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REVIEW: Wet'n'Wild Walking on Eggshells coloricon trio

Hello lovelies :)
Today I decided to review one of the palettes I always use when I am in a hurry in the morning :) I have heard soo many good things about this trio and I finally decided to get it. I think there is no need to say that this trio ir really good for it's price. Let me explain how and why :D

This palette comes in a plastic black packaging with the transparent lid. It is not the best looking packaging and not the sturdiest, but I did some traveling with it and it did not break. It is travel friendly aldough it does look and feel a bit cheap. You get 3,5g/0.12oz of product all together (three eyeshadows).

All the eyeshadows are shimmery. They are buttery and very pigmented and blend really nicely. The browbone shade is a bit sheer, but it can be packed on to make it more intense. There is a bit of fallout (mostly shimmer) with all of the shades. These shades crease on me after 8 hours, which is really impressive  considering every eyeshadow creases on me sooner or later (I call that: 'the curse of the mad oily lids')

All in all I really like this palette. It is available on Destination pretty for 4,53 € which I think is a really good price for that kind of quality. You can see how they look and perform on the lids in my fall inspired FOTD post (click here).

Did you try any of the coloricon trios?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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