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REVIEW: Wet'n'Wild Blue Had Me At Hello eyeshadow palette

Hello lovelies :)
I have got this palette back in September, for myself as a birthday present and I can not believe I did not review it yet. I love my Petal Pusher palette, because it is full of purples, but I fell in love with Blue Had Me At Hello when I saw it in person. It has such beautifull shades and the quality is awesome too :) Here is what I think about this palette:

This palette comes in a standard Wet'n'Wild palette packaging, that is slim plastic packaging. It does feel a bit cheap but it should survive a bit of traveling. There is 8.5g / 0.3 oz. of product total in this palette and there are 8 eyeshadows. 

The formula of these eyeshadows is really good. All are nice and opaque. there is only one matt eyeshadow in the palette, all the other eyeshadows are shimmery. There is a bit of fallout with all the shades, mostly glitter, the fallout is more visible with the darker shades. These did not fade on my lids but they did crease a little after 9 hours. They blend nicely, are not powdery and do not go patchy on the lids.

Browbone 1: A white shimmery eyeshadow that has the biggest chunks of glitter in this palette, needs a bit of work to get fully opaque.

Browbone 2: A light blue colour that is surprizingly opaque. Has more of a satin finish than a pure glittery finish.

Eyelid 1: A silver colour with small shimmer. It is really opaque and a really unique colour that I am glad they included, since it offers more posibilities with the eye make up.

Eyelid 2: A vivid blue colour with a bit of green mixed in. It has small bluse shimmer in it.

Crease 1: A blackened blue with dark blue shimmer in it. It appears more dark on the swatch than it does on the lids.

Crease 2: A dark blue colour with small silver sparkle in it.

Definer 1: A matt black colour that is really pigmented.

Definer 2: Another black, this time it has some small silver shimmer in it.

All in all I really like this palette, aldough I think that two blacks in one palette are not necessary, since there are enough dark colours already. a darker silver, grey or another blue would be much better in my oppinion.

Do you have any Wet'n'Wild palettes? Which one is your favourite?
Have a nice day ;)
Thank you for reading :)
Tjaša :)

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