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REVIEW: MUA Matte Lipsticks

Hello lovelies :)

I will be honest with you, I was not big on lipsticks for quite a long time. My love for lipsticks started when I got these babies :) These are not perfect by any means, but strangely I love them the most out of my whole lipstick "mini collection".

From left to right: peachy keen, totally nude and wild berry

Say hello to MUA Matte lipsticks J
If you like matte lipstick I think you will like these. They are cheap and quite long lasting for the price (around 2 – 3 hours).  The only downside is that you need to use a lip balm first before you apply them, otherwise they can appear a bit chalky (especially totally nude and peachy keen, wild berry has a more creamy texture, I do not know about the preformance of other colours however). They are also a bit more dry than normal lipstick, but again using lip balm can eliminate the dry feeling. I would not recommend these lipsticks to people that have a lot of problems with chalped lips, because these lipsticks tend to cling an emphasize any dry parts on the lips (matte lipsticks usually do that...). They all smell very sweet and fruity. The smell disappeares once you put it on your lips.

The packaging is white with a silver MUA logo print on it. It is not the sturdiest packaging out there, but it can definetly survive a drop or two. There is some extra lipstick on the bottom. I usually do not use these, but they are still a nice edition, because you can see all the colours without opening the lipstick. 

They come in seven very nice colours:
Totally Nude
Peachy Keen
Pouty Pink
Scarlet Siren
Wild Berry
Lilac Belle
Fawn Fancy

I personally bought Peachy Keen, Totally Nude and Wild Berry. At the time I bought these lipsticks Lilac Belle and Fawn Fancy were not out yet and I was not interested in Pouty Pink (I do not like pink lipstick) or Scarlet Siren (At the time I thought I will never wear red lipstick... I was wrong... there is never enough red lipsticks, so I am probably going to buy it some day in the future´)

swatches (left to right): wild berry, totally nude and peachy keen

TOTALLY NUDE: this might be my least favourite colour. It apeary to be the most chalky and dry, but with a bit of balm you can make it work. Overall it is a nice nude colour for everyday use. However it will definetly not suite everybody. It is a true nude, which means it suits only a handfull of people (it does not fit me very well eather, but if I just pat it on my lips with it, to sheer out the natural colour of my lips, I can make it work)

PEACHY KEEN: A lovely pinky peach colour. Appears very nice and  natural on the lips and is also not as chalky as totally nude. I would still recomend putting a lip balm before wearing this lipstick. 

WILD BERRY: My personal favourite. A beautifull dark cherry colour that you can build up into a dark shade or Wear as a sheer berry wash of colour. If you are too shy to wear dark colours, but you would like to try them I definetly recommend this colour.

From down to bottom: totally nude, peachy keen, wild berry

I must say I was really plesantly surprized when I got them and tried them out. In my oppinion they are worth the price especialy if you like matte lipsticks or just want to try them out. I had no problem using them (however I do not have problems with dry lips). You can find them at  MUA store.
Do you have any of these lipsticks? What do you think about them?

Have a lovely day ;)

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