torek, 28. oktober 2014

Most disappointing products #1

Hello lovelies :)
I usually write about products that I like, but there is no denying that there are also some products that are rubbish. I decided to write about these before I throw them away, since I will not use these products and I can not give them to anybody because they are soo bad.

Makeup revolution defence anti bacterial serum and primer
This serum/primer did nothing for me. It did not work as a primer, since it is too creamy for my skin and it actually made my foundation look worse. As a skin care product it broke me out and made my skin oily really quickly.

MUA bronzer in shade2
This product has a really nice texture, I like the formula of it very much, but this shade is really orange. I heard that shade 3 is better (not orange), but this shade looks more like an orange eyeshadow than a bronzer.

Essence all in one BB cream in shade 01 universal
This BB cream promises many things, but deliveres none. It feels oily on my skin and oxidizes like crazy on my skin. This shade is not universal unles you are an oompa loompa. It also broke me put like crazy.

Makeup revolution redempton palette matte brights
There is nothing good to write about this palette. It is not pigmented and hard to work with. All of the shades developed a hard surface so they are not even usable anymore and it creases on me after 2 hours. It is really a shame because the colours are beautifull. I did a review of this palette here.

Balea dunkle flecken aufheller
This product is suppose to help you get rid of any dark scars on your face. Well it did not work one bit! It made my skin irritated as hell and it made me break out. My skin hurt every time I wanted to say something or smile, because of the irritation. I do not recommend this product at all.

Kardashian enjoystick in sea coral
While this is not a total flop for me, it is not worth the money eather. I do not like the formula of this lipstick one bit, I actually think that Essence lipstick have superiour formula and keep in mind that you can get 6 Essence lipsticks for a price of one Enjoystick. The colour is beautiful, but the formula is too dry and it does not last at all. I wrote a review of this product here.

MUA lip boom in
The shade of this lipstick lip gloss combination is really nice, and this is where all the good things about this product end. Lipstick is too dry, does not last on my lips and emphasizes any dry parts on my lips. Do not get me even started with the scent. It is a really strong vanilla scent that makes me sick as hell. Even if this lipstick was good, I could not wear it because of the strong scent. The gloss is a really niced colour with gold glitter, but the texture of the gloss is too thin, so xou can feel the gliter on your lips.

That are all of the products soo far, do you have any products that you do not like?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša ;)

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  1. fajn objava..drugač pa tale bronzer bi jaz potem kot rdečilo uporabljala hehe :P

  2. Hvala :) Sploh ni tako slaba ideja :D ne vem zakaj se nisem tega domislila :P

  3. Super objavica, sploh ker sem odločam o nakupu Make up revolution izdelkov :)

  4. Hvala :) meni so nekateri izdelki všeč, nekateri pa ne, je kar odvisno od posameznega izdelka.

  5. Super objava! Zelo pomaga pri nakupih :)