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REVIEW: Real Techniques blush brush & stippling brush

Hello lovelies :)
I got my hands on some more RT brushes the previous month and I do not ever want to let them go :P I love to use these soo much I could not keep them clean even for a day, so they are a bit dirty (please forgive me). I am talking about the blush brush and a stippling brush. I was especially curious about the last one, since I did not have any stippling brushes before.

Both of the brushes have a thick pink hande with a black rubberized end that they can stand on. The handle feels nice in hands, it is not too thick or too clumsy. As always I expect RT brushes to be quite bigger than they actually are, and these are no exception. Both are smaller than I thought, but I like that, because it makes them more travel friendly and it gives you more control with make up application. Both brishes have sintetic hair that feels really nice and soft on the skin. They are still soft after a few washes and there was no shedding of the bristles.


The bristles of this brush are cut in a very nice egg shape, that really enables precise application. It can be used for highlighting, blush, contour, bronzing and setting powder. I don't like to use it with a powder, since it does not grab as much product as I would like (I like to pile that powder on my face), but it worked well with al the products. The tip of the brush enables more precision, whish I especially like for the blush application. Bristles are black with greyish ends.


This is a duo fibre brush with shorter black bristles and longer white bristles sticking out of it. I used it for foundation, cream highlighter and cream blush. When used with a foundation it gives a really nice natural finish with no streakiness. I especially like to use it with my thicker foundations, because the brush sheers them down a bit and makes them look more natural.

All in all I really like these brushes, I really think you can not beat the quality for the price and I am not surprized that so many people use it. You can get both of these brushes at Lič for 12,95 (blush brush) and 14,95  (stippling brush), Destination pretty for 12,45  (blush brush) and 13,55  (stippling brush) or moja drogerija for 12,95 (both).

Do you have any RT Brushes? What do you think of them?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša ;)

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