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NEW IN: October

Hello lovelies :)
Fun fact: I actually did not plan to write a new in post this month since I did not feel like shopping. I wanted to write a favourites post instead. Since me and Ajda were invited to a Essence & Catrice event and got some goodies there I decided to share them with you alongside with a few products I got. I probably forgot to include some things but oh well.

I got into some nail art lately and I decided to pick up some stickers for nail art. I do not know what it is, I got a sudden urge to do nail art since my nails are a bit longer. I did try to use some of these already and I really like them, but they are very delicate.

Real Tehniques blush brush and stippling brush were on my wish list for a long time and I finally decided to get them. I love them soo much! I use both of those religiously since I got them. I actually like the stippling brush more than my expert face brush for my foundation.

I do not like to have too many mascaras at the time since they go bad quite quickly. I did try lash extension mascara and I really like it soo far. A review will definetly follow :)

I have too much nail polishes and I keep getting more! It is an illness I tell you. I wanted a Zoya nail polish for the longest time and I finally got one in a beautifull white shade called Snow white. I usually pair it with Catrice brightening base coat, since the base coat is white and I think that using this commbination gives the best results. Since I am obsessing ove white nail polish I did not try the purple Catrice nail polish jet, but I will soon (hopefully) :P

Soo many lip products and all are from Catrice. I got a lip balm and three longlasting lipstick in different colours ranging from brownish nude to warm plum. I also got a vitamin lip treatment gloss which I have been wearing a lot. I did not use the lip smoothers yet, since I want to use up my pink one before I start using one of these colours. And I needed to get two pure shine lip balms, since I just love these. I think they are really convenient to use and I like the finish.

Soo much face stuff! I fell in love with the catrice blush in Mandy-rine and the whole Velvet finish line. I did not have a chande to try out the prime and fine powder, which I picked up at the Essence and Catrice event. I already tried the nude illusion foundation and I was not convinced with it's longevity on my skin, but I might give it another chance.

Absolute matt eyeshadow pallete positively surprized me when I used it. I do need to use it more before I write a proper review, but so far I really like it. Brow definer is quite nice, maybe a bit too warm for my liking but it is dark enough for my eyebrows. The fixing brow wax is a product I am most iffy about. If I use too little it does not do it's job properly and If I use it too much it makes my brows look like they are glued on my face. I will definetly need to play with it more.

What new products did you get?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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