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REVIEW: AVON Eye Shadow Primer

Hi lovelies!
It's been a stuggle, from the first day, that I've heard about eye shadow primers and their benefits I was on a hunt for a good primer. 
I have oily eyelids and basically no eyeshadows would last for more than an hour without creasing or fading.
I tried at least 6 different primers in the past 4 years, neither of them was good enough.
Well, thanks to Avon, things have changed.

I have 1 or 2 uses left from that pot, so I can give you a proper review now.

I bought mine in June or July for 3,90€!! I think the price is just amazing. The price depends on  campain, but usually it's around 3-4€.

It comes in a little black box and I am a sucker for makeup in boxes.
Inside is a glass pot with black plastick lid.  You get 3g of product inside
The shade you can get is Light Beige, but about a year or so ago, they had 2 shades, I think one was darker.
 The color as the name suggests, is light beige. It's really creamy, but after four months of everyday use, it got a bit dryer, but it was still as good as before. 
You don't need to apply much.
I use my fingers or Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer brush. 
All eyeshadows last all day now!! Incredible! I was so surprised after the first use. 
No creasing!
No fading!
 Easy to blend eyeshadows on top!
The colors of the eyeshadows are more intense!

I can't even tell you how happy I am, that i found this little pot of magic. Would suggest it to anyone, not only ladies with oily eyelids, since it intensify the colors of eyeshadows.

I've already told you that I only have 1 or 2 uses, but luckily I got a brand new pot in an AVON goodie bag at the Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp conference last Friday.I squeeled from excitement when I saw it in a bag. 
I would order a new one anyway, but thanks to AVON i'm good for antoher 4 months! :D

Have you tired this primer? Would you like to?
What is your favorite eyeshadow primer?

Good night! :)


8 komentarjev:

  1. Zlato v posodki :D Js si sploh ne predstavljam mejkapa brez tega primerja :D

  2. Tega izdelka sem bila tako vesela, komi čakam, da ga uporabim. Sem pa vesela, da ti po tolkih k si jih probala ta res ustraza*

    1. Res je super, ne boš verjela sem sprobala Alverde, Essence, Catrice, Makeup Revolution, Art Deco, Manhattan, vzorčke Urban Decay in Too ga čez Avonovega ni :D

  3. Moj najljubši primer. Verjetno sem že na šestem. Ko vidim, da mi ga skoraj zmanja, že delam backup :D. Ampak še vedno nisem napisala ocene, katastrofa :)

    1. Jaz pred konferenco 4 dni nisem makeupa nosila, da mi ga nebi za konferenco zmanjkalo :P Zdaj sem pa spet dobra za 4 mesece :D Se pa vesleim tvoje ocene, ko bo ;)

  4. O zakon! Morem čimprej naročit :)