 3€.
 They had a big basket filled up with a ton of Alessandro nail polishes. 63 Peppermint Patty caught my eye .  Beautiful mint green or blue? cream polish. Almost bought some more but I was a good girl. 
It's a 10ml bottle and it was 3,50€.
 I hoped for a Glam Rock stand, it's an Alessandro winter collection. I got the shade Black Leather at the bloggers conference in October and I used it all up! I had to get some more. It's a black semi matt polish. I just find it so gorgeous. I got two since they were only 2€ each.
 Alessandro Stiplac had been on my wishlist since the day it came out. I decided to try one color for a start. I choose a limited shade Coral Crush. Almost neon coraly shade. I used it over my gel nails, but I will probably also get the Twin Coat and some more colors next time.
The price was 7€.

 I think Mateja once mentioned that this Balea Best Wishes cream smells similar to Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume. And she was right! I think I will get other scents also.
I think it costs under 2€!
 I needed a new lash curler so when i saw this cute Ebelin one I had to have it.
It was under 3€.
I buy this Balea Aqua Tuchmaske  every time I'm in DM. It's a paper mask that gives a lot of moisture to my skin.
It costs less than a €!

That's it for today, I hope you liked my little haul. Have you tried any of those products?
Stay tuned for more Blogmas posts!


ponedeljek, 16. november 2015

Tag: A Little Bit About Me...

Hi lovelies!
First of all I can finally admit that I'm a computer addict. For the past 2 weeks I had no internet (only on the phone) and when that was finally fixed, my PCs power supply unit died.  Fun times, fun times, believe me I was in hell!

Enough of rambling. I read this tag few days ago Sanja's blog Sparkle with Laughter . I love her blog, so please check it out!
I loved it, I love tags for reading and answering. So here are my answers ;)

Red or White Wine? Depends, mostly red, but sometimes white.  
City or Countryside? Countryside is cute but I',m a city girl!
Cats or Dogs? Dogs 100%
Sweet or Savoury? Savoury.
Dresses or Jeans? Jeans.
Heels or Flats? Flats always.
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift 
Tea or Coffee? Coffee all day, everyday. I hate tea, sorry.
Divergent or Hunger Games? Never read or wathed Divirgents so Hunger Games.
Blog posts or YT videos? Blog posts!
Skincare or Make-up? Make-up.
Night or Morning? Nights.
Pizza or Burgers? Did anyone say burger?? Yes please! :D
Books or Magazines? Magazines.
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, still not in a good relationship with twitter.
Summer or Winter? None. I love fall!
Digital or Film Photos? Film, I still love going trough all of our albums.

What is your favourite....?
City? In Slovenia is my hometown Kranj. International is London.
Book? Cvetje v jeseni by Ivan Tavčar (yes I'm old school) and I also love  Pet Cematary by Stephen King.
Movie? Huh that's hard. Pacific Rim, Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan...I just cant pick one.
TV Show? Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, at the moment Grey's Anatomy and Flesh & Bone.
Perfume? Britney Spears Fantasy.
Nail Polish? Alessandro Glam Rock LE in Black Lether.
Skincare item? Obey Your Body - Radiance  Repair Peeling Gel.
Lipstick? Avon Bold in Power Plum.
Foundation? Rimmel Stay Matter Liquid Mousse founfation.
Food? Chinesse or mexican.
Dessert? Anything with chocolate.
Place to eat in London? If I would go there today I would try Nandos, but I've only been in KFC and All you can eat restaurant there haha.
Alcoholic Drink? Red wine.
Non Alcoholic Drink? Cockta
Actor/Actress? Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson

Singer/Band? Ac/dc.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Probably getting trough high school since I hated it.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Oh gosh, I had so many plans for myself haha. I wanted to be a hair stylist, doctor, singer, teacher. In high school I had a wish to become a midwife of a driving instructor.  And now I will be an IT manager! Totally different :D

What are some things that scare you?
Spiders, spiders, spiders....did i say spiders?

What was your life like growing up in high school?
Worst days of my life. Seriously! At first I was so happy to be in high school and having new friends. But soon those ''friends'' showed who they really are. A bunch of bitches  and  everything should be turning around them. At one point I got depressed, but no one noticed that, I just wasn't happy there, If i wasn't in the mood to go out and drink 4 days in a week I was a pussy. Sorry but getting drunk during the week was not fun for me. Not even at the weekends. When I met my boyfriend in the beggining of my 3. year my life became much brighter. From school i only had 2 normal friends and we are still in a good relationship. But  also met new friends from my boyfriends side. Everything was easier with him. Knowing that some is out there, that cares about you, makes you keep going.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
 I'm an introvert. I love being alone or in a small group of people.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and you now know me a little bit better. Please feel free to answer the questions, I would love to read it!


sreda, 28. oktober 2015

When Bloggers go to Heaven (Shopping trip to Ljubljana)

Hello lovelies :D
Note to self, when you go shopping with girls, do it on a sunny day without high heels! Or you can do all those things if you want, honestly it does not ruin the experience if you are with the right people :) 

A while ago me and my fellow beauty bloggers Ana & Jasna decided to go shopping in Ljubljana. Our plan was to visit the Golden Rose store and Smile Concept Store, but I think that deep down inside we all knew that we will visit much more and buy much more than we wanted. Such are the dark ways of shopping.


Me and Ana meet before Jasna came to Ljubljana in fact, Ana was waiting for me for about half an hour and when we met she already had some bags in her hands. The shopping spirit is definetly strong with this one :D. We had some time before Jasna came, so we decided to spend it the only reasonable way we know, going to  Lush. I think this was my second trip to Lush. I love the store and their products, but for some reason I just can not find the time to go there. We were the only costumers there so the saleswomen devoted all of her time to us. We smelled different bathbombs, tried out different soaps, she sprayed on us million different perfumes and at one point, one saleswoman washed our hands with different body soaps while another talked about ideas, concepts and origins of different soaps. Before we said our farewells  we were also invited on a face treatment xD there is no denying, that we were spoiled like royalty in the store.


We finally met with Jasna  and decided to go to the Golden Rose store in BTC. We took the bus, which we ofcourse regreted, but there was no other way for us to get there. At the store we definetly took our time, looking at all the different colours, swatching different lipsticks and just enjoying in the big piles of make up. I decided to get two lipsticks and a matte top coat, items that I had on my wish list since I first went to the store. 

After our little Golden Rose adventure we needed to find some shoes for Jasna, you see, she went shopping in high heels, not a good idea xD After a long search we finally found shoes that suited her nicely.


This is where 'We did not plan this, but f*ck it' phase started. When Jasna saw the little Yankee stand she just went like: 'Jap girly, we are stopping here...'. I think it is needless to say that we smelled every little candle that we could. I found their waxes really interesting, and I am definetly getting some in the near future, but for now I settled with a tiny candle in the Black Coconut smell. Is it black and smells delicious? Count me in ;)


Lastly we went to the Smile Concept Store, definetly the cutest store in Ljubljana. This is where we finally started to photograph stuff (honestly, I wanted to photograph some Lush produsts, but damn was I buisy!). Before going into the store I did not really know what to expect. My biggest question was, what exactly are they selling? Cute stuff to make your home feel happy and cozy :) My personal favourites are mugs, notebooks and lunch boxes. I took a lot of photos there, so why not let the photos tell the story? :)

After many tries it was finally payback time. Ana tried to photograph me a lot and I ofcourse returned the favour ;)


We finished our shopping trip with a well deserved coffee in Cacao, a lovely cafe right by Ljubljanica. Honestly, we all needed that, because we were visibly exsausted from all the shopping and walking. We were on our feet for a bigger part of the day (To give you some perspective, I was in Ljubljana from 10 am to around 6 pm, most of that time was spend walking...) 

Thank you girls for such a wonderful day, we definetly need to do that again in the near future ;)

Dear readers, please do not forget to check posts on Beautysaur and Jessie Fairytale  and read about their experience on this shopping trip ;)

What stores do you like to visit the most? 
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :D

50 Shades Of Pink

Hi lovelies,
October is Breast Cancer awarness month, so Slovenian bloggers decided to do a colab for this occasion. I was too late for that since I had a really busy week. But I still want to post my part.
I wanted to do 50 Shades Of Pink Lips, but the pictures did not come out as I wanted them to be. So I switched just for 50 Shades Of Pink.
I will show you 50 pink products from my collection, that I absolutley love! 
There will be only names of the products under the pictures, but you can ask me if you want a review of any of those products. 

 Essence Blush brush, Essence Make Me Pretty TE blush brush, UBU #13 stippling brush, Ebelin eyeshadow brush, Tedi blending sponge, Barry M blending brush. Essence Make Me Pretty TE blending brush, Primark P.S. Love stippling brush, UBU #12 kabuki brush
 Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon, OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips, AVON Mineral Crush Pearl, Kiko 288, Essence Fun Fair TE 03 Ring Around The Rosy, Catrice Liquid Metal 03 My Satin Ballet Shoes, Essence Come To Town TE (from set of 3), OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream, Color Club 432 Sugar Sheer
Essence Urbaniced TE 01 Go For A Stroll, Essence XXXL longlasting lipgloss 3 Verry Berry, Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain 010 LA Exclusive, Catrice Tinted Lip Glow Balm, NYX Butter Gloss Merengue, AVON Indulgence lipstick Poppy Pink, AVON Ultra Color Bold lipstick Blush Brights, Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Laquer I Fall In Love, AVON Ultra Color Matte Fuchsia
 Essence Longlasting eyepencil 11 Go Wild, Essence I <3 Extreme Volume mascara, Essence MetalGlam liner Pinkadelic, L'occitane Piovone Flora eyeshadow duo Rose Tutu, Essence All About Roses palette, Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette, Barry M Dazzle Dust Candy Floss, Essence Color&Shine eyeshadow 09 Trip To Venus, Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow 020 Pink-up Girls
 Essence Soo Glow! highlighter 02 Bright Up Your Life, MeMeMe Poppy Tint, Essence Hidden Stories TE highlighter 01 Enter Wonderland, Essence Come To Town TE 02 Wrapped In Pink. Catrice Une, Deux, Trois LE blush C01 Meet Cherry, Essence Fun Fair TE blush 01 Ring Around The Rosie, Sleek Blush By3 Sweet Candy LE Sweet Cheeks, MeMeMe Blush Me! pink, Sleek Blush By3 Pink Sprint
 Jeanne Arthes Love Generation Sexy perfume, Britney Spears Fantasy, Afrodita Raspberry Cream, AVON Secret Fantasy, Essence Rock Out! TE hair chalk 01 Best Pop

What are your favorite pink products? 
Are there any I need to try?

Good night!


nedelja, 25. oktober 2015

Ta teden v slovenski blogosferi #3

Zopet je nedelja, kar pomeni nova objava 'Ta teden v slovenski blogosferi'. V tej objavi si lahko ogledate vse objave, ki sem jih ta teden z veseljem prebrala in jih delila z vami na facebook strani najinega bloga. No seveda to niso edine dobre objave tega tedna, ampak ker sem se odločila, da bom delila le eno objavo dnevno, je tukaj le 6 objav. Če si kakšno želite podrobneje prebrati lahko le kliknete na naslov in že se boste znašle v okenčku z objavo :)

Če bi se želeli našemiti za noč čarovnic, a nimate ideje, potem je Tayin blog pravi naslov za vas. Vse kar potrebujete je make up in nekaj časa, da si ogledate vse njene kreacije in se odločite za vam najljubšo (kar je zelo zelo težko). Začetek tedna je Taya na svojem blogu objavila prečudovit Poison Ivy make up, ki je kot nalašč za 'last minute look'. 

Tayi lahko sledite na naslednjih socialnih omrežjih:

Jesen je v polnem zamahu, tako zunaj kot na naših obrazih. Kdo se lahko upre prečudovitim jesensko obarvanim senčkam in šminkam? Če iščete paletko, primerno za jesen, ali pa se takih barv preprosto ne morete naveličati, potem si le oglejte Cargo - Vintage Escape paletko, o kateri je v začetku tedna pisala blogerka Ana na blogu Beautysaur. Jaz sem se v paletko zaljubila na prvi pogled :)

Ani lahko sledite na naslednjih socialnih omrežjih:


Nedolgo nazaj (natančneje 21. oktobra) se nas je veliko blogerk odločilo napisati objavo z rožnato temo. Namen je bil predvsem opozoriti na nevarnosti raka dojk in velik pomen samopregledovanja, katerega se velikokrat ne poslužujemo (iskreno, tudi sama sem bolj lene sorte). Vse objave so prečudovite, zato vam priporočam, da preberete vse. Danes pa bi želela z vami deliti eno, ki mi je še posebej pri srcu. Na blogu Lacquered Bits lahko najdete čisto preprosto manikuro, z močnim sporočilom. Njeno objavo preprosto morate prebrati.

Metki lahko sledite na naslednjih socialnih omrežjih:

Blogerko Vesno in njen blog Chunky Cheeks sem odkrila šele pred kratkim, ko je Taya njen blog delila na twitterju. Na blogu Chunky Cheeks najdete nekaj ocen izdelkov, večinoma pa si lahko spočijete oči na čudovitih kreacijah, od futorističnega make upa pa do Poison Ivy, katero danes delim z vami. Super 'look' za vse, ki še ne veste kaj bi bili za noč čarovnic :D

Vesni lahko sledite na naslednjih socialnih omrežjih:

Alessandro je pred kratkim vsem ljubiteljicam lakov postregel s svojo jesensko in zimsko kolekcijo lakov. Na blogu Nail 2 Express si lahko ogledate lakec po imenu Black Diamond, ki je na voljo v Glam Rock kolekciji. Kolekcija je sicer polna temnih modrih in vijoličastih odtenkov in prepričana sem da bo všeč marsikateri, še posebej zaradi kakovosti lakov.

Katji lahko sledite na naslednjih socialnih omrežjih:

Essence je pred kratkim sporočil, da bodo letos izdali nov adventni koledar (že na voljo na Click2Chic). Koledar je namenjen predvem lakoholičarkam, saj se v njem večinoma skrivajo laki (in pa še nekaj drugih dobrot, katere si lahko ogledate če s klikom na zgornji naslov). Če vas 'matra firbec' kaj vse lahko najdete v koledarju, potem je objava na blogu Pink Diamond pravšnja za vas.

Teji lahko sledite na naslednjih socialnih omrežjih:

Za danes bi bilo to vse ;) Hvala za branje.
Ne pozabite mi slediti na naslednjih socialnih omrežjih in deliti objavo s prijateljicami:

Pozdravček do naslednje objave ;)

sreda, 21. oktober 2015

Pink October: Top 7 Pink Beauty Products

Hello lovelies :D
Today I have for you a collaboration post. Lovely Gejba from Parokeets beauty blog had an awesome idea and most of slovenian bloggers agreed to participate. The idea is simple: we all write a post on the same day that has something to do with pink! I think that by now most of you know that October is breast cancer awareness month, which is associated with pink and that is why we are doing a pink collaboration. Breast cancer is a serious disease that affects more and more women each year, so do not forget to check yourself regularly! 
 I was deciding what to write about, for the longest time, until I settled for this post. Honestly, I wanted to do some make up and nail art, but I realized that I have no pink nailpolishes and I have no time to photograph a make up look (when I do have time the light is terrible...). So without further ado, here are top 7 pink beauty products that stole my heart. 


Honestly, I always knew that L'occitane hand creams are awesome, but I never owned one. There is no perticular reason, I guess they were not on my priority list. Nonetheless I was really happy when I recieved this gem on the Beautifull Bloggers MeetUp at the start of this month. Finally I can see what the fuss is about. While rose is not my favourite scent I still like it,because it is not overpowering. The cream is on a thicker side, but it still soaks into my hands nicely and it leaves them soft and smooth. A definite must have for winter months!


Ironically, the shade I am going to talk about here did not appeal to me at first. I am not somebody that likes pink, that means I also do not wear a lot of pink and when I saw this colour in person my first reaction was: NOPE! This is not going anywhere near my eyes! Oh how wrong I was... I decided to test the eyeshadow anyway and I am soo happy I did. It turned out this is my favourite eyeshadow from the palette. It is a highly metallic light pink that makes dark eyes pop like no other. Whenever I want to do a simple make up, or do not know what to wear on my eyes, I grab this eyeshadow and combine it with a matte brown in the crease. I can not imagine my make up life without this colour <3


Sadly this is a limited edition blush, but Sleek does have some blushes in their permanent range that are similar (I happen to own some). I chose this one because it is the most pink of the bunch and it also happens to be my favorite pink blush of all time. Lately I have been using it a lot, because it gives a really nice pink flush to the cheeks with a bit of shimmer. You want a healthy looking skin? Apply Mirrored Pink and BAM! You just became the prettiest girl on the block.


I like to wear colours, but pink is (ironicaly) out of my comfort zone. Not bright pinks, I like those, but soft, innocent pinks, they are too much for me. Well I do step out of my comfort zone sometimes with a bit of help from this palette. A few of the eyeshadows are duds, but the whole top row is really nice and I use it for my everyday looks more and more.


My go to mascara. Do I need to say more? Well it is true that I do not like the brush a lot, since it is big and I poke myself into the eye with it on a regular basis, but other than that I like what this mascara does to my lashes. They are not velouptuous as all hell after I use this mascara, but it does give me as much volume and lenght I need. Considering I wear glasses most of the time I do not want my lashes to touch the glasses constantly, which does happen with other mascaras... and it annoys me to no end. As a fun fact: this mascara was long time the only pink item in my make up collection.


This might be the most loved brush in my brush collection. I just love the fact how versitile it is. Yes it is called a 'blush brush', but a brush with only one purpose is boring. I like to use it for contour, bronzer, powder, highlighter or blush... so basically all the face powder products. The unique (in my collection) egg shape baffles me to this day. It is simply genious! 


Well the whole blush palette is one of my favorites, because of it's versitility, but since we are talking about pink... Squash! Honestly, when somebody says squash I do not think about pink, or at least I did not until I tried out this blush. While it looks scary in the pan it is one of the best pink blushes ever. Tiny shimmer that runs trough it just seals the deal for me, since I love slightly shimmery blushes. I would love to talk a little bit about the formula, but I think that by now everybody and their grandma knows how great Sleek blushes are. If you do not know the heavenly gift that are Sleek blushes then you must be living on another planet.

Thank you for reading. Do not forget to read posts from other bloggers, they did a really great job creating pink inspired posts!

Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :D