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REVIEW: Essence matte lipsticks (14 Adorable Matt & 15 Oh So Matt)

Hello lovelies :)
When I found out that Essence is coming out with two matte lipsticks I almost did a back flip, because I was soo happy. Matte lipsticks are my favourite and I could not wait to try them out! They came out with two shades called 14 Adorable Matt (red) and 15 Oh So Matt (nude). I got both aldough to be honest I do not need more red lipsticks, I am literally bathing in them and I should really start using them more. 

 Both of these lipsticks come in a standard Essence lipstick tube that is black with the ring in the middle that is the same colour ad the lipstick. On the bottom of the packaging is also a sticker with the name of the lipstick written on it. Each tube has 3.8g/0.13oz of product in it.

When it comes to their formula I feel like they both come from two different planets. Adorable Matt is really smooth, opaque and does not really feel like a matte lipstick, when applied to the lips, it is not drying. On the other hand, Oh So Matt is a totaly different story, while not dry and chalky by any means, it is not really smooth eather, it is also less pigmented and harder to get nice and even in my experience, it is also less comfortable to wear. Oh So Matt also emphasizes any dry parts and other imperfections on my lips (like those pesky lip "wrinkles"). Do I even want to talk about longevity? Adorable Matt stayed nice and put on my lips for about 3-4 hours with minimal drinking or eating and it fades out nice and even, leaving a stain behind. Oh So Matt is it's polar opposite, it disappeared of my lips in about an hour, leaving nothing behind, which is really a shame because I like the colour, but I do not have the time to apply it every hour. None of these are true mattes in my oppinion, they appear to be more like a semi-matte finish on the lips.

It saddens me to say this, but I do not think Oh So Matt is worth it. If it would be more like Adorable Matt, it would definetly be my go to shade for every day (paired with a nice lip liner, just imagine the possibilities!), but the formula just left me disappointed. If you like red lipsticks and you can't get enough of them, then I recommend you to get Adorable Matt.Both lipsticks are available in Muller, Tuš drogerija or Dm for 2,49.

What do you think? Did you try any of these?
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