četrtek, 12. februar 2015

Dashbox (February) - First Impresions

Hey lovelies,
so as you my know all of us beauty junkies love beauty boxes, but they are really rear in Slovenia. 
Dashbox has been around for few months now and this motnh i was sold, when i saw the first product, that would be in a box. 

Once a month you can order a box filled with 4-5 fullsize products (beauty, skincare, haircare, nails, lifestyle) and maybe some samples.
The price is 18€ + shipping 3-3,80€.

 In the box you get a paper with all the product informations, prices, short descriptions and how to use them.
It also came with a lovely baby pink ''wraping'' paper.
 This month there were 4 fullsize products, one sample and the other sample was a gift if you orderd in a first few days. Now let's start with the first impresions.
 Johnny Orgazmus Cacao Glow 
We were able to choose what to get from this brand and i decided for this one. It's a facial scrub & mask. It is organic and vegan wich is always a plus! The packaging is super cute in my oppinion, a bit vintage looking. It contains 50g of product. The smell, yes the SMELL IS AMAZING! I tried it as a scrub yesterday and i felt like i was in chocolate heaven :D
Price: 12,95€
 Farmona Sweet Secret Chocolate body wash gel + a sample of body butter
This smells divine, a strong scent of dark chocolate and pistachios wich are my favourite nuts.
The color of the shower gel is dark brown, like melted chocolate. It contains 225ml of product. I tried it yesterday and i love it. It didn't dry out my skin and the smell lasted for a while. I am saving the boddy buter sample for Saturday (Valentines day). 
Price: 12,35€ 
 W7 Powder Blush 
I was hoping to get the Candy blush, because they look so cute, but i got this one,
The packaging is simple  and contains 4g of product.
 It comes with a small brush and a mirror in the lid. Mine is in the color Tawny, muted orange with tiny golden shimmers. 
The pigmentation is suprisingly really amazing. Really soft and buttery and easy to blend. The color is not really in my alley but i will get the most use of it in summer when i will be a bit darker.
Price: 6€
 W7 Super Gel Delux Eyeliner 
This one is in the color Blackest black, you get 1,5g of product and on one end is also a sponge for smudging. 
 I didn't swatch it, because it's just a basic black pencil and those are always in use. I haven't tried it yet on my eyes but i will soon.
Price: 4€
Greenland Fruit Emotions shower gel (sample)
This was just an extra sample of a shower gel. It's in  a scent grapefruit-ginger and it sounds devine and really refreshing, perfect for mornings. 
Price for full size: 6,99€

I am really hape with the products i got and all of them you can buy in their online shop (linked in the begining of the post.)

From 1.2 till 28.2 you can get 20% discount on all Greenland shower gels!!

Have you tried any of those products? Are you planing to?
Let me know! ;)


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  1. Zadnji čas, da preizkusim tale Dashbox, ko ga vse tako hvalite :) hihi



  2. Mene je presenetil :) Upam da bodo naslednji tudi na takem nivoju :D