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Ajda's Makeup Collection - Part 2

Hey lovelies,
today I will continue with part 2 of my makeup collection. So let's get started.


Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss - True love
Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss - Nude kiss
Essence Ballerina Backstage lipgloss - 01 Wear your little tutu
Essence Blossoms etc... lipgloss - 01 Flowerkissed
Essence Volume & gloss lip maximizer - 001 jelly baby
 S-he stylezone Volume-up lipgloss - 140
S-he stylezone Volume-up lipgloss - 142
 S-he stylezone Long-lasting lipgloss - 141
 NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - 115 African queen
Maxfactor Vibrant curve effect - 08 Dominant
Laura Paige lipgloss - 04 Pink sand
L'occitane Pivoine Flora lip shine -  4 Pointe grenadine
 Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss - 06 BERRY ME!
 Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss - (it doesn't have a sticker with a name, i got it in a magaizne)
  Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss - 01 me & my ice cream (2x)
Essence Hologr@fic.com lipgloss - 02 holoberry
Essence Floral Grunge mini lipgloss set - 02 Grungy kisses rock!
 Essence Vampire's Love volumizing lash powder
Konad eyelash curler
Miss sporty Fabulous Lash (i keep it for nostalgic reasons and i don't use it...it was just my first mascara :P)
 Maxfactor xperience Volumising Mascara (2x)
Maxfactor masterpiece Lenghtening mascara + color
 Essence 2in1 volume mascara
Essence i <3 extreme crazy volume mascara
Essence multi action false lashes mascara
 Loreal Volume Milion Lashes extra black
Loreal Telescopic Explosion
 Rimmel Lash Accelerator - 003 extreme black
Rimmel Sexy curves Intense black
 Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
Avon ColorTrend shimmer tips - gold
Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara - Black
Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara - Ultra Black

 Essence gel eyeliner - 01 Midnight in Paris (2x)
  Essence gel eyeliner - 02 London Baby (2x)
  Essence gel eyeliner - 03 Berlin Rocks
Essence Denim Wanted gel liner - 02 Fivepocket Grey
  Essence geleye pencil -  black
Alverde gel eyeliner - 045 Nadja
Alverde gel eyeliner - 047 Kathrin
Alverde gel eyeliner - 044 Sunny

 Essence Crazy Good Times - 04 Candyction
Essence frame4fame single lashes - 03
Fing'rs natural lashes
Mini essence an fing'rs glues
Essence frame4fame lash glue

 Ingrid Shine&Beauty glitter cosmetic pencil - 129
Oriflame multiple stick - 10
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
Miss sporty Fabulous Eyes - 020 blue spark
Essence You Rock eyeshadow base
Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow base
Alverde eyeshadow base
 Essence eyebrow stylist set
Essence Wild Craft eyebrow set -  01 Wooden Allen
 Essence lash & brow gel mascara
Essence Kalinka Beauty eyebrow styler - 01 Babushka me
Essence how to make brows wow pallete

 Ingrid eye liner - Dark Chocolate
Black Onyx eye pencil
Air woman liner - 046
Essence kajal pencil - 04 White
 Essence Longlasting eye pencil - 07 Easy going
 Essence Longlasting eye pencil - 09 Cool Down
 Essence Longlasting eye pencil -  11 Go wild
 Essence Metalic eye pencil - 03 iron goddess
 Essence Metalic eye pencil -  04
 Essence 50's girls reloaded eye pencil -03 Love me tender
 Nivea Soft Liner - 02 Graphite
Essence You Rock pencil
MUA Smokin eye pencil - Black smoke
 Misslyn intense color liner - 135
Artdeco  Magic Eye Liner - 68
BarryM Kohl Pencil - 25
S-he twin kajal - 059
 Essence I <3 punk jumbo eyeliner pen - 001 ultra black
Maybelline  line deffiner
Misslyn liquid liner pen 1
Essence Hologr@fic.com - 02 Prism@tic White
Essence Hologr@fic.vom - 01 Blue Ray
Essence Glam eyeliner - 01
Essence Fairytale glitter liner - 01 Welcome to wonderland
Essence metal glam - 06 pinkadelic
S-he glitter liner

 Ebelin foundation brush
EcoTools concealer brush
EDM Flat top kabuki
Müeller no name beauty blender
Tedi beauty blender
 Ebelin powder brush
UBU #12kabuki
UBU #13 stippling brush
 Artdeco stippling brush
Essence blush brush
Powder brush from set from Kik
 Brow comb from set from Kik
Essence gel liner brush (i use it for brows)
Essence mascara wand
twezzers from Kik
 Ebelin engled brush
UBU #32 pencil sponge
Lip brush from Kik
 Alicia de' Silva eyeshadow brush
Alverde eyeshadow brush
Kik eyeshadow brush
Coastal Scents eyeshadow brush
Coastal Scents lip brush (2x)
Essence smokey eye brush
BarryM blending brush
Alverde gel liner brush

Hope you enjoyed this post and next part is coming soon, it will be the last part I promisse :D
Have a nice day!


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