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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution

Hello lovelies :)
Today we got for you a review of a new brand that is available in Slovenia, called Makeup Revolution. was kind enough to send us a package containing some of their new products. We each got two products. I got their mono eyeshadow in Illuminate and lipstick in Scandalous Crime and Ajda got their cream blush and mat lip gloss. Here is what we think of these products.


Illuminate is a gorgeous shimmery golden shampagne shade, perfect for the inner eye corner or as a highlight under a brow, if you like shimmery highlights. The packaging is plastic, with black bottom and transparent lid. On the back are listed all the ingredients and the name of the shadow. It contains 3.3 g of product which is quite a lot. 

The shade is powdery, but as I applied it on my lid there was minimal fallout. Just some glitter here and there. It transfered nicely on the lid. At first I thought it was a bit sheer but you can build up the colour and intensify it with patting or using wet. It stayed on my lid for 7-10 hours which is really good. It started fading a bit after 5 hours but it did not completly fade away, so it was still visible at the end of the day.

There was a some difficulty with overblending but overall I am really pleased with the quality of this product. 


Next product that I got is lipstick in Scandalous Crime. It comes in plastic black packaging, with golden makeup revolution print. The packaging seems a bit flimsy and the writing started to rub off, because I had it in my pocket for two days. It contains 3.8 g of product.

Scandalous Crime is a nice bright fuchsia pink shade. It is nicely pigmented and it glides on my lips nicely. It survives a bit of drinking, but not eating. It stayed on my lips for about 4 hours. The lipstick feels nicely mosturizing at first but starts to feel a bit drying after a few hours, however it did not dry out my lips. The lipstick also did not feather around my lips.

Between the two products I got, lipstick is a winner for me. At first I did not like it that much, since it is in a shade I would never buy or wear, but after I got used to it (and got a few compliments) I started to wear it more. The only downside I see is the packaging since it feels really loose. It already opened once when I had it in my pocket, but thankfully it did not smear all over the place.

CREAM BLUSH - Frambroise Shake
I can't even describe how much i love this blush, i have been wearing it since the day i got it. 
The packaging is just a standard plastick  with a see-trough lid. It contains 3,4 grams of products.
It's super pigmented (for a swatch i used only one swipe), it's a cream to powder blush, witch means it dryes completlly dry like powder  and it doesn't move. I apply it with fingers most of the times, but i've also tried  a beauty blender and a stippling brush...i still prefer fingers.  It stayed on my cheeks at least 4 hours, usualy they disapear in an hour or 2.
Price on is 1,95 € and on offical site is 1,50 £.

I was really excited when i saw they are selling matte glosses, but i was werry disapointed with it. I don't know if only mine is bad or just this color...So please let me know if you have tried them.
It comes in a plastic lipgloss tube, with black lid, and rose gold writing on it. It has a doefoot applicator. The product contains 2 ml.
Now where should i even start...
1. It's really hard to get an even application.
2. It's verry sticky, even after i dab it with a tissue-paper.
3. I tried to put on another coat when it was dry to get better coverage, but it just made a darker line around my lips.
4. It completlly dryed my lips so it was verry uncomfortable for me to wear it.
5. After 15 minutes i tried to remove it with my makeup removing wipes, it didn't move anywhere....Then i used a cotton pad and my Garnier Micellar Water and after some rubbing, the gloss just flaked' was really unplesant feeling.
Price on is 4,95 € and on offical site is 3 £.

Have you tried any products from this brand? Did you like them? Are you planning to get any?
Have a lovely day!

Ajda & Tjaša

*This products were sent to us as a gift, our oppinions are completly honest.

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  1. Jaz sem kupila 2 ta mat glosa in pričakovala veliko od njiju, ampak bila razočarana. Res se težko enakomerno naneseta, pa ko se posušita, se zdi, kot da sta zabetonirala na ustnicah. :/

    1. Res skoda, sem upala da je samo moja barva taka...Bi se dalo vse prezvet nekako ampak svaljkanje na koncu je pa prevec :S Essence so zakon :)