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My top 10 nail polishes for fall

Hello lovelies :)
I always ask myself why am I doing these kinds of posts... I am a firm believer that you can always wear whatever colour nail polish (or make up) you want no matter what time of the year it is. But I do find myself using some colours more and some less depending on the time of the year. I guess that is how it goes with everybody. So today I want to share my top ten picks for this fall, some are kinda random, others predictable, but I like them all no matter what :)

Essence - 05 cafe ole
This is the nail polish I should (want to) wear more, but there are soo many colours at my disposal right now and showing my love to each and every nail polish takes up much time and dedication. Nonetheless this is a beautifull nude brownish colour that I am always happy to wear.

Catrice - 560 Rusty but sexy
I loooooove those kinds of colours, it looks like orange rust with a tinge of copper thrown into it. I wish autumn leaves would be coloured like that!

Essence - 156 me & my lover
I do not wear red, ever... I wore red nail polish religiously in the past, but I kinda grew out of my red zone some time ago... Now I feel like red nails are just not my style. However I do like this colour. It is more of a pinkish red and it is also a sand finish which automatically means I will like it a bit more.

Essence - 182 hello rosy
One of the two pinks I own. I am not big on pink nail polish, I never was, but this one sparked my attention because it is not such a pinky pink colour, as me & my lover, this one is also a sand finish, I would probably not like it otherwise.

Catrice - 59 First class up-grape
This is definetly one of my favourite colours this season. It is a warm dark plum colour that is just gorgeous to look at. I like it soo much that I took it out of my nail polish box so that I can have it on my desk, where it is always close to me :)

Catrice - purple reign
I have soo many purple nail polishes and this one somehow does not get used as much as I would like. It has more of a blue base which makes it unique in my collection, since most of my purple nail polishes are a bit warmer. I will definetly get some use out of this nailpolish in the upcoming months.

Catrice - plumdogmillionare
I still love this nail polish as much as I did when I got it. It is a warm purple with red and blue shimmer (which is my favourite kind of purple). It stays on my nails for quite some time, but it is sadly a pain to remove from my nails.

Essence - 141 icy princess
The only metallic nail polish in my collection. It has a bit of a problem with streakyness, but nothing major that my top coat could not handle. It is a very gorgeous silver with a bit of a silver sparkle infuzed into it.

Barry M - Grey
I never liked grey, it is such a meh colour to me, but grey nail polish! Where do I sign in! I adore this colour soo much that I wear it all around the year, but I get most use out of it in fall and winter months.

Catrice - 440 I wear my sunglasses at night
This is the only black I own and what a pretty black it is! In it is little tiny rainbow shimmer. I just love to wear it, especially when my nails are a bit longer.

Well that are my picks for this fall. What will be your favourite nail polishes to wear in the upcoming months?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

2 komentarja:

  1. Wau, Catrice Rusty but sexy izgleda PREKRASNO! <3
    Zelo všeč sta mi tudi odtenka First class up-grape in plumdogmillionare. :D Mava precej podoben okus, čeprav še jaz v jeseni vključujem tudi zelenkaste odtenke. :D
    Ah, bom mogla tudi jaz počasi spisat tole objavo, ker jih obožujem, ampak kaj ko imam v planu še toliko drugega. :P

  2. Ful je lepa barva :) Zeleni odtenki so meni zelo všeč ampak jih nimam veliko (mislim da samo dva) ker se mi ne zdi da mi pašejo...