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REVIEW: Sleek blush By 3 - Lace

Hello lovelies :)
Today I am sharing with a product that was on my wishlist for quite some time. I finally bought this blush palette back in summer, but since I rotate my blushes I did not use it as much as I would like. I have used it quite a lot now, so I think I am ready to give you my thought on this product :)

This blush trio comes in a nice sleek black packaging that is really sturdy and great for traveling. It also has a mirror. There is 20g/0.68oz of product, which is quite a lot considering how pigmented these blushes are.

There are two matte and one shimmery blush in the palette. All of the blushes are very pigmented and easy to use. They can also be sheered out. They apply nicely, without patchyness or streakyness and buff nicely into the skin. The matte shades do kick up a bit of product when you put your brush into them, the shimmery shade is not powdery. All of the shades last the whole day on my cheeks. This palette is really nice for layering and getting different colours.

CROCHET: A matte orange colour that can be sheered out to ad a bit of healthy glow to the cheeks or applied more bold for somebody that is a bit more daring.

GUIPURE: A beautifull pinky peach shade that contains golden shimmer, but does not look to shimmery on the face. It ads a nice glow while still looking natural.

CHANTILY: A reddish orange that packs a lot of pigmentation. Requires quite a lot of work to be sheered out, but if you take your time with it you will surely end up with a beautifull colour on your cheeks.

I am very satisfyed with the quality and pigmentation of these blushes. Aldough you can easily overapply them, they can also easily be sheered down. I found that using a not so dense blush brush works the best, since you are not picking up as mush product as with the standard blush brush.

Do you have any sleek blushes? What do you think of them?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Iii, kako lepi odtenki. Trenutno ciljam na malo bolj oranžne in tale izgleda super!

    1. Meni so bili oranžni vedni bolj všeč kot roza, sleek ima ful lepe odtenke :)