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NOTD: Kitty water decals

Hello lovelies :)
recently me and Ajda recieved a surprise package from the Born Pretty store. We were quite surprized, since we forgot everything about it, because it was send almost two months ago. In the package were two packs of water decals, one for each of us. Today I decided to share with you my mannicure using these pretty black kitties and my new favourite nail polish from Zoya called Snow White.

-Micro Cell 2000 nail wonder
-Zoya Snow White
- Catrice 30 Lilactric
-Catrice Colour Brightening Base coat

You can get these water decals here

First I used Snow White as my main colour and patted a bit of Lilactric on the ends of my nails to create a bit of a gradient. After that I used water decals on my middle and ring finger. I do quite like using these, but they can be hard to apply at first, especially if you are not used to sticking stuff on your nails. I ruined one of the decals because I did not apply it the right way. Once you mess these up your only chance is to remove everything with a nail polish remover and start from scratch (or scratching the water decal from your nail and ruining the nail polish underneath). So applying these can be quite a challenge for somebody as sloppy as me :P I do like the final look of it though. 

I quite like this mannicure :) What do you think? Do you use water decals?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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