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REVIEW: AVON Magic Effects Mineral Crush nail polish

 Hi lovelies!
If any of you knows me in real life, then you know that I can't say no to nail polishes. And when I saw these beauties in AVON catalogue I knew they will mine one day. I couldn't resist for more than 2 hours (I'm not joking!!!), so I placed my order. 

A few days later they were delivered to my door. I got 3 shades and I regret not getting the others. 

 Left to right: Topaz, Agate, Pearl

Other available shades are:
- Rose Quarts (pinkier version of Pearl)
-Ruby (lovely red shade)
-Diamond (silver)
 They came in black boxes which I find really special, since I never got a nail polish bottle in a box. There are all informations on the boxes and also the name of the shade on top. 

Bottles are basic AVON nail polish bottles. They have stickers with names on the bottom. 
The brush is really nice (forgot to take a picture), wide and not to long, straight cut on the bristles.
They apply like a dream, it's really easy to work with the brush and formula is thick enough that you need 2 thin coats for full coverage. Or one thicker one.

The drying time is super quick. When I paint my second hand, the first one is ready for a new coat. 

The finish is matt but shiny because of the glitter. To touch they are similar to sand nails, but not as rough as most of the sand polishes I tried in the past.

The removing can be a bit of a process, but I use pure acetone for removing glitter and gel so I don't have any problems at all. 

The regular price is 5,90€, but usually they are 3,90€.

Here are the swatches
L to R: Pearl, Agate, Topaz
Pearl is a light pink/beige shade with silver glitters of different sizes. I don't like it on all nails but, I like it in combination with other colors.

Agate is a dark blue with a bit of purple in it and also different size silver glitters. It is my favorite of them.

Topaz is well...topaz green with silver glitters.

Here I want to share just one of the pictures of my go to manicure, if I'm in a hurry, I always use these polishes, since they dry so fast and also you don't need many coats.


I would reccomend the Mineral Crush collection to all nail junkies out there.

You can get them on AVON website in your country.

If you live in Slovenia, they are available on
And also go follow them on their Facebook page  .

Good night!


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  1. Kak so lepi. <3 Saj ne vem, kateri odtenek mi je lepši. :)
    Mi je pa sand efekt na nohtih vedno bil ful všeč. :D

    1. Res so lepi :) Taki unikatni odtenki se mi zdijo, nisem še videla podobnih. Sand je meni vedno lepo zgledal na drugih, na meni me je motilo ampak teli sploh niso tako grobi kot recimo Essence :D

  2. Čudovito se bleščijo. Jaz imam podobnega od Zoye in ga ne menjam! (sploh pa zdaj ko smo dobile super odstranjevalec od Alessandro) :)

    1. Jaaa bleščijo se pa res :D Nisem vedela ja ima Zoya podobne. Alessandro Take Off odstrani bleščice? :O Sem do sedaj samo s temnim rdčeim lakom sprobala pa me je presenetil :D

  3. Sploh si ne bi misla kako lepa prekrivnsot in hude barve, sploh ta srebrno-rozkast, mi je najlepši:)

    1. Mene so tudi navdušili, sploh s prekrivnostjo ;)

  4. Ooo, kako lepi laki! Sploh temno moder, oz električno moder mi je padel v oči. woooo

    1. Ja pri meni je bil prva izbira v katalogu :D Amapak tma ej zgledal bolj vijoličen, pa mi je moder precej ljubši :D

  5. Mineral Crush je ena najlepših linij lakov od Avona. Topaz je moj najljubši zaradi takega unikatnega odtenka :). Mi gre pa res na živce odstranjevanje. Rabiš še Ruby - živo rdeča ;)

    1. Se strinjam, s to linijo so res zadeli! Z odtranjevanje jaz na srečo nimam problemov- Eurospinov aceton dela čudeže :D Ruby je pa na WL ;)