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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Matte Brights

Hello lovelies :)
I recently started to experiment with some more bright colours, but since my make up collection is more neutral oriented with dark colours, I needed some bright palettes. I layed my eyes on this baby. It looks bright as hell and I was interested in the quality of the Makeup Revolution palettes since they came to Slovenia

The packaging is quite big, black with a see trough lid. It is quite similar to MUA packaging, except much bigger. It contains 12 different colours, all matte and looking very bright in the pan. All together there is 14 g of product. You also get a double sided spondge applicator with the palette (I take them out as soon as I get the palette).

The pans are narrow and long. I had no problem with picking product, because my eyeshadow brushes are quite small, but using big brushes with this palette can be hard and problematic. Picking up product generates quite a bit of dust in the pans, and because pans are so narrow you soon have one shade mixing with another.

Sadly the quality of s shadows is quite poor. They mostly go on the lids nicely, with the exception of white, light blue, yellow and light pink, these colours need a bit more packing on to show. There was no fallout while using any of the shadows. They also blend nicely. The main problem is that they do not last a long time on the lids. No matter what I tried they did not last more than 3 hours on me and than they just melted off my lids. I have very oily lids, but most of my other eyeshadows stay intact for at least 7 hours (MUA, Sleek and even Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadows).

Here are the swatches. I had to scratch the light blue shadow from the pan to get some pigmentation out of it, now I have a big canyon in my shadow. Orange,the two pinks, purple, both greens and a darker blue all swatch very nicely and also perform very well on the lids. 

I really did not want to write a negative review, but that is how I see this palette. I will keep it for playing around, but it is not wearable, because it does not last long enough for me (I love the colours. I already have some of the Makeup Revolution products and I really like them. I heard other palettes are better so I would advise you to try those, but I do not see any reason to buy this palette. 

Do you have any of Makeup Revolution products? What Is your experience with them?
I love their mono eyeshadows an lipsticks and I just got two of their cream blushes (I heard they are great).
Have a nice day ;)

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