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Face of the Day: Rainy day make up

Hello lovelies :) 
A new face of the day / tutorial! Yay, let's all celebrate :) This time I decided to go all out with colour. I am in love with Sleek ultra mattes v1 brights palette since the day I got it and it felt only natural for me to do a look based on this palette for this blog :) Hope you will enjoy reading :)

*Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow primer
*Essence longlasting eye pencil (17-tu-tu-touquoise)
*MUA Extreme Curl mascara (Black)
*Chill, Sugarlite, Bamm!, Bolt, Strike and Pow! (Sleek ultra mattes v1 brights palette)
* Mythical (MUA Smokin Palette)

*Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder
*Catrice all matt plus (010 light beige and 030 warm beige)
*Makeup revolution cream blush (Caramel Shake)
*MUA Bronzer (shade 2)

*Catrice Eyebrow filler

*Essence longlasting lipstick (07 natural beauty)

First I primed my eyes using Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow primer and lightly dusted Pow! all over my lid and on my brow bone. After that I used Sugarlite and a fluffy brush. I applied the shade in my crease and outer third of my upper lid. I used Bamm! to blend out Sugarlite and add some more colour.

I packed Strike on the rest of my lid and started to intensify Sugarlite in my crease untill I got the colour I was happy with. I used Essence longlasting eye pencil on the outer two thirds of my lower lash line and extended it into a wing in the outer corner. 

I used Chill in the inner third of my lower lash line (where  I did not apply Essence longlasting eye pencil) and after that applied Bold all along my lower lash line and blended it a bit. I also used Essence longlasting eye pencil in my water line. For liner I used Mythical  eyeshadow from MUA Smokin palette and I applied mascara on upper and bottom lashes.

And here is how my face looks with all the products used :) I swear I used enough blush and bronzor, but my camera just ate all the colour from my face, so it looks like I have nothing on.

How do you like the look? I really love how the bottom lash line turned out. I need to use this liner more often because it is really nice :) Also I think this is the first time you see me with a new shorter haircut (except if you alredy saw it on instagram), how do you like it?
Have a nice day ;)

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