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REVIEW: Essence I love Nude lipsticks

Hello lovelies :)
I am getting more and more into nude lipsticks/make up, so I was naturally very happy when I saw that Essence is comming out with a nude collection :) I was planing on getting some nail polishes and lipsticks, but decided to get only two lipsticks, because I need to clean my nail polish stash before I get some more nail polishes (I have quite a lot of nail polishes almost finished). Here is what I think about those two lipsticks :)

from l to r: 05 cool nude, 03 come naturally

Both lipsticks come in a standard Essence lipstick packaging, coloured according to the colour of the lipstick. There is 3,8g/0.13oz. of product in the packaging. Aldough these lipsticks are a part of the limited edition, they are going to be available in their regular product range, once Essence releases new products in Febuary. There are 5 shades total in this rane, but since they are too light for my skin tone I did not get them. They might be nice for somebody who can pull off pale nude colours or for mixing in with other lipsticks and creating an ombre effect.

From left to right: 03 come naturally, 05 cool nude

The two colours that I got are called Come Naturally and Cool Nude. Come Naturally is a brownish shade with a bit of a purple and Cool Nude is a lighter brown with a peachy undertone. The texture is quite similar as the other Essence longlasting lipsticks. They are creamy and easy to apply with no streakiness. They last for about 3-4 hours and do not survive eating or drinking, but they fade/rubb off nicely without patchyness.

03 come naturally

05 cool nude

All in all I really like the formula and colours of these lipsticks. If you like the linglasting Essence lipsticks and nude colours I think you will not be disappointed :)
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Did you get anything from the Essence I <3 Nude collection?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Jaz sem vzela samo en lak, zlat top coat, ker šmink ni bilo več :( oz. so bile, ampak samo tiste grde, bele :D

    1. Mislim da bodo februarja postale del redne prodaje, tako da ni še prepozno :)