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REVIEW: Catrice Crushed Crystals - 02 PLUMdogMillionare

Hello Lovelies :)
Today I have for you I quick review of a new Catrice polish.  This colour was the only one that I wanted to get from their crushed crystal, others just were not my cup of tea. (fun fact, I forgot these are the "sand effect" polishes... and I really hate any kind of texture on my nails... oh the first world problems :P)

PLUMdogMillionare is a pourple based polish with pink, blue and purple glitters that are all the same size (small and round).

It has a standard Catrice brush. I personally do not really like it, but it is not the most crappy brush eather. The polish applies  quite nicely, and can be worn alone, or topped over any other polish. I wore it over some black and light purple polish and it looked better than on its own (in my oppinion). 
Even after two coats there can appear some "bald spots" on the nails (a part of the nail looks patchy), so I would advice using three coats.

On these pictures I used only two coats, and there were some lighter patches on the middle finger, but it does not look like that in the picture.

This polish did not chip on me for about two to three days, but I did get worn down nail tips on some of my nails. Because of the type of the polish, you can expect it being hard to remove, and let me tell you, it is really not pleasant. Foil technique is the best choice for removing this pretty fella, because you can damage your nails if you try to do it any other way.

Did you get any polishes from the Crushes Crystals line, or any new Catrice products in general?
I hope you enjoyed this post ;)
Have a nice day ;)

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