četrtek, 26. oktober 2017

WYCON Calaveras Eye Palette

Hi, lovelies!

Remember me? Today I am back with a review of an eye palette from an Italian brand called Wycon.
I discovered a brand in early spring when a friend got me an eyeshadow stick in Trieste. 
I feel in love with the prices and quality. After exploring their website I was hooked. 
In April we went to Trieste together and first stop was Wycon store. 
It's slightly smaller than Kiko in the city center but so similar in design.

I believe that the prices are 1 or 2€ higher than Kiko, but also I prefer Wycon for quality.
They have a great selection of products, mostly makeup and also some skincare, hair products, nail stuff and so on. 

They do special collections and some of them are so eye-catching that it is hard to resist.

So I got, well my dear friend got this palette for me as a birthday gift.
It was from a special collection called Calaveras, that was Skullcandy themed.

''An essential palette in six bold and ultra-pigmented colors. Trendy colors ranging from natural to super strong with an effective and modular texture, which allows the creation of a bold look and color block styles. Anti-crease and fade resistant,''

The box is beautiful and also the palette. The gorgeous indigo blue packaging caught my eye right away. 
Palette itself contains 6 eyeshadows and each weights 1,8g plus a mirror.
5 matt and one shimmer.
Pigmented as hell, they blend like dreams and stay on all day. 

I think the price was originally 19.90€ but at that time it was on sale for 12,90€ since it was an older collection.

I would definitely recommend you to check Wycon on their website or visit one of their stores in Italy.

Have you ever heard of this brand before? Have you tried anything from them?

Have a lovely day!

P.S.: At the end of the week i will post a huge L'Occitane haul ;)

ponedeljek, 29. maj 2017

Turning 25

Hi lovelies,

I came back from the dead. Haha jokes aside.
The reasons for the lack of posts since January are that my personal life went from happiest girl ever to a miserable overly emotional bitch.
My relationship ended after 7 years, but looking it back, I am grateful for every moment we spent together and we stayed good friends. But now it is time to write some new pages in my love book.

When I finally picked up myself and wanted to start writing posts, my phone died. 
So if you know me, you probably know that I use my phone for blog pictures. It was in repair for more than a month. But hey, now it is back and I have a lot of posts coming. 

Anyways, today I turned 25. I am not particularly in love with that number haha.
But hey lets hope it will be a great year.

I will try to make the most out of it, that's why I decided to write down this 25 this I would like to accomplish in my 25th year on Earth.

1. Be happy, even when everything is not going as planned.
2. Go to the Nürburgring!
3. Go shopping in London.
4. Visit the most car shows/meets as possible.
5. Take more time for family and friends.
6. Try to eat more healthy...less junk food!
7. Exercise more.
8. Post every week at least once,
9. Drink less coffee!
10. Keep the handbag clean for a change.
11. Go to the ZOO after 5 years.
12. A road trip to a place I haven't visited yet,
13. Spend less money on things I don't really need.
14. Find a job!
15. Try to learn German again.
16. Go somewhere for few days, since I haven't been on vacation for a few years.
17. Write more comments on other blogs.
18. Stop being lazy!
19. Watch less TLC haha.
20. Clean out the closet.
21. Spend 5 more minutes each day for my skincare.
22. Get a new piercing.
23. Get a first tattoo.
24. Be a better person.
25. Go with the flow! :)

Hope you haven't given up on me yet. 
If you are still following my blog, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I promise I will make it up to you.

Keep smiling! :)


petek, 6. januar 2017

New Name, New Start

Hello lovlies!

As you can probably see, I changed my blog a bit. I changed the name, finally.
Today I would like to share with you my new links to my social media, since I had to change those as well. So if you are not following me there, please do. :)

Where can you find me?

Facebook Page:  Ajda's Beauty Corner

Instagram : aydiix

Snapchat: aydiix

Bloglovin : Ajda's Beauty Corner

Twitter: @aydiix

I will try to post on Tueasdays and Fridays from now on.

Have a great day!