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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette

Hi lovelies!
Today I decided to write a review about this beautiful palette. I bough it for my birthday, at the end of May on Lič for 5,95€. 
I'm sorry for the bad pictures, they were taken with my old phone  ;)
 The palette comes in a basic Makeup Revolution packaging. Clear lid, with rose gold writing on the front.
It contains 12 colorful shades (14g) and a dual side applicator.
I miss a mirror in Makeup Revolution Redemtion palettes, but at the same time I like the clear lid, so I can see which palette I'm grabbing.
All of the shades are super pigmented, easy to blend and they last on my eyes (with primer) for a whole day!
No i will tell you little bit more about the colors.

Shade 1: Shimmery light lime green shade with a bit of yellow in it.
Shade 2: Tururqoise green shimmery shade, that looks lovely with my dark brown eyes.
Shade 3: In the pan it looks similar to shade 2, but it's more minty.

Shade 4: A nice cool toned light blue, very shimmery and it reminds me of Frozen :P
Shade 5:  Shimmery ocean blue. 
Shade 6:  This one i almost matt, more like a satin matt. But it's a lovely blue shade. It's the most finely milled shade in the palette so it has some fall out and is very fragile.

Shade 7: Lovely dark ''midnight'' purple, contains tiny little shimmer.
Shade 8:  I don't know why, but this color blew my mind the first time i swatched it, I don't have any shades like this, Dark pomegranate/burgundy/wine shade of pink.
Shade 9: Don't know how to describe this one. A light purple-pink maybe? No idea, but it's a lovely shade.

Shade 10: Night sky shade of blue, I really love it as an eyeliner actually.
Shade 11: In a pan looks totally different, than it actually is. When swatched it is almost like a duochrome between dark blue and deep purple.
Shade 12: Just a basic black with silver shimmer.

I really like this palette. Usually I am a fan of natural shades, but sometimes I want something more vibrant! Would recommend it to everyone that love something diffrent sometimes.

If you live in Slovenia you can get it at Lič and if you are international reader, you can get it at Makeup Revolution site.

Have you tried any of Makeup Revolution palettes? Is there any of their palettes that I need to have?

Have a lovely day!


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