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Click2chic ~ Chic things for smart girls box

Hey lovelies,
in december a slovenian online store  Click2Chic put a beauty box on their site. I was super excited, as you may know, we dont have many of those in Slovenia.
I had to order even before they showed the first  product, that was inside.

 Can we just take a moment, do admire the most beautiful box ever? :D :D :D It looks like a book and it will be amazing for storing some beauty items.
 The price of this box is 17,35€ and it was 14,90€ or something for preorders. Also if you order is over 15€, the shiping is free.
There were 7 items inside the box, 3 fullsize and 3 minis/samples.

Alfaparf Reperative Shampoo for damaged hair
This i quite a big sample (60ml). It is free from sulfate and unfriendly  ingredients. There are some other verions of this shampoo, but i am really glad that i got this one, since my hair are a bit damaged, from coloring and the heat. 

Subrina Haircode hairspray
We got a mini sample (15ml) of this hairspray, wich i have never tried before since i am satisfied with my Balea one.  It's a really conveniant size to throw in your purs for touchups during the day. 

Moroccanoil Light
This mini size (10ml) of oil will last me a while, since you don't need much. I am a fan of hair oils and my ends are always dry. This is the version for thin, light or highlighted hair. And btw i looove the smell:D
 Bomb Cosmetics Candy Box soap
I was really excited to get this soap, since i love Lush soaps. It is a full size and it smells really nice and not to strong. I was expecting a really sweet fruity scent, becaus eof the name, but i kind of love it the way it is. 

Subrina Spicy Orange shower gel
This is also a full size. I had a few of Subrina shower gels in the past, i was obssesed with the chocolate one when i was younger. This is in a diferent packaging then i remember. You get 250ml of product and it smells divine. Perfect for winter time.  Smells like oranges, cloves and cinnamon.

The cutest flower box was full of samples and since i haven''t tried anything from this brand before i was excited to see some amazing bags. 
I got 2 body creams (bottom left on the picture), a perfume sample (top left) and 2 bubble baths (top right).
I can't wait to try the bubblebaths :D

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain - 010 LA Exclusive
The last product in the box, was the one i was most excited about.  You get 8ml, the smell is plesant and it's super creamy. It's easy to apply and it's not drying. After the glossy finish fades, you are left with a really natural stain, that lasts for quite a few hours. 
My shade is a baby pink but when you apply it it reminds me of  Essence 07 in Natural beauty but a bit lighter and a bit more pinky.

What do you think about those products? Did you try any? What is your favorite beauty box?


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