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REVIEW: Catrice Illuminating Blush (020 Coral Me Maybe & 030 Kiss me Ken)

Hello lovelies :)
I did not do a review in a while and I had these babies laying around for quite some time so I decided it is finally time to review them. I am talking about Catrice Illuminating Blushes. These blushes come in three shades: 010 I Am Nuts About You, 020 Coral Me Maybe and 030 Kiss Me Ken. I got the last two because I thought I would not use the first colour, but to be honest now I think I should have gotten all of the colours. Oh well, you live you learn.

Packaging is round, transparent plastic with a silver print on the lid. As with all of the catrice packaging the print will rubb off after some time, but to be honest I have come to expect this and it does not bother me anymore, but beware of this if it bothers you. There is 4.5g/0.15 oz. of product in the pan.

What Catrice says about these blushes:
The Illuminating Blush combines two different colour-intensities with a subtle shimmer and a light pearl. This accentuates the cheekbone as well as giving your complexion definition and a soft glow. The 3D diamond pattern in a Chesterfield design is absolutely eye-catching. Available in a total of three colour combinations.

020 Coral Me Maybe is a mix of pechy, coraly, pinky shades with small gold shimmer and 030 Kiss Me Ken is a light to medium purple with a hint of pink which also has some gold shimmer. Both of the blushes are quite pigmented, but still look nice and natural on the cheeks, especially Coral Me Maybe. All the glitter from the pan transfers quite nicely, giving the cheeks some nice shine without looking too glittery. Both of the shades lasted on me troughout the whole day, there was a bit of fading, but they did not get patchy while fading. They also appy and blend nicely and can be layered so you can go as light or as intense as you would like.

All in all I think these blushes are really nice, especially Coral Me Maybe, which gives a really nice natural flush to the cheeks and Kiss Me Kenn is just such a nice fall blush colour in my oppinion :)

What do you think of these? Did you already try Catrice illuminating blushes?

Have a nice day ;)

Tjaša ;)

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  1. Ful lep dizajn :) Pa odtenka tudi

  2. Mene je tudi vzorček najbolj pritegnil. Zelo lepo izgledajo, mi jih je bilo kar škoda začeti uporabljati :P