petek, 16. oktober 2015

REVIEW: Makeup Revolutin The One Blush Stick in Matte Malibu

 Hi lovelies!
While some of the other bloggers are shopping in Ljubljana, I'm in my cozy bed with a sore throat.
Since I have nothing else to do, I'm writing this review for you.

I saw this cream stick in some videos of British youtubers. Instantly it landed on my wish list. 
I got it for my birthday and I've been using it ever since

It comes in a black box, with rose gold writing and the top part is in the color of the shade that's inside.

 Inside it's a black matte tube/packaging again with rose gold writing. The thing that bothers me is, that you don't get the name of the shade on the tube. So if i buy more shades in the future, I'll need to put stickers with shades on them.

You get 12g of product.
 The cream is really soft and creamy. Easy to apply and blend.  The shade is a warm brown.
I'm sorry the camera focused the wrong part of the picture!

 I use it before I contour with powder products. It gives a bit of warmth to my face and also is a great base for contouring.

I don't like applying it directly from the tube, but I use my Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer brush. I dip the brush into the product and then I make a line under my cheekbone, lines down my nose, a bit under my lip (to give the lips more plumped effect) and dots on the sides of my forehead. Then I blend everything in with a damp Nanshy blending sponge.

Sometimes I leave it as it is, but usually I go over with contour powder for more defined contour.
 Here you can see the shade directly from the tube and blended a bit.

It lastS on me all day, I always put a setting powder and fixing spray over my face.

You can get it on Lič for 6.95€ and on the official website for 5£.
Have a lovely day!


8 komentarjev:

  1. Zelo lep odtenek :) Ampak se mi zdi, da meni to ne bi šlo, ravno zaradi oblike pakiranja :/

    1. Jaz prvič ko sme ga probala direktno iz embalaže sem ga zasovražila, ko sme ap probala s čopičem pa blendanje z gobico je pa res totlano druga zgodba :D

  2. Zanimiv izdelek! Sicer meni tej blushi v stiku niso, ker sem si vedno ves puder dol posmukala ... Ampak imam pa ZELO rada blushe v posodicah (pan, ala essence). ah! :D

    1. Zato ga pa ne nanašam direktno iz embalaže in je vse super :D
      V lončkikih so tudi meni bolj všeč :D

  3. meni je fajn ker je za suho kožo primeren in za contouring bi bil super;)

    1. Za pozimi je res super ker ti ne izuši kože, pa tudi poleti mi ni bil slab :D

  4. Joj, meni tudi teli niso tako všeč... Ampak za konturo je pa verjetno super :)

    1. Tale je super za contour, bom pa verjento še kakšnega barvnega za blush kupila, da vidim kako se obnesejo :D