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When Bloggers go to Heaven (Shopping trip to Ljubljana)

Hello lovelies :D
Note to self, when you go shopping with girls, do it on a sunny day without high heels! Or you can do all those things if you want, honestly it does not ruin the experience if you are with the right people :) 

A while ago me and my fellow beauty bloggers Ana & Jasna decided to go shopping in Ljubljana. Our plan was to visit the Golden Rose store and Smile Concept Store, but I think that deep down inside we all knew that we will visit much more and buy much more than we wanted. Such are the dark ways of shopping.


Me and Ana meet before Jasna came to Ljubljana in fact, Ana was waiting for me for about half an hour and when we met she already had some bags in her hands. The shopping spirit is definetly strong with this one :D. We had some time before Jasna came, so we decided to spend it the only reasonable way we know, going to  Lush. I think this was my second trip to Lush. I love the store and their products, but for some reason I just can not find the time to go there. We were the only costumers there so the saleswomen devoted all of her time to us. We smelled different bathbombs, tried out different soaps, she sprayed on us million different perfumes and at one point, one saleswoman washed our hands with different body soaps while another talked about ideas, concepts and origins of different soaps. Before we said our farewells  we were also invited on a face treatment xD there is no denying, that we were spoiled like royalty in the store.


We finally met with Jasna  and decided to go to the Golden Rose store in BTC. We took the bus, which we ofcourse regreted, but there was no other way for us to get there. At the store we definetly took our time, looking at all the different colours, swatching different lipsticks and just enjoying in the big piles of make up. I decided to get two lipsticks and a matte top coat, items that I had on my wish list since I first went to the store. 

After our little Golden Rose adventure we needed to find some shoes for Jasna, you see, she went shopping in high heels, not a good idea xD After a long search we finally found shoes that suited her nicely.


This is where 'We did not plan this, but f*ck it' phase started. When Jasna saw the little Yankee stand she just went like: 'Jap girly, we are stopping here...'. I think it is needless to say that we smelled every little candle that we could. I found their waxes really interesting, and I am definetly getting some in the near future, but for now I settled with a tiny candle in the Black Coconut smell. Is it black and smells delicious? Count me in ;)


Lastly we went to the Smile Concept Store, definetly the cutest store in Ljubljana. This is where we finally started to photograph stuff (honestly, I wanted to photograph some Lush produsts, but damn was I buisy!). Before going into the store I did not really know what to expect. My biggest question was, what exactly are they selling? Cute stuff to make your home feel happy and cozy :) My personal favourites are mugs, notebooks and lunch boxes. I took a lot of photos there, so why not let the photos tell the story? :)

After many tries it was finally payback time. Ana tried to photograph me a lot and I ofcourse returned the favour ;)


We finished our shopping trip with a well deserved coffee in Cacao, a lovely cafe right by Ljubljanica. Honestly, we all needed that, because we were visibly exsausted from all the shopping and walking. We were on our feet for a bigger part of the day (To give you some perspective, I was in Ljubljana from 10 am to around 6 pm, most of that time was spend walking...) 

Thank you girls for such a wonderful day, we definetly need to do that again in the near future ;)

Dear readers, please do not forget to check posts on Beautysaur and Jessie Fairytale  and read about their experience on this shopping trip ;)

What stores do you like to visit the most? 
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :D

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  1. Kdaj si to slikala haha :D
    Všeč mi je stil kako si napisala objavo :)
    In ja, let's do it again...soooon! :)

  2. Hahahahahaha! :D Jst in problemi s cevlji - opomnik za vse vecne case. :P Zelo lepo si napisala, zdej se pa se medve z Ano vrzeva na delo. ;)

  3. Zanimiv šoping :) Ampak jaz bi definitivno rajs izbrala Chocolate Truffle kot Black Coconut #chocaholicproblems :D

  4. Ja, ful luštna objava! Kok majo dobre stvari drugač, zaljubila sem se v te okvirje :)

    x, Katja

  5. iii meni je ta trgovinica tal kjut:), ful majo lepe stvari:)

  6. Oooo, odlična izbira. :D In bere se, da ste se imele FANTASTIČNO!
    BTW voski Yankee candle so zakon. Sedaj sem se čisto navdušila nad svečami in kurim ta čuda dnevno ;).