sobota, 5. december 2015

Blogmas Day 4: Would You Rather Christmas Edition Tag

Hi lovelies!

In December I am having a hard time catching up on all Blogmas posts and Vlogmas videos on YouTube, but I am trying my best ;)
Yesterday I was cathcing up with Lucys (The London Girl) Vlogmas videos and I loved the Would You Rather Christmas Edition Tag. 
The questions were really funny, so I decided to do it.

 Coal for makeup or pine needles for hair.
Coal for makeup. Smudged eyeliner, smoky eye, black's manageable :D

 Nose like Rudolph or ears like an elf.
Gosh I hate elf ears and I mean it! So, nose like Rudolph ;) I would put some concealer over it or highlighter to make it pop.

 Meet the ghosts of christmas past or the ghost of christmas future. 

 Give or only receive presents for the rest of your life. 
I love giving and receiving presents, but if I could choose just one would be giving. 

Eat turkey without gravy or sprouts everyday for the rest of your life.
I LOVE brussles sprouts!! So I would choose it over the turkey and I would add some crispy bacon :D

 Carrot like nose or breath like the Grinch.
Breath like Grinch, I would always keep gum and mouthwash in my bag :D

 Declare love for your boss at the Xmas party or receive the most embarrassing secret Santa gift.
Embarrasing secret Santa gift! Would choose that over and over again :D

 Be allowed no decorations or have to have them up all year round.
Until this year I didn't really care that much about decorations, but something clicked in me and I would love to have them up all year round :D

 Sneeze egg nog or fart mistletoe.
Haha i have no idea with this one sorry :D

 Wear elf shoes for a year or have Santa's beard. 
Elf shoes! Why? Because they could be a fun addition to your outfit :P

Hope you enjoyed my answers, I think the questions are pretty hilarious!
Fell free to do this tag and send me a link if you do :D


četrtek, 3. december 2015

Blogmas Day 3: Brownie in a mug

Hi lovelies!

If you know me, you know I love sweets. In the winter time, sometimes the craving for cake or something is really strong. And since I don't always have time to bake I usually make a brownie in a mug.
I want to share this recipe with you, but you probably know it already. Still, I'm a nice person and I like to share ;)

2 tbsp of melted butter
1-2 tbsp of water
2-4 tbsp of sugar (depends on how sweet you want it)
3-4 tbsp of cocoa powder
3-4 tbsp of flour

First, you want to melt your butter. I just put it in a mug and melt it in a microwave. Then you add water and all the dry ingredients and mix it well. 

After that you can add some Nutella, peanut butter (I usually do that), cinnamon, almond flakes, nuts,...

Put it in a microwave for 1-2 minutes depends on your microwave settings.

And voila the brownie is ready!

You can add some cream on top, but I like to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on right away so it melts.


Let me know if you'll try to make this and how did you like it!

I hope you are having a cozy evening!


sreda, 2. december 2015

Blogmas Day 2: NOTD Catrice It's A Very Berry Bash

Hello lovelies!

Today I will be short, but i wanted to shear this beautiful Catrice nail polish  in It's A Very Berry Bash. This beauty was in a Catrice goodie bag at a bloggers conference in October. When I saw it, we clicked instantly. 

The shade is a dark berry/red, with cream finish and 2 coats are enough. It dries faster than other Catrice polishes I've tried in the past.
For this manicure I've also added China Glaze in Golden Enchantment on my ring and middle finger. China Glaze polish was given to me by Tamara in summer and I just love it. Thanks again! ;)

So if you like berry shades perfect for fall, I highly recommend this shade, you won't be sorry ;)

Have a wonderful evening!


torek, 1. december 2015

Blogmas Day 1: E-kozmetika & DM Haul

 Hi lovelies!

December is finally here and this year I decided to do Blogmas :D Don't know what Blogmas is? It means I will be posting every day till Christmas, but also till the end of the year ;)

For day 1 I would like to share with you what I got last week, when I and Gejba from Parokeets blog visited BIS/ E-kozmetika warehouse. They had a sale and everything was 20-70% off!
E-kozmetika is carrying brands like Matis, Payot, Depend, Zuii, some others and of course Alessandro.

They were super nice, they took our coats, brought us  cute purple shopping baskets and explained where everything is, how much it costs, answered all of our questions.
At the end we even got champagne, cookies and juice. It was really nice chatting with all of them. Thanks again!
So here it is the bag I filled up. I spent less than 20€ for everything.
 The first thing that caught my eye was Depend Miracle Kit, a kit for cuticle care. It contains: nail & cuticle cleaner, Myrrh oil, cuticle cream, hand cream, nail brush, orange stick and mini file. The oil smells amazing and the whole set is very useful. 
Originally the kit was 8,50€, but it was 70% off and I got it for 2,55€ 
 When I saw the price of this little pink guy I couldn't resist, since the price in drugstores is just too high for dry shampoo. Lee Staffort Dry Shampoo in dark is better for my hair than any others, since being dark and it won't let white dust on my hair.
The original price was 8,70€ and I got it for less than 3€.
 They had a big basket filled up with a ton of Alessandro nail polishes. 63 Peppermint Patty caught my eye .  Beautiful mint green or blue? cream polish. Almost bought some more but I was a good girl. 
It's a 10ml bottle and it was 3,50€.
 I hoped for a Glam Rock stand, it's an Alessandro winter collection. I got the shade Black Leather at the bloggers conference in October and I used it all up! I had to get some more. It's a black semi matt polish. I just find it so gorgeous. I got two since they were only 2€ each.
 Alessandro Stiplac had been on my wishlist since the day it came out. I decided to try one color for a start. I choose a limited shade Coral Crush. Almost neon coraly shade. I used it over my gel nails, but I will probably also get the Twin Coat and some more colors next time.
The price was 7€.

 I think Mateja once mentioned that this Balea Best Wishes cream smells similar to Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume. And she was right! I think I will get other scents also.
I think it costs under 2€!
 I needed a new lash curler so when i saw this cute Ebelin one I had to have it.
It was under 3€.
I buy this Balea Aqua Tuchmaske  every time I'm in DM. It's a paper mask that gives a lot of moisture to my skin.
It costs less than a €!

That's it for today, I hope you liked my little haul. Have you tried any of those products?
Stay tuned for more Blogmas posts!