ponedeljek, 24. avgust 2015

My Wet'n'Wild stash

Hello lovelies :D
This blog is usually revolving around a few brands like Catrice, Essence, Sleek,... But honestly I have some make up from other brands that I like but don't talk about that much. Why? Well because my make up stash is too big for me to manage xD I always have these products at the back of my mind but usually my hand fails to grab them when I am searching for make up to put on my face. I decided to show them some love today in this post :D

I think we all heard about Wet'n'Wild products at some point or another, as it is a really well known make up company all around the globe. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Wet'n'Wild  is generally good eyeshadow and matte lipstick quality (with a few exceptions), pigmentation and flimsy cheap feeling packaging. I would personally enjoy a good quality product over a nice packaging any day, so that is not a big setback for me. As long as the packaging holds together and is doing what is supposed to do (which is protect the product in it), I have no problem with the way packaging looks or feels.

The first thing that I got from Wet'n'Wild was a wonderfull purple 8 pan palette called Petal Pusher (review here). I fell in love with colours in this palette immediately and it is still my favourite Wet'n'Wild palette, although I can not deny that some of the colours lack the desired intensity and opaqness. A palette that has some qualitty all accross the eyeshadow is the Blue Had Me At Hello (review here) that is full of blue tones with a fun silver and two blacks thrown into the mix. The only thing that boders me here is the darker blue crease shade (in the left column), which is essentialy black with blue glitter. It transfers to my lids like a black eyeshadow, so there are essentially three black eyeshadows in this palette, which is 2 to many.

Walking on Eggshells (review here) is in my oppinion a must have little palette for everybody. It is such a nice naturall palette with colours that would suit everybody. If only they would come out with a matte version, for all us matte eyeshadow lovers out there. It is a lovely little palette that is perfect for traveling and creating quick looks when you just do not have a lot of time to do your eyeshadow. Another 3 pan palette I have from Wet'n'Wild is Cool as a Cucumber (review here). I fell in love with the shade range, since I am a big sucker for green and purple eyeshadows. Sadly the eyeshadows are not as pigmented as I would like, they need quite a bit of packing on to be completely opaque. The sheernes is the only reason I do not use this palette as much as I would like.

Coloricon blusher in Berry Shimmer (review here) is the type of shade that I love to wear during autunm and winter, so I did not use it lately, but it looks really lovely on the cheens and I think that the formula is really good for such a cheep product.

Mega last matte lipsticks are one of my favourite lipstick formulas. They are packed with pigment and really opaque on the lips. Applying them is a bit tricky, especially Sugar Plum Fairy, since they are a bit drying. I found that using a lip brush is almost essential, since you do not get an even lip line otherwise. Other than that they are really longlasting. And I mean realllllllllllly! I ate with these lipsticks and they just stick to the lips no matter what. They are also not extremly drying, but are on the dry side- Just peachy, Sugar plum fairy, Coral-ine (review here) are just a few of the shades I got so far, but there is a massive range of colours and I will definetly pick up more shades in the future. Sugar Plum Fairy is just a perfect dark plum for winter and Coral-ine and Just peachy are nice vivid summery shades.

Those are all of the products that I have from Wet'n'Wild so far, but I do plan to get some more in the future. While not every product is perfect I would say they hawe some really solid drugstore products and a nice eyeshadow formula.
Do you have any Wet'n'Wild products? Do you plan on getting any?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

petek, 21. avgust 2015

REVIEW: Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick - 060 Marry Berry & 110 Best Seller, Truth Teller

Hello lovelies :D
Today I asked you on the social media, what is the product you want to see reviewed first, from my big 'to review' pile. The big majority of you wanted to see a review of the new Catrice Shine Appeal liquid lipsticks that came put about a month ago. There is a wide range of mostly nude, pinky and a berry shade in the whole collection. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on a lovely nude called 110 Best Seller, Truth Teller and a soft berry colour called 060 Marry Berry.

The lipsticks come in a transparent packaging with the black lid. The liquid in the packaging is in the shape of a lipstick, which I think is a really nice touch. The packaging is overall quite sturdy, I experienced no breaking or leaking of product, which is definetly a big plus since I always like to have lipsticks in my pocket, so I can reapply on the spot. The doefoot applicator is a bit different than your usuall applicator. It is thin, really flexible and distributes the product nicely. When you pull it out of the packaging it has just the perfect amount of lipstick on it, so there is no need to dip into the lipstick continuousli while applying the product.

Both of the colours are really high shine, in my oppinion they are more like highly pigmented glosses than liquid lipsticks. They glide nicely on the lips and surprizingly feel a bit hidrating. Although they are really shiny they do not feel goopy, sticky or heavy. I think those are perfect for people that have chapped lips a lot, since the shine definetly makes chapped lips look better. Because of the glossy formula these do not last long on the lips. The shine starts to disappear after around 2 hours and I got at best 4 hours of wear out of them. For me that is not such a big problem when I wear 110 Best Seller, Truth Teller, since it is a nude colour and can be applied with less precission than 060 Marry Berry, which definetly needs to be applied with precision. None of the colours survive a meal and they stain cups and glass, 110 Best Seller, Truth Teller is a nude brownish shade that definetly looks warm on my lips and 060 Marry Berry is a warm berry shade.

So it is all well and good, at least when it comes to 110 Best Seller, Truth Teller , but 060 Marry Berry is a bit of a different tale. All of the above still applies, so it is pigmented, nice to wear, lasts about 4 hours, but it is a very high maintenance colour. I was quite shocked to find out that it bleeds into the lines around lips. That never happened to me before and I was especially sad because I love this colour really really much. Applying less product on the lips does ease the bleading a bit but it is a shame because this lipstick is at its best when applied opaque.

All in all I can recommend 110 Best Seller, Truth Teller to somebody that likes high shine nude lipsticks, but I can not recommend 060 Marry Berry, because it is like a bad boyfriend: freaking beautifull but it treats you like crap for no reason. I love dark plum and berry colours, but I think they are sadly not ideal colours to be put in a high gloss liquid lipstick formula format.

Did you try any of the new Catrice Shine Appeal lipsticks? Do you plan on getting any?
Thank you for reading ;D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

sreda, 19. avgust 2015

REVIEW: Catrice Defining Blush - 045 Lilactric

Hello lovelies :)
I think that by now It is a wide known fact that many of us like the Catrice defining blushes. They have a nice range of colours with a nice formula. Allaround nice drugstore blishes with great longevity on the cheeks :) After Catrica announced their new products, that hit the drugstores recently, I could not wait to get my hands on the new colour called Lilactric, which looks really unique. Not that I need any new blushes, but I did not have a colour like this in my stash untill now,and that is enough of a reason to get it, right?

The blush comes in a standard packaging. Transparent square plastic packaging with round edges. There is written 'defining blush' on the lid with gold letters and 'Catrice' with black letters. At the back of the packaging there is a sticker with the name of the shade and some basic information about the product. There is 5g/0.17oz. of product.

I had a few issues with this blush in the first cuple applications, because it did not want to show up as much on the skin. Once I rubbed off the first layer of the product the blush appeared much more vibrant and opaque on my cheeks (a fluffier brush also helped), but it was far of the beautifull colour that you can see in the pan. I think it would look beautifull on fair skin tones, but my skin is currently a bit warmer and darker than it is in winter, so it looks more like a light warm pink on my cheeks. I love to use it with darker eye looks, because it gives some colour but is not overpowering and it does not clash with the eye look. It just perks up the skin a bit. I think that it will look much more true to colour on my skin, once we are deep in the winter months and I will loose some of my current warm skin colour. 
As for the formula it is a bit more dry than other Catrice defining blushes and it does form a bit of a hard pan at the beginning, but once you break that hard layer it is quite opaque. It blends nicely, applies nicely, does not fade or appear patchy. I can still see it at the end of the day so the longevity is definetly there, at least on my cheeks.

All in all I think that the shade is really pretty, I am just kinda sad that it does not look on my cheeks like it does in the pan. If you are more fair and enjoy colours like that I think this blush is for you. You can get it in any drugstore that has Catrice for 3,79 €.

Did you try this shade or any other from the Catrice defining blushes line?
Thank you for readinh :D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :D

nedelja, 16. avgust 2015

Essence Make Me Pretty TE Products Review

Hi lovelies,
I think there are a lot of us out there, that couldn't wait for the day when the Make Me Pretty  Trend Editon would reach our stores.
The day has finally come I orderd my stuff from Click2Chic
I spent 36 € and I must say  it was worth it.
There are only 2 brushes I didn't buy. lip brush and 3-piece eye brush.

So here are my toughts :D
All brushes come in a plastick pouch as all of the others Essence brushes, on the paper inside there are lovely quotes, wich was a lovely suprise. The face brushes are longer than most of the brushes from standard range. They are all extremly soft and fluffy. They wash nicely too, which is  a plus. They are quite heavy which I like and are easy to hold.

Eyebrow Comb - 01 here comes the brow

I didn't expect it would be that big :D The angled brush part is actualy bigger than other angled brushes from Essence. I like that it has a comb on the other side, The brush is really soft but sturdy at the same time.

Concealer Brush - 01 beauty is my business

I hoped, this brush would be smaller, so I could use it with cream eyeshadows, but it's a bit too big for that. I could make it work, but I would have to be really careful, not to put color also around my eyes :P

Eyeshadow Blending Brush - 01 keep cool & brush on

Not really sure why this would be a blending brush, but I use it to apply eyeshadows on my lower lashline and to smudge eyeliners. It's really soft, so it's gentle on the lids.

Precise Eyeshadow Brush - 01 eye to eye

This is really for precise work, till today I used it to apply shadow in my crease, so it's more intense. It's also perfect for inner corner of the eyes.

Bronzer Brush - 01 walking on susnhine

The star of this collection! This brush is just perfect, soft, dense (more than Nanshy Flawless Foundation brush). I tried to apply liquid and mineral foundation, blush, bronzer and it worked just amazingly with everything. I'm thinking about getting one more...one for powder and one for cream products.

Powder & Highlighter Brush - 01 powder to the people!

I could fall asleep, while draging this fluffy over my face :D Softest brush ever. I love it for applying highlighter and for light contouring. Haven't tryed it with powder, but I belive it would work too.  Also it's usefull for remowing fallout of the eyeshadows.

Blush Brush - 01 blush up your life!

This is a flat angled kabuki/brush. When I applyed blush with it...there was way too much blush on my cheeks, since it's so dense and I am used to less dense blush brushes. You really need to be light-handed. But I love it for contouring and blending contour and also blending blush if you apply too much.

Brush Box - 01 message in a box

 Yes i got it because I always wanted Sigma Brush Box, but this I belive is smaller than Sigma, but still big enough to put in all of my brushes, that I use on a daily basis to apply my full face makeup, if I will do my makeup at my boyfriends house, at college or in a car.

Liquid Brush Cleanser - 01 be-you-tiful

Ok, so we can't really get brush cleaners here in Slovenia, I know for one from Muller but it's 8€ I think gor the same amount as this, So I bought 4 Essence ones. You have to spray the brush and leave it for about a minute, then you swirl the brush on a paper towel and it's ready for next use. I really like it and I hope they will put it in a regular asortiman.

Did you get anything from this TE? Do you like the products as much as i do?
Have an awesome day!


četrtek, 13. avgust 2015

My Current Skin Care Rutine

Hello lovelies :)
I already talked about my skin care in this post, but I did change it a bit during the past few months. I am not somebody who would change her skin care too often, because I like to stick with products that work. If it works do not fix it, right? I do like to experiment from time to time though and after some reaserch and long testing I decided that I will swap some old products with some new ones. Now that does not mean that I was not satisfied with my previous skin care rutine, but I can not deny that this one works a bit better.

I always start with this product in the morning to cleanse my skin from the oil that appears on my skin during sleep, and I also use it as a make up remover in the evenings. It is a really nice creamy foam that dos not dry out my skin and makes a really good job when it comes to removing make up.

Manca from Invisibly Perfect recommended this aloe vera gel a few months ago, and I must say that she was not wrong. I love to use it before right after the foam in the morning or after I apply the Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid in the evening. It is hydrating, soaks into the skin really quickly and it is really light weight. I also use it after waxing my legs and it does a really good job when it comes to calming and nurishing my skin.

My go to eye cream for quite some time. I apply it right after I clean my skin with the foam. It has a really creamy and rich texture, but it soaks into the skin quickly and I can instantly feel how it mosturizes my skin. If I could only have one skin care product this cream would be it.

I was jumping backward and forward between this cream an the serum. I think both are good, but there is more product in the cream, so I decided to use the cream instead of the Oil control serum. It smells like lemon and looks quite thick, but once I apply it on the skin it soaks into the skin really quickly (unles applied too much) and it leaves a true matt finish behind, but still hidrates my skin. I use this product in the morning, after I apply the aloe vera gel.

I only use this BHA liquid in the evening. After I use the foam and eye cream, I dab this liquid on my skin and massage it a bit untill it soaks into my skin. It feels a bit oily, but does not leave an oily resedue once it soaks into the skin. I use this product because I have some nasty purple scaring from acne and BHA chemicall peelngs are supposed to help removing the scars over time. I must say that removing the scars is a long proces, but I am already seeing some progress. Some scars appear a bit lighter and smaller than before. Overall this product makes my skin really soft and smooth.

I recently reviewed this product in this post so I am not going to talk extensively about it here. I use it as the last product in my skin care rutine. I use a few drops in the morning and a pump in the evening. It soaks into the skin quickly and nurishes it nicely.

Do you have any of these products or other products from these brands? What do you think about them?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

ponedeljek, 10. avgust 2015

Pinky make up look

Hello lovelies :)
Recently I reviewed the I <3 Obsession palete in pure cult by I <3 makeup and for today I decided to share a look I created using only this palette. The palette is a big mix of pink hues, which is not my style, but I decided to pick it up some time ago, just to see how the colours look on me, since I do not have any colours like that. I must say I am quite happy with the results and I never thought that I would be wearing soo much pink... all over my face xD

Products used:
Jordana 12 hr made to last eyeshadow pencil (04 continuous almond)
I <3 Makeup I <3 Obsession palette Pure Cult (Shades 1,2,3,4,6 & 7)
Catrice gel eye liner (010 Black Jack With Jack Black)
Essence I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
Catrice Prime and Fine Healthy Look Primer
Bencos Natural Mineral Powder (Light Sand)
Essence Soo Glow! Cream To Powder Highlighter (10 look on the bright side)
Sleek blush by 3 Pink Sprint - Pinktini
Catrice Nude Illusion make up (020 rose vanilla)
Kaviar Gauche for Catrice Bluring Powder Pearls - C01 Sweet Secret
Catrce Velvet Finish Concealer - 010 Velvet Ivory
Catrice Camouflage Cream - 010 Ivory
Catrice Prime and Fine mattifying powder - 010 Translucent
alverde augenbrauengel
catrice eye brow stylist (030 brow-n-eyed peas) 
I <3 Makeup Lip Lava - Shockwave

Do you like wearing pink? I think this colour is slowly winning my heart :)
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

petek, 7. avgust 2015

REVIEW: I LOVE MAKEUP I Love Obsession Palette - PURE CULT

Hello lovelies :)
Today I have for you a review of one of my I <3 obsession palettes by I <3 make up. I had this palette for quite some time, and I already had my oppinion about it, but I just could not sit down and write the review. Well obviously now I finally did it :)

The palette comes in a square plastic packaging with a transparent lid, so you can see all the colours in the palette without opening it first. The palette is quite bulky, but also sturdy. There are 10 eyeshadows in the palette, that are totaling to 17g of product (so 1.7g an eyeshadow).

The eyeshadows are a mix of metallics, a few mattes and a few glittery shades. All of the shades have some fallout, most notably the darkest shade, that also contains some shimmer. Most of the eyeshadows have some pink hues to them, but there is a nice browbone shade in the palette, which I really appreciate, and some brownish shades with different undertones. Overall the whole palette seems quite natural and neutralish but you can create some darker make up looks, thanks to the dark shade that is in it. Matte and shimmery colours blend quite nicely, but metallics need a bit more work to blend. All of the shades look nice and opaque on the lids, with the exception of the first shade, because it is soo light. None of the shades went on my lids patchy and they did not fade, but they did crease after 6 hours of wear. Which is solid, considering every eyeshadow wil crease on me sooner or later, no matter what primer I use.

Shade 1 - light beige matt that is awesome for the browbone

Shade 2 - lighter metallic pink

Shade 3 - lighter cooltoned pinkish brown

Shade 4 - Darker metallic pink

Shade 5 - metallic gold

Shade 6 - matte medium pinkish brown

Shade 7 - shimmery medium brown with a bit of a pink hue

Shade 8 - shimmery medium cool brown

Shade 9 - a very dark plum with red shimmer

Shade 10 - cool matte medium brown

All in all I like this palette, it is quite special in my stash because of the colour scheme. It is nice for the money, but definetly not something that will make your panties wet. You can get this palette along with some others from the same line on Licila.si for 4,95 €, international makeup revolution online store for £3.99 and the slovenian make up revolution online store for 4,95 €  .

Did you try any of these eyeshadow palettes? What do you think?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :D
Tjaša :)