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REVIEW: Catrice Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation - 030 even sand

Hello lovelies :D
Long time no see. I am finally finished with all the exams, so I have more time for blogging :D Today I want to talk about a new foundation, that Catrice recently put out. At first I did not plan to try it out, since I have more than enough foundations, but deep into the summer months I realized that none of the shades I have at home suit me, since they are all too light. Since I needed a new foundation why not try this one, right? Well after more than a month of testing I can tell you that I am more than happy with it and I am glad that I got it :D

The foundation comes in a matte glass bottle with a black pump. I really love this style of packaging, because I can use the product easily and it is also really sturdy (can survive a fall). It is quite a heavy packaging, but I think this gives the product a more 'expensive' feel. Everything you need to know about the foundation is written on the bottle.

So what does Catrice say about this foundation?
The longlasting and caring foundation creates evidentially a visibly more even skin tone. It instantly covers dark spots, imperfections and redness and reveals a radiant matt finish. After 8 weeks already, it visibly brightens dark spots - clinically proven*. For a more beautiful and healthy looking radiant skin. SPF 25.

Before I start to talk about the formula I would just like to comment on the claim that the foundation brightens dark spots. It simply does not. Brightening dark spots is a long process and only after long months of  religious use of the right skin care you can almost get rid of them. If you do have darks pots on your face this foundation will probably cover them, but it will not brighten them.

I picked up the darkest colour they have, called 030 even sand (as stated before, I got some colour). The colour is a nice match for me right now and it looks like it adapts a bit to my own skin tone. The foundation has more of a silicone gelly formula and coverage is medium, but it can be build up quite a bit, since the foundation layers really nicely. It sadly will not cover some hardcore dark circles or imperfections, but I found that I do not need much concealer, if I use this foundation. I usually apply it with fingers, since I like that the most, but if you prefer sponges or brushes it works too. I found that one pump of the product is more than enough to apply on my face and achieve medium coverage, in case I need more I usually just apply a bit more foundation where I need it. The result is an even , natural looking skin with a semi matte finish. When I wear this foundation I usually only powder my T zone, because it wears beautifully without powder on top (if you do not have oily skin you can easily wear it with no powder). I also found that when I wear this foundation under my glasses it does not rubb off my nose as much as other foundations do. It looks a bit oily, but still nice at the end of the day. Although the formula is on the thicker side, it is not heavy when applied, in fact it feels really light, I sometimes forget that I am even wearing it :D

So to recap: thicker gelly formula that feels light once applied to the face, semi matte finish, can be layered, medium to full coverage.

In case you are wondering how it compares to some other Catrice foundations. I feel like it mimics Velvet Finish the most, when it comes to consistency and finish, although it has more of a silicone feel. It is definitely thicker than Nude Illusion and it has more coverage.

left side with foundation, right one without.

This is how foundation looks up close.

All in all I must say that I did not expect this foundation to suite me as much as it does. It has perfect texture, finish and everything. At least for my super oily skin, I am happy to say this is my current favorite foundation, closely followed by Catrice Velvet Finish. The only complaint I have is the shade range (as always). We want more shades!
 You can get this foundation in drugstores for 7,69€.
In case you want more information you can red a blog post from Taya, where she reviewed this foundation and compared it with the Catrice Nude Illusion foundation :D.

Did you try this foundation? What do you think about it?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :D
Tjaša :)

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  1. Luštna podlaga :) Bom dala na wishlisto, za potem ko porabim All Matt Plus in Velvet Finish ;)

    1. Pomoje da res ni potrebno, da imaš vse naenkrat doma. Upam da ti bo odgovarjov če se odločiš da ga vzameš :D