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REVIEW: Catrice liquid liner (010 Dating Joe Black)

Hello lovelies :)
I was a big liquid eyeliner fan back in the day, before liquid eyeliners started to irritate my eyes. After a few years of using eye shadow as eye liner I decided to give liquid liners another chance. This lovely liner was the first one that cought my attention in the drugstore, especially because it is a matte finish and I like those the most.

The liner comes in a long black plastic packaging that is quite sturdy and easy to store. The cap is quite long and comfortable to hold. There is 1.7 ml / 0.05 fl. oz. of product in the packaging. I do not know how much product other liners have,  but I think 1.7 ml is more than enough, since the liner is lasting me quite a long time.

The applicator is a felt tip. It bends nicely and is thin enough to do some really detailed work with. It is also really easy to do a crisp line or a nice flick (If you have more skill than me :P). The colour of the liner is a brown based black, which is usually not as dark as blue based black, but this colour is really really black. It dries really fast and has a matte finish. I had no problems with smudging, but there was some transfer of the liner into the crease at the end of the day (keep in mind that my lids become very oily), if I did a really thick line. The liner also did not fade for the while day. The formula is liquid enough to glide on the lid nicely, but still opaque in one swipe. 

Here are the two make up looks where I used this liner. All in all I really like this liner and if you are on a hunt for a nice matte black liner I think you will like this one :)

Wj+hat is your favourite liner?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :D

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  1. My favourite liner is by Essence-eyeliner pen, but I will try this one too. :)

    1. I heard that Essence liquid liners are quite nice, did not know about their eyeliner pen though :) I will look into it :)

  2. Meni je ta v waterproof ediciji najljubši. In tudi Essence MAT eyeliner (novi) mi je skoraj boljši. Love love!

    1. Sem tudi slisala da je dober, ampak nisem privrzenka waterproof zadev. Pa tudi za essence sem slisala da imajo nore linerje sedaj po tanovem. Bom definitivno preizkusila, ko mi zmanjka tegale