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REVIEW: MUA Smokin Palette

Hello lovelies!
Oh my God i can't even explain how excited i was when i was finally able to get my hands on this pallete. 
I was literaly dreaming about it. And now it's MINE! :D hahah 
I feel like a kid on Christmas.
So let's start...

What MUA says about the pallete: Wow try MUA's amazing Smokin Palette featuring an intense black eyeliner to complete your look. A mixture of matte neutrals and jewelled tone shades, this palette takes you from day time smoke right trough to night time glamour!

So packaging is a bit bigger that at others MUA palettes...It contains 17g of eyeshadows (10 shadows (4 matte) and a pencil).
It is suposed to be a dupe for Urban Decay Smoked pallete and let me tell you i saw swatches of that one, all of the colourfull ones become black after blending, and MUA's stays the same colour as they should. 
And 45€ vs 6€, whitch one would you choose?
MUA offcourse :D
They all blends really well, they are super pigmented and creamy texture, exept the black one it has a weird dry chalky texture but it's still super pigmented.
Now i will let you to enjoy swatches ;)


Aren't they pretty?? :D

Now let's say a few words about pencil.
It is caled Black Smoke (the blackest black i have ever seen), i was really impresed with pigmentation and the creamines.
But since i use black penciles mostly on my tightline it has to stay there, but this one smudges like crazy. And it also doesn't came with a lid, so you have to finde a lid yourself. 
I store my pencils in a cup so i ned a lid, but you can also leave it in a pelette if you want. 

 This palette is just amazing i love everything about it, even the pencil haha.
I recomend it to everyone that wants some matte and nice shimmery colourfull and neutrual shades in one palette. And because of the low price it's really afordable.
I got mine on Lič 

That will be all for today :)
Have a lovely not to snowy weekend!


 P.S.: I tryed to take some pictures of my eye-makeup done with this palette but i just was not able to finde good lighting...Booo :(

2 komentarja:

  1. všeč mi je! res je močno pigmenterano..a si mogla večkrat po barvi potegnit ali samo enkrat.. me kar mika da bi jo mela..tnx za review! stay awesome :)

  2. Pri vsaki sem šla dvakrat čez, ko sem swatchala, ker sem res želala pokazat pravo barvo :) drugači pa samo en poteg je že wau :) Tudi mat senčke so me presenetile da so tako pigmentirane.
    Se jo splača imet ;)