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Product showdown: Catrice velvet finish concealer vs. essence stay all day concealer

Hello lovelies :)
It has been quite some time since I compared two products and since I got the Catrice concealer back in october this comparison has been on my mind. These two concealers look quite similar at first, but there are some key points where they are different. Here is what I found when I was using both of these concealers.

Both concealers come in a transparent plastic packaging. Catrice concealer packaging seems a bit sturdier, but both are really nice and travel friendly. There is 7ml / 0.23fl.oz in the Essence one and 5ml / 0.16 fl. oz in the Catrice one.

Winner: both

Both concealers come with a doe foot applicator, that is nicely cut and easy to use. The Catrice one is just a tiny bit wider, but they are both the same lenght and angle.

Winner: both

The Essence concealers come in two colours, one a bit more yellowish and one a bit more pinkish. Both shades are quite fair. Catrice concealers come in 3 colours, that also have different undertones and depth to them.

Winner: Catrice

Essence has a bit of a thinner formula, but it is quite opaque nonedeless. Catrice concealer has a bit more of a creamier consistency and is more pigmented than the Essence concealer. Both creep into the fine lines on my under eye area, but Essence concealer looks a lot more obvious than the Catrice one and it also does not last as long.

Winner: Catrice

Catrice is the winner in this showdown, aldough the Essence concealer is still a nice and cheap alternative.
What do you think about those two concealers? Which one do you prefer?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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