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REVIEW: Coloricon blusher (Berry Shimmer)

Hello lovelies :)
I got this blush in september and used it quite a lot in the previous month :) I really like this colour, it is something quite special in my blush collection (consisting mostly of orange, coral and peach blushes). Today I decided to review it :D

This blush comes in a thin, black plastic packaging with a transparent lid. As with all of the Wet'n'Wild packaging, it is not the best looking or feeling, but it is sturdy enough for traveling and it gets it's job done. You get 4,0g/0.14oz of product. It also comes with a thin brush. The brush is nice for picking up product, but absolute crap for blending it. I do not advise you to use it, but it might be good for touch ups :D

The blush is a nice warm berry colour with a bit of tiny gold shimmer in it. The shimmer does not transfer to the face, but the blush itself is really pigmented. It does kick up quite a bit of dust in the pan, when you put your brush in it to pick up the product. The blush did fade on me a bit troughout the day, but it did not appear patchy. It also blended really nicely.

All in all I really like this blush :) You can get it at Destination pretty for 4,53 € (there are also other colours available). 

Did you try any of Wet'n'Wild blushes?
Hope you enjoyed this post :D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša ;)

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