četrtek, 29. maj 2014


Hello lovelies :)
A new month has almost passed and I was doing quite some shopping :)  I decided to share the newest products I got this month. For some I have already written a review and for some I will write it in the future :)
Please enjoy reading :)

Makeup Revolution redemption palette matte brights

This was one of the first purchases of the month, and I was sadly quite disappointed by it. You can read my review of this palette here. 

Sleek ultra mattes v1 brights palette

After I bought Makeup Revolution redemption palette matte brights I realizet that it is a dupe for  Sleek ultra mattes v1 brights palette. Brights palette from Sleek was on my wish list for quite some time and because Makeup Revolution palette was not what I wanted I bought Sleek brights palette. So far I really like it. I will probably write a review in near furute. 

from left to right Terra Naturi Metallic mono eyeshadow (08-blue lagoon), blush (04-royal apricot) and matte
mono eyeshadow (02-mulberry)

I bought these because I was quite interesed in the quality of Terra Naturi products. There are hits and misses along the whole line, but these products are big hits for me. You can see the mono eyeshadow review here and the blush review here.

eco tools 6 pcs brush set

I kinda got sick of using the same set of brushes over and over again, so I got myself another set. I will probably write a review in the future. So far I really like it, all the brushes are extra soft and you get them in a bag :)

Essence all about nude and all about candies eyeshadow palettes

I did not plan to buy these palettes, because I generaly do not like Essence eyeshadows, but then I randomly saw swatches of these two on YouTube and I had to have it (damn you internet!). So I bought them the next time I saw them. I will probably write a review in the comming days when I finalize my oppinion about them.

Terra naturi kajal eyeliner  (01-carbon black) and Essence Longlasting eye pencil (17tu-tu-touquoise)

I needed a black eye pencil, so while I was at the Terra Naturi stand I bought their kajal pencil. I really wish I would not. It is really hard to apply, it does not last on the waterline and it is more grey than black. The only good thing is that id does not smudge. I really like Essence Longlasting eye pencil , the only bad thing is that I can not apply it on the water line, because no colour transfers on the waterline.

Makeup Revolution cream blushes (Peach Cream and Caramel Shake)

Definetly one of my favourites this month :) I am just so AHmazed about their staying power. I wore them until my face was all greasy and shiny  and they were still visible :) You can see my review here.

Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder

This is the second time I purchased this product. I almost finished the first one, but then it fell on the flor and broke. I also have the loose version of this powder, but I prefer the compact one. 

Afrodita sun care sun face cream spf 25

For me there is no way I would go trough spring and summer without a sun cream, I use it almost daily. I recently bought this one out of curiosity. I like Afrodita products, but I have never tried their sun cream before. I took the smallest packaging, just in case I would not like it. I love it! I do not feel greasy as I normaly do after applying sun cream. It absorbs into the skin quickly and it smells nicely. When I run out of this one I will probably buy their 50+ spf for kids.

That is all for this month ;) 
Do you have any of these products? Do you like them? 
What have you bought this month :) ?
Have a nice day ;)

5 komentarjev:

  1. Super pridobitve. Upam, da bo primerjava MR in Sleek palete. :)

  2. Hvala :) sem razmišljala če bi primerjala ali ne, ker sem nameravala reviewat sleek paletko :) lahko pa namesto tega naredim primerjavo, čeprav je sleek paletka v čisto drugi ligi :)

  3. Eco tools set čopičev mi zgleda precej obetavno, pa stokrat sem si že rekla, da bom poskusila vsaj en Makeup revolution blush...

  4. fajn pridobitve! :)
    si že probala tole Terra Naturi temnorjavo senčilo? :) mi izgleda zelo lepo.

  5. sarchy87:blushe ti res toplo priporočam, sploh tele ta kremne (pa za tekoče tut pravijo da so super, ampak jih jaz osebno še nisem probala), čopiči so pa tudi čudoviti :) jih uporabljam že nekaj časa pa še nisem naletela na kakšne probleme

    sandra: hvala :) sem jo že preizkusila in sem navdušena, res je lepa barva, v živo je še veliko lepša kot na sliki.