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First Impresionss: Catrice Multi Matt Blush (020 La-Lavender) & Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow (030 Rose Vintouch)

Hello lovelies :)
It feels like Christmas in the middle of summer. Some of the new Catrice products came in drugstores and ofcourse I imediately grabbed the bits that were on my wishlist. I do not consider this post as review, since I did not have time to test all the products properly (I had them for 2 days, not nearly enought time to finalize my oppinion on them), but I did try them out and I wanted to talk about them, in case somebody out there is wondering about them. So here is my first impression of both products.


The blush comes in a square transparent plastic packaging. There is 8g/0.28 0z.of product in it. The blush is matt and consists of 4 thin stripes that range from light pink to brownish plum. Mixed together they look like a pinkish lavender colour. You can look on the swatches below that the blush swaches really really poorly in fact the blush feels quite dry especialy when compared with the defining blushes from Catrice. Aldough the swatches look quite blah, applied to the cheeks the blush looks really pretty. It is not the most pigmented blush out there but it shows on the cheeks pigmented enough and can be build up a little, to achieve bigger intensity. It blends nicely and does not look patchy. I personally am happy with it so far. 

All of the different colours in the blush

all the blush colours mixed together


The shades come in a nice plastic packaging that is black with a transparent lid. There is 'Deluxe trio eyeshadow' written on the lid with the silver lettering. There are three shimmery baked shades in the palette. The first shade is a champagne with a bit of pinkish undertone, the second one is a cool toned dusty purple with golden glitter and the last one is a dark plum with some sheen. I used this palette once and so far I can tell that the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and do not have much fallout (I always tapp off my brush, before applying eyeshadow on my lids), they also blend nicely. My biggest concern was that the two purple eyeshadows would look quite similar on the lids. When packed on you can clearly distinct between the shades, but when blended out they really start to look a like, aldough you can still distinct between them because of the undertone.

I also swatched the brown trio in the store and it appeared much more shimmery to me than this palette.

and this is how both products look on my face. Aldough the blush does not swatch half decent it actually looks really prety on the cheeks. 

Did you pick up any of the new products?
What do you think about them?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Super ti paše oboje:) Jaz sem pa vzela rjavo paleto in je res kar precej šimrasta. Sploh prva odtenka, ju uporabljam kar za osvetljevalec :).

    1. Hvala :) mene je fant prepričal naj raje vzamem vijoličen trio ker ima manj šimra :P

  2. Blush mi zgleda ful luštkan, paletka pa tudi :)