četrtek, 31. julij 2014

New in JULY

Hello lovelies :)
Another month has passed and it is time for another new in post. I never know how much I haul until I do this kind of posts, but I think this month I was quite a good girl :D haha. 
Please enjoy reading this post and tell me what new products you got in July :)

torek, 29. julij 2014

REVIEW: Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow

Hello lovelies :)
Another limited edition Catrice product review today :)
Not that I need more eyeshadows, I think I am set for life in this department, but I could not just pass the oppurtunity to try out new Velvet Matt eyeshadows from Catrice. Also colours seemd quite unique and I do not have anything similar in my collection in regards to colour or formula of these eyeshadows :)

Four eyeshadows came in this limited edition and if I am not mistaken more will be available in their permanent line soon (I really hope they come out with more colours :) ).
They come in a nice transparent packaging with a golden imprint on the lid. You get 3.5 g / 1.23 oz. of product which I think it is quite a lot. Packaging is not anything special, but it seems sturdy enough to survive traveling.

All the shadows are buttery to the tuch and really pigmented. There was no fallout when applying to the lids and they blended nicely. These are not true matt shades, since they have a bit of a sheen to them when applied but it is nothing too overpowering. I wore these quite a lot in a hot and humid weather and they did not crease on me for almost a whole day. Vanillaty fair started to crease a bit after 8 hours in the inner part of my lid (that is when I usually get creasing), but other shades did not crease even after 12 hours. There was a bit of fading that was most noticable with Moss Wanted Colour and Welcome To Greysland, but all the colours were still nicely visible at the end of the day.

 So these shades are long lasting, nicely pigmented and have no fallout, but they have one major weakness. They are prone to breaking. When I bought all the shades I made sure all of them were intact, but when I came home I realized Al Burgundy shade broke during my drive home. Nothing like that ever happened to me before and that is the shade I like the most so you can only imagine how sad I was :/ Also, just now (as I am writing this review) I realized Welcome To Greysland is a bit broken too (not as much as Al Burgundy) and I just do not know how that happened because it was still ok an hour ago :/ None of these shades fell on the floor and I am always very carefull when I travel with make up.
I am guessing breaking has something to do with the formula which makes me sad, because I really like this formula.  Sigh :/ ...

All in all I really like these shadows and I do recommend them, but please be carefull with them so they do not break as mine did :/ 

Did you try any of these shadows? Did you have any problems with them breaking?
I hope you enjoyed reading this review :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

ponedeljek, 28. julij 2014

REVIEW: Catrice Beautifying lip smoother (030 Cake Pop)

Hello lovelies :)
Catrice came out with some new limited edition products this month :)
I stumbled upon the collection completly by chance, because I completly forgot about this collection, and a few of the products sparked my interest. Today I will talk about their new lip gloss called Beautifying Lip Smoother.

This lip gloss comes in a nice pink tube with silver imprint on it and a silver lid. I am guessing that the imprint will start to rubb off as it did with other of my Catrice products. You get 9 ml / 0.30 fl. oz. of product. It has a spondge applicator that is nothing that I have seen before. At first I was sceptical about this applicator, but it distribues product nicely and it makes this product easier to use on the go.

Catrice calls this product a lip balm, but because of it's consistency I think it is more of a lip gloss. It is a bit sticky and it has a high shine finish that makes it look more as a gloss than a lip balm. It is a bit sheer, but it still gives your lips a bit of colour. It does not apply streaky and it feels smooth and a bit mosturizing on the lips. This product claims to make your lips look smoother and I can definetly tell that my lips look a bit smoother when I have this product on, but only when I do not apply it excessively. If applied too much it goes into the lines and makes them more visible. It does not last long on my lips and it does not survive eating or drinking, but because it is easy to apply on the go I can forgive that.

I do like the consistency and ease of use of this product, but it has a sweet taste to it which I do not like in any lip product. Eating with this product on your lips can be a bit of a pain because you get a wierd after taste because of the gloss. Other than that I really can not complain.

What do you think of this product? Did you get any products from the new Catrice limited edition?
I hope you enjoyed reading :)
Have a nice day ;)

petek, 25. julij 2014

REVIEW: Real Tehniques expert face brush

 Hello lovelies :)
I talked about this brush in my summer wishlist and I finally bought it this month :) I know I am quite late to the party and there are probably thousand reviews already on the webs, but I decided to write it anyway :D

Brush is not as big as I expected but for me this is a good thing. I do not like big brushes with long handles because they are not as precise as I would like. Handle is thick and yellow with an orange imprint and a black rubber end. It feels really nice in the hand, not clumsy at all aldough it is a bigger handle.

Bristles are sintetic, coloured black with white ends. This brush is quite dense, it has some stiffnes to it but it is not too hard. I find it a bit to scratchy for the under eye area, but it feels nice on the rest of the face. I used it for mineral foundation, concealer, BB cream, blush and bronzing and it works very nicely. I also tried to use it with a setting powder and it works, but it might be just a fit to stiff and to small for my liking. It works nicely with powder, mineral and liquid products and it does not leave any streaks on the face. Because it is a bit smaller it takes a bit more time to do foundation, but the result is worth it. Because it is smaller it is easier to work with it around the nose area and around the hairline. It also did not shed at all since I got it :)


All and all I am really liking this brush and I really have nothing negative to say about it. If you have not picked it up yet and you have a shortage of face brushes (like I do) I would definetly recommend it because it is very versitile (you could do your whole face with just this brush).

Do you have this brush or any other Real Tehniques brushes?
I hope you enjoyed reading :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)


sreda, 23. julij 2014

REVIEW: Kardashian En-Joystick (Sea Coral)

Hello lovelies :)
Some time ago me and Ajda were invited on an event along wih other bloggers, where they introduced us to Kardashian cosmetics and a new nail polish line called The New Black. At the event I bought this lipstick and I had quite some time to test it. Here is what I think about this lipstick (enjoystick as they call it).

Lipstick comes in a pencil form, which is handy for traveling and reapplying. It is in a white plastic packaging with a rose gold imprint that started to rubb off... not cool. You get 1 g / 0.04 fl oz. I like this packaging because it is convenient to use on the go, but on another hand it feels a bit cheap because of the material. 

Sea coral is a nice coral opaque colour. When I first used this lipstick it felt really chalky and hard on the lips, but after I used it some more it became a bit creamier and easier to apply. It applyes niceli and it is not streaky looking on the lips, it also does not emphasize lines. It is not mosturizing but I did not feel like it was drying eather. This lipstick clings to dry patches, because of that and because of it's formula I do not think it would be nice for people that have dry lips. It also does not last as long as I would like it too. It does not survive a drink or eating and it does not last more than 3 hours on my lips.

All and all I will finish this lipstick but I will definetly not repurchase it, or any other colour for that matter. I was just expecting more lasting power and hydration for 14 euros, because there are soo much more better lip products for less than half the price...

What do you think about this product? What is your favourite lip product?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

sobota, 19. julij 2014

REVIEW: Catrice BB Foundation

Hello lovelies ;)
I have been a very very bad bad blogger this week, but what can a girl do :P Between working, studying and taking care of the house while my parents were on holiday there is just not enough hours in one day to write a post. I have been meaning to write this post earlier but always forgot, aldough I am using this product constantly. Finally I got around to do it :)

I am constantly on the lookout for BB creams with decent covaridge and a high spf, because they are just so convenient to use. Naturally when I saw Catrice BB foundation I decided to try it out. It comes in a pink box, packaging is a plastic tube, also pink, with a silver pink. I always have it in my purse with me and that is why the print is starting to rub off. You get 30 ml of product.

It has a bit thicker consistency that other BB creams I used so far,  more of a foundation consistency, but it does not feel heavy on the skin. It blends into the skin nicely and has more of a dewy finish. Basicaly it looks skinlike, but not very shiny. Covers up redness and evens out my skin tone, mostly I do not need concealer when using it, except for my dark circles. It does get quite shiny during the day so it might be better for normal or dry skin, or you can just set it with powder if needed. This BB foundation also feels mosturizing and it did not break me out or disrupt my skin in any way. the only bad thing I can say about it is that it does  not photograph very well. When I wanted to photograph my face to how the covaridge it looked like I wear nothing on my face, aldough it clearly covered my redness and little blemishes. I think that is  because it contains spf 30.

All in all I really like this BB foundation because it works for my skin and it is easy to work with. I can just apply it with my fingers and not worry about it melting off in the middle of a hot day. It does not look patchy and there is still some pigmentation left on the face at the end of the day. It is also the first BB cream I found that is not too dark for my skin. Sadly it is being discontinuoued along with some other Catrice products so it will only be available in the stores untill August.

What BB cream do you like to use? Do you use BB creams or do you like foundation more?
I hope this review was helpfull.
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

nedelja, 13. julij 2014

This or that Tag :)

Hello hello
Today we have a fun tag for you, our answers will be in diferent color: Ajda and Tjaša.


→ Makeup

Blush or Bronzer
Blush. I do not bronze my face much because every time I try to do it it looks like I fell into a muddy puddle. I am not a blush master but at least I can apply it decently :)
Blush! I do love blushes, and i use it everytime i do my makeup.  I sometimes put too much of it but i still leave it like it is haha. I use contour powder more often then few months back, but it's still not my best friend. 
Lipgloss or Lipstick
Lipstick just because I do not like the tacky feeling lip gloss has.
Lipstick, i have not used a lipgloss in a while.

Eyeliner or Mascara
Mascara. Aldough I almost always wear eye liner and I like how it looks on me I think mascara is a must when it comes to make up.
Mascara, because i won't leave a house without it, i do love eyeliner, but it taskes a long time to put it on in perfect line.

Foundation or Concealer
Foundation. During the week I rarely use concealer even if I have dark under eye circles because I am trying to cut down products used on my face. 
Concealer, because i don't use foundation every day, and i just use concealer to hide little inperfections.

Neutral or Color Eyeshadow
During the day mostly neutral or purple.

Pressed or Loose eye shadows
I like pressed more just because there is usually less fallout and they are faster to work with. I usually make quite a mess when I use pigments.
Pressed, because i hate the mess.

Brushes or Sponges
I did use a spondge for foundarion but I felt like it ate up alot of product so I like to use brushes more.
 Both, i use sponges for foundation and brushes for everything else.

→ Nails

O.P.I or China Glaze
OPI never really interested me, I like China Glaze colours more.
OPI, i own quite a lot of them, and i really like them, but i have not tryed CG yet.

Long or Short
I was a heavy nail biter in the past so my nails were always pretty short. I am trying to have my nails longer now, but they break quite a lot. I would go for medium :)
Long in summer and medium/short in the winter.

Acrylic or Natural
Natural, I usually think acrylic nails are over the top aldough I saw some quite cute designs that I like.
Natural or gel. Gel nails looks really more natural than acrylics.

Brights or Darks
It depends on my mood and momentary obsession. Curently I am obsessed with neons and nudes so I would go with brights, but I had a dark nail polish faze for quite some time in the past.
I usually wear dark colors in fall and winter. But i like bright and neon colors in spring and summer.

Flower or No Flower
Um, no flower.
3D flowers? Oh yes please!!!

→ Body

Perfume or Body Splash
Perfume, but I wear it very rarely.
Perfume, but i would love to use Bath & Body Works and VS body splashes.

Lotion or Body Butter
Lotion, but also not every day., I use it only after shaving and on tattoos.
Body butter!

Body wash or Soap
Body wash, I do not remember the last time I used soap.
Body wash and Lush soap for hands.

LUSH or Other Bath Company
I loooooooove LUSH, but I do not use their products very much.
I do love Lush, but it's not cheap, so mostly other brands.

→ Fashion

Jeans or Sweat pants
Sweat pants, they are comfy and easy to wear :) I only wear jeans to college.
Sweat pants at home!

Long sleeve or Short
Since I tend to sweat a lot I like short sleeves.

Dresses or Skirts
I usually wear dresses because I am not good at matching clothes :P
Skirts :)

Stripes or Plaid

Flip flops or Sandals
None, I like my All Stars every day, any day no matter the weather :)
Both :D

Scarves or Hats
I like scarves better, because they do not mess my hair like hats tend to do :P
Scarves, hats can look funny on me.

Studs or Dangly Earrings
Dangly earrings, but only for special occasions
Studs :)

Necklaces or Bracelets
Braceles, I never wear neckleses.

Heels or Flats
Flats, every time I wear heels I regret it.
Flats, i am tall enough and i don't like heels too much.

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots
None, I do not like boots in general because none fit me.
I would gon with riding, but i don't have any.

Jacket or Hoodie
For outside jacket, but when I am at home I almost always wear my favourite batman hoodie :)
Good oversized hoodie :D
→ Hair

Curly or Straight
Always curly, I do not like how straight hair looks on me.
Straight because it takes les time, but i do love nice curls.

Bun or Ponytail
When I have long hair definetly bun.
Ponytail always at home.

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips
Bobby pins.
Bobby pins.

Hair spray or Gel
None, whatever I use my hair does not want to stay the way I want it, it has a mind of it's own.
Hair spray, but i don't use it a lot.

Long or Short
Definetly short, I am too lazy to take care of my hair and I think short hair suits me better anyway :p
Looooong !

Light or Dark
Dark, light would never suit me because of my skin tone and brows.
 Between, because i looove red hair...

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs
I loooove side sweep bangs and I am thinking on having them again. I had full bangs when I was younger, but it does not look good on me.
Side sweep always!

Up or Down
Down if I have short hair and always up if I have long hair.
Down, but always up in the summer!
→ Random

Rain or Shine
I like it better when it rains because it is usually colder.
I love rain soo much!

Summer or Winter
Winter, I do not like high temperatures.
None, but if i have to choose...winter.

Fall or Spring
Fall, I like the smell of snow, colder weather and watchin nature as it slowly goes to sleep.
Both are my favourite time of a year..

Chocolate or Vanilla
Chocolate :) I do not think this needs an explanation :P

That will be all for today. We tag ALL of you and if you do this tag, please leave the link in the comments. 
Have a lovely day!! 

Ajda & Tjaša

četrtek, 10. julij 2014

REVIEW: Wet'n'Wild Petal Pusher Palette

 Hello lovelies :)
Wet'n'Wild was not available in Slovenia for too long, but now thanks to Sandra we have acces to some of their fabulous products. I knew I wanted this palette since I first saw it and about a month ago I finally had a chance to get it :) Here is what I think about it.

The palette comes in a slim plastic packaging with a transparent lid and it contains 8 eyeshadows. Packaging does feel a bit cheap and I do not think It would be great for any long distance traveling, because it looks quite fragile, but it is small and slim, so it does not take up a lot of space.

Now for the fun part, the eye shadows :)
All contain at least a bit of shimmer, that ranges from fine micro shimmer to big shunky glitter. There is minimal fallout with all the shades, mostly shimmer (aldough enough shimmer still transfers to the lid) and some pigment with darker shades. Shades are in two columns labeled as browbone, eyelid, crease and definer shades. There is also a picture showing where to put all the colours on the back of the palette. Ofcourse you can mix and match colours and apply them hovewer you like. I decided that this time I will describe every colour separately, because quality varies a bit between diferent shades.

Browbone 1:
a beautiful white colour with a hint of pink and some micro glitter that would be a great highlighting colour, but it does not show on my lids. When I try to apply it no pigment transfers on the lid. It is also one of the dustier shades. I use this shade if I want to blend out any harsh edges around my eye make up.

Eyelid 1:
A beautiful lavender colour that contains tiny gold shimmer. It can be sheer, but patting it on the lid makes it more opaque. It is also one of the dustier shades.

Crease 1:
This shade looks like a nice deep plum purple in the pan. It transfers sheer on the lids, but again can  be builded up with patting. I mostly use this colour as a tranzition shade in my crease.

Definer 1:
This colour looks like a very nice blue purple colour in the pan. It contains big silver glitter. It transfers on the lid rather sheer, but can be build uo. It also gets a bit of a grey undertone once applied.

Browbone 2:
I thought I will not use this colour at all because it is a frosty pink. I used this colour in every look I created so far and every time I am amazed how opaque it shows on lids. In my oppinion this is a must have colour for people with dark brown or black eyes, because it just makes them pop beautifuly.

Eyelid 2:
This is a soft warm brown with gold shimmer. It is really pigmented and it applies really nicely. I mostly used this colour as a tranzition shade in my crease.

Crease 2:
Deep, dark brown colour with red glitter. This colour is really pigmented and a small amount goes a long way with this one.

Definer 2:
A very dark black colour that contains chunky silver glitter. It is very pigmented. I mostly used it as a liner.

All the colours are extremly buttery, except from Browbone 1 and Eyelid 1. Some are a bit prone to overblending but generaly they blend beautifully. I had some minor creasing after around 7 hours and colours started to fading at around the 5 hour mark, but were still visible at the end of the day.

In a nutshell, aldough a few shades need some help I really like this palette. I have used it soo much lately that I am running out of ideas and am wearing the same make up almost every day, because I just like it soo much :P

I hope this review was helpfull and that you enjoed readin it :)
Do you have any of Wet'n'Wild palettes or any other of their products?
have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

torek, 8. julij 2014

REVIEW: New Makeup Revolution Products

Hello lovelies :) 
Today we have for you a review of some new Makeup Revolution products, that were send to us by licila.si (thank you!! :)) and some was a birthday gifts or bought.
Hope you will like those products as much as we do :D


I must say I was quite curious about this product, because I never owned any baked eye shadows. Electric Dreams is a palette filled with pretty purples (one of my favourite colours) and white. All cointain glitter and are more of a metallic finish (especially when used wet), because shimmer is really small. It contains 4 g of product (5 shadows) and comes in a round packaging with a transparent lid. Packaging is plastic and feels a bit flimsy and week, so it might not be the best for traveling.

Colours are nice and pigmented, especially the bottom row. When using dry there was a bit of fallout, mostly glitter and some pigment with darker shades. They apply nicely and are prone to overblending. These shades lasted on my lids for around 7 hours (using Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow primer). They started fading fast around the 5 hour mark. Some shadows looked a bit grey at the end of the day, because they faded soo much. Dark shadows are the most opaque but also fade faster.

I really like these colours and for once I do not mind that the whole palette is shimmery, but fading is just too much foor me to use it as a while day make up. But I will definetly use it when I know my make up will not be on for more than a few hours (like late night coffee ore running some quick errands).


This polish is a brown copper shade. The packaging looks sturdy and it could possibly survive a fall or two, but not from a great height. It contains 10 ml of product.

This polish lasted on me for 4 days using a base and a top coat. I usualy do not use top coats while testing nail polishes, but I did with this one, because the application was not great at all and I wanted to make it look  better. As I applied the polish on my nails it created deep lines instead of going on smooth (I hope that makes sence :P). It did not help If I tried with thicker or thiner coats. Otherwise Formula was nice, not too thick or too runny and it was opaque in one thick coat (or two thin ones). I see no fault with the formula so I think the fault for crappy application lies with the brush. Maybe it would be better if it would be bigger?

all and all I like this polish for it's formula, but I do not like the application or the colour, so I am probably going to give it to my sister.

 As most of makeup lovers i also wated UD Naked 3 pallete. When i saw the rose shade shadows in it i was hooked. I was lucky enough that Revolution made this pallete. I've been using it like crazy since i got it for my birthday.
Now some facts...ingridients you can read on your own if you are interested. Pallete contains 12 eyeshadows, there is a total of 14g of product. 3 shades are matte, 7 super shimmery shades and 2 something in between. Shadows don't have much of a fallout and i am really happy about that. They are really good pigmented. The only problem that i have is that the pans are not wide enough for some of my bigger brushes.
With MR primer they lasted on me around 8 hours and i have super oily eyelids.

And here are the swatches (no primer used).

 I was eyeing this blush since it came out, because it have some purple color inside. I don't have any blushes like that in my collection yet.
 This blush contains 6g of product wich is quite a lot. It is baked as the name tells, really shimmery and can be also used as a highligter (if you are light handed :D). You really don't need much. I hate the fact thet the writing on the front rubbed of in one week. 
On my cheeks it lasted for about 6 hours with makeup fixing spray over it. But that's a long time, since i have a bad habbit and i am touching my face a lot.
 Just look the swatch...isn't it georgeous? :D

 I think this shadows are suposed to be a dupe for Stila foil eyeshadows, because the concept is almost the same.
Here you can read the instructions on how to use it.
 In the box you get a mixing tray, liquid eye primer and an eyeshadow. On the box it says that you get 1,5g of product, so i think that is together both eyeshadow and primer.
 This eyeshadow have a wierdest consistancy ever. It's like a cream, but also like a foil and  drys like a powder.
 On the left i swatched the shadow directly from the pan and on the right i mixed it with primer on a mixing try. Let me just tell you this shadow is a nightmare to capture in a photo. Because of the foil finish the light is reflecting like crazy. On the lids it lasted for about 12 hour and i put MR original primer, some eyeshadows from Iconic 3 and this shadow mixed with primer on some parts of my lid. It looked absoloutly beautyful. So i am deffinatelly geting the other colours :)

 Since i almost ran out of my Essence I love stage eye primer my friends got me this one for my birthday. They come in original, matte and brightening formula. I am really interested to try the brightening one. And you get 7,5ml of product.
Let me just say i have a love/hate relationship with this primer. It's a lot more wattery than i am used to. It does conceal some veins on my lids, but not as much as Essence did. It does the job with keeping the shadows bright and in place, but sometimes i want some more coverage under mu shadows.
Do you have any of those products? Planning to buy any?
Let us know what you think about that!

Have a great day!

Ajda & Tjaša

*Some products were sent to us for a review, our opinions are honest!